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Happy 2011

It’s probably way too late and I wasn’t really planning on blogging, but I had nothing to do so here goes.

2010 had been a pretty awesome and life changing year. It was like a rollercoaster ride. Quick and crazy. And lotssss of ups and downs. All in all I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to work towards a more awesome 2011, it’s looking pretty good thus far besides the fact my age is never dwindling down =( Why does everyone have to age sobs. I’m heading towards a quarter life crisis lorrrrr FML. Yea I know it’s not old, but mind you it’s not YOUNG. Especially when you get those 12 years olds declaring turning 13 is a disaster, that really doesn’t leave me with much does it? I guess it’s the same for older people seeing me complaining lol but yea, blame the 12 year oldsss, it’s always their fault!

So what did I achieve in 2010? Hmmm looking back at my archive, 2009 was apparently not such a great year? I don’t know what’s greater than passing 4th year actually? I rmbr it was hell so 2009 can’t be all that bad? I really suck at rmbr bad stuff honestly. Unless it’s really bad, or my brain just kinda hit the erase button and honestly that’s why sometimes if u happen to ask me why am I so annoyed at so and so or why was I so angry etc etc few days ago, I probably would have no idea and kinda find it stupid to explain to you cos I just can’t find the reasons to justify it lol.

So 2010 – went away for first time with friends here to Victor Harbor for a friend’s bday, though it’s not much of a getaway, but hey, it’s one hour away so it counts lor I don’t care lol. Got awfully drunk cough cough two nights in a row. Realised I have a really bad allergy to alcohol FML. Finally pinpoint the culprit to beers which I hate anyway so more the reason to avoid un-FML. Got really close to a bunch of friends who I happened to see almost everyday during the beginning part of the year. The enthusiasm died down after a while, much like going into winter hibernation =( but it’s ok, life changes all the time so it’s just part of the cycle.

Won an apple MBP though I initially thought it was a huge scam but omg they actually gave it to me for nothing! Hated the MBP cos it’s so different to windows and the unhate cos of awesome iPhoto, then hate cause my stupid hard drive doesn’t work with MBP then unhate cause I can install a software to make it work, it’s a vicious cycle I tell you.

Took out someone’s tooth for the first time in my life with much help from my tutor sigh, but eventually I did get it all out by myself yay! Passed all my OS exams like OMGOMGOMG I still cannot believe it lol. Saw perfectly normal lil kids undergoing GA for extensive dental work – never give in to your kids’ sweet cravings seriously, do you both a favour because when it comes down to this, your heart will break and the guilt will eat you up.

Got into some drama which I blogged about I think. Learnt a very valuable lesson. Loss my grandma. Failed my driving test FMLFMLFML.

I don’t really have a lot of memory about the bad stuff like I said. So that’s about it. Lol.

Then I landed a job.Graduate from Dent school YAYs. Celebrated first X’mas and NYE in Adelaide despite having been here for seven odd years. Started work solo. Charged private fees for my services wooh.

So yea, that’s my 2010 and it’s been one hell of a year =) Hope you guys had as much fun as I did in 2010 and if not, here’s to a greater 2011. Have to believe in it to make it happen, so start saying it nao, 2011 is going to be awesome, 2011 is going to be AWESOME ^^

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Two more months to go

Then I’m all done and finish with dentistry! Yayness hehe. But so many hurdles to pass before I get to that point, feels like an awful short amount of time to do all the stuff I have to do. Le sigh. Anyway. Just thought I’ll update since it’s been a few months rofl. I seriously gonna close this down soon. Getting so boring AHHAHAHAHHAA.

Oooo I just collected my 50 free prints from K-Mart yay, finally get to utilise the photo album I got from last X’mas lol. Speaking of which it’s gonna be another X’mas soon! Exciting??? Yes and no lol. Gonna be my first X’mas in Aus but not really looking forward to the heat that comes with it =( I hate summer when it’s like 40 freaken degrees.

I’m also only just two weeks away from my final written exam and I haven’t touch a single page. FML. Gonna try study hard over the weekends sob sob. This is what you get for being over enthusiastic in fourth year and thought you’ll put your name down for the paedo selective. Spent a week in women’s and children hospital when I could be studying. It was quite good though – forced to pick up on some rare syndromes. Kids there all so sick. Some really battered, some still cheery and all. So so cuteeee =) But it’s really saddening seeing those little faces dose off under GA and get intubated. But the anesthetist was super amazing. Never ever let your child’s teeth get that bad till they need GA (unless if it’s medically compromised then bad luck la). But if you had the power to change it, do it early!!! Cos there’s no point crying over it when that’s your only option knowing full well if only you pushed them just a lil bit harder. Sigh. poor parents too, seeing your kid through all this ain’t gonna be any good.

