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Mini Trials coming up

stupid trials.. haven’t even study yet.. lolz.. so cham… study a  bit d la..but oni a bit… haihhhhhhh.. dun study reli DIE loh… hmmm… Today is upper six MUET day ya?? suip0h, seip0h, DiN p0h, Kuan n Han, wish you all da best la k!! hope u all get high high band!! Not forgetting other friends oso!! Good luck ler!~ u GUYS can DO IT.. hehe.. actually.. watz the point of this blog ya? so stupid.. doing ntg… lolz.. wat to do? to sien from studying d.. so must relax a bit.. relax a lOT!! hahahhaa.. feeling guilty now.. so betta go study d.. haha.. oh ya.. hope u all DO WELL in exams too!! hehe..


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My Kairos experience..

Been away for the past few days… because I was on the Kairos retreat.. it was a good experience.. whilst people may not feel excited by the way i described is simply because u have to be there to feel it.. its juz so good.. OMG.. lolz.. wat an awesome experience… very emotional n personal.. involves suprises n secrets… it’s carefully set up..hehe… FUN FUN FUN.. while i like to write ot down.. i think it’s useless coz… its hard for ppl to understand unless u r there or been there.. so.. haha.. dunno what to say d..lolz.. *bb…

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First time to Genting!!

yep.. the first time i went genting.. wif u guys.. haha.. i got go genting before la..but what makes it so special dat time.. is because it’s shared wif u all loh… hehehe.. this crazy trip… used up one whole week.. hahaha.. now i think back.. it is reli rather ridiculous.. haha.. well..dat time oso got think like dat la..but this time even more leh..wat can u do in a hill wif ntg for one whole week?? cos we stay at apartment..basically..there’s not much around.. lolz.. but i guess having each other is oledi something lohhh… happiness ya.. n FUn too.. so wat did we actually do while we are there?? hahha.. first few days.. we have each other to ourselves.. dat was great.. hehe… we ar.. kind of divided to groups.. hahaa… those who can read chinese… will read their novels lohhhh… those who can’t..unfortunately.. PS loh..not pik shen… is play station.. lolz… and mahjong loh… but we all still got mix together wan la.. cos we not chinese educated those.. dunno how to play mahjong.. so pik shen they all have to teach oso la.. hahaha… we did a lot of crazy things… spend whole night talking.. n n n crying.. hahaha.. dat was stupid.. haha.. but actually is fun leh.. hahah.. to laugh together n cry together is the higest level of frenship loh.. we share our highs n lows.. so how can i possibly forget u guys??.. hehe.. and we appointed m0ngp0h as da chef of the week.. well.. she did a great job i have to say.. in cooking the meals.. n rice.. even preparing us  morning tea.. lolz… the hot chocolate..yum yum.. lolz.. consider that i havent done anything.. i did help only in one dat she can rest… hahhaa… but wat can i do leh???  wat else if it isn’t maggi noodles??? lolz… well.. actually i din do it myself even.. hahaa.. wif the help of lai kuan..we succesfully put the meal together.. hahahaa.. hopefully dat was a nice meal for all of ya.. lolz…
actually this story is reli a long wan lah.. i oso dunno where to start those good n bad things… rmbr we went there by bus.. we met at wai han’s house… before setting off to the bus stop… we get some other food from the market.. meat loh.. n rice.. those la.. reli bizzare ler… hahaha.. afta all dat..we wif a whole lot bunch of stuff… like the food… PS2, the dancing mats… ^^ plus our stuff la.. we line up for the cable car… while we are doing dat.. there were this bunch of china men… on touring trip i suppose.. they saw us with our fully eqquiped status.. as if we are running froma  war country or sumthing.. he gave us a reli nice comment.. hahahaha.. is till rmbr dat look on his face, "sa de" he said.. i was so astonished.. i look at seip0h to see if i was hearing it it only me or wAT??? well.. our eye contact proved it all.. hahahaha… dat was exactly wat she heard as well.. omG… how nice of him to say dat!!! haha.. oh well.. nvm.. lolz.. we settle down in the apartments.. by choosing the room we are going to sleep in..stuff lidat.. lolz.. then leh.. we do our stuff loh.. muck around… explore around.. -.-‘ not explore la.. so scary.. lolz.. we chit chat a lot.. play a lot..sleep a lot!! hahaha… dunno how u guys feel la..but when i go for shower.. a bit scary for me i think.. lolz… cos the bath room too big d… so i always fast fast shower fast come out loh…haha.. but the apartment is very ‘song" la.. hehe.. big loh..n lots of palce for us to main main.. then there’s one nite… dinp0h wanna watch vertical limit.. aiseh.. her favourite film leh.. but i watch half way fall asleep d..sry ar… too "ngan fen" ..lolz.. then ther’e sone nite leh.. we watch ju-on together… ai.. seip0h n lai kuan dun wan watch wor… is it u two?? rather read novel worrrr…. in the room loh.. shut the door summore.. dun wan listen to the creppy noises wohhh…so me, suip0h they all oso beria-ria wanna watch laaa… watching is oni a few minutes.. suddenly sumone scream from the inside.. aiyoyo.. hak sei yan lah.. lolz… go inside oni now.. there’s a bug in the curtains.. cehhhhhhhhhh.. haha.. then get rid of it d… we din end up watching the movie d laaa.. lolz.. too scare.. mood oso spoil d loh.. lolz… so we watch it on the next afternoon la.. when Gil n kah lok came loh.. dat time i oso dun wan watch d.. watch so sien.. dun understand summore.. lolz… now dat i watched the english version..i oni understand leh.. hahahaha.. but japanese version better loh.. now dat we got another two more ppl.. bringing extra food!! yeah.. can survive la.. lolz.. got a night leh.. wai han’s sis came to join us geh…wif her frens as well.. so we get free transport to genting loh.. before dat we need to take van wan.. hehe.. dat morning wai han’s sis provide food.. forgot wat d.. lolz.. and then some other night when we go genting.. we will eat there loh.. once we went to yum cha at coffee bean.. datz was nice.. hehe.. very cold.. wif ice blended beverages summore.. syok leh.. hahaha.. but very cold ar reli..cos is outdoor seats.. gila wan la us.. dat didn’t end there leh.. crazier things coming up ler.. hahaha… dun think anyone who went on dat trip will ever forget the monorail case…. haha.. i certainly wouldn’t loh.. i oso dun wan tolk bout dat in details la.. to sum it up.. reli embarassing leh.. hahhaa.. wat an experience though!! lolz.. our ways of challenging ourselves is reli funny leh.. is not challenge…shud probably call it torture leh… we went out for a walk at night.. then eat ice cream loh.. hahhaa.. reli "tak han mou yeh jou" la us… hmm.. tolk quite a lot d.. took lots of pictures oso la.. but i oni got one here.. hehehe…                                                


it was reli a worthwhile experience.. the memories will not be forgotten!!! luv ya guys lots!!! 


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-.-‘ so black heart la u two!! lolz..

omG!! lolz.. today told suip0h n dinp0h… that if i din get into the course i want here.. will go back and study twinning in malaysia loh.. haha.. then suip0h so sui leh… want me to fail ar!!! yau mou gau chor ar… hahahaha… then dinp0h is like.. then hope u dun get in loh… meh si ah lei dei?? hahaha.. but i oso feel like going back geh!! ^^ but oso if i din get in here loh! hehe.. if get of course study here la.. but dun get oso wont unhappy geh.. can go back ma!! hehe…miss u guys so much ler.. wondering how ur YUM CHA is going leh