Neway, should move on to happier things. We should just be very grateful of what we have. Being happy is the most important. Who cares bout what other people have? Who cares bout the person who’s bitching bout you on ur back? Just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re living afterall kekeke. Plus happiness comes easy for me. Food. YAY. Shopping. DOUBLE YAYs. Graduation. I THINK I CAN DIE WITH NO REGRETS KINDA YAY.

And my BFF’s baby is coming woohooo =) Can’t wait for lil maddangi to meet the world lolololol. Should be due in three more weeks. I already have a kai zai, but this is a girl, that makes a pair of them!!

Anyhow, gonna attempt some studying. Which I think is not gonna happen but one should at least try right? Lol laters.

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It’s been awhile

Cos i forgot the existence of my blog once again. i really think this is gonna die hahaha. Anyway. My exams are over and my results are out and I am very grateful to say that I passed both yippeee. But then another two exams coming in Oct which will be my very last ones OMGWTFBBQ and super hard too!!

Otherwise been busy with clinic trying to finish off all my units which is pretty much done thank god and I just need to focus on exams after that. And also doing loads of other crap to get pr and driver’s liscence! So so sooooo much stuff to prepare. Ielts test and all that. Sigh sigh sigh.

And I got a job which I dunno whether is a good or bad thing since it’s kinda early still and loads of other stuff which I’m unsure about. Hmmmmm.

Uncertainties creep the hell out of me. FML

There’s around 3 more months left till graduation OMGWTFBBQYAY. I really want it to be over and done withhhhh =) Anyway. That’s basically all the updates I have and if you know me you would have known all that lol. So this is kinda useless.

Oh gonna be going to grand dent ball this saturday. Got forced into going sigh sigh but yea, should be awesome (hopefully). If not just go for booze package lor. I guess everything’s fun when u’re drunk enough. Yea yea yea? Not looking forward to dressing up and all that nonsense though. Ah well…

Anyway did I say why I wanna grad? Not just cos been sick of studying, but most important of all, sick of ADH. Sigh. I really really hate how some of them treat us students at times. I think we at least deserve some bloody respect for helping the public system relieve patients. And I am PAYING them to do help them see patients too!!! Sheesh. It’s not like I don’t appreciate the time we get with patients, it’s really an honour to be able to treat patients and all but sometimes some people can make it so difficult for us students and just make you lose interest in public system. I for one can’t wait to get out of it, very sad to say cause that’s where they need people most but with the treatment we get as students, do they really think anyone will stay after graduation? i know I won’t. I’m not saying it’s all crap cause there are some fabulous people, no doubt, just some minority which really ruin it all but then again I guess it’s the same everywhere. Ah well. I’ll miss ADH all in all, just don’t wanna go back. The thing is, community dental clinics which are part of the public system are like so freaking awesomeeeee. That kinda environment is what attracts people to public system just too bad that ADH works very differently. Ah well. Time to do some actually work. Buhbaisss..

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Final Sem =)

Today marks the very last exam for Sem I and the beginning of long awaited though short lived holidays. Yay!! And then it will be my final sem of Uni foreverrrrrrrrr double yays ^^. I can’t wait to be done with Uni once and for all because all my friends have graduate already T____T Sucks to be the last, albeit my course takes the longest but stillllll. Everyone already well into their working lives and world and here I am bloody 24 years old and still haven’t earn a single day’s pay yet. How sadddd. But oh well. My turn gonna come very very very soon heheheheeh. I cannot believe it has finally come down till this final semester because I never thought I’ll come this far =) Not like I think I’m gonna fail or whatever but, it’s just I never thought I’ll live to see this day. Not like I think I’m gonna die la, I dunno what I’m saying haha doesn’t make sense at all but you know, it just feels so surreal that four and a half years has passed and now I am five months away from being licensed to drill and fill. wEeeeeeee kekeke. I haven’t even graduated yet and already I’m over the moon. It’s probably the post exam excitement. Oh and my brain’s not working well cos been sleep deprived since I don’t know when and it’s already 2 am and I still cannot get myself to sleep. Spending every moment of my holiday doing shit and pointless stuff just seemed so much more productive than sleeping. I don’t know what kinda screwed up mentality I have there cos I reckon I need sleep more than anything now lolol. Anyway, this is just a short update. Can’t wait to enjoy holidays heheheheh. Though I’ll to be back to Uni for half of the week to pull out some poor patient’s teeth. But it’s ok. At least I get some days off. I learnt to be grateful for complaining gets me no whr lol. So yea. I shall just be happy with what I have (perhaps a little fight for what I don’t have but not too much that I come across as a hypocrite) lol. But yea right this very moment, I am really loving life =) Thank you God and everyone who is or has been part of it cause nothing is more important than enjoying life. I hope you guys r having a great life too =) Toodles~

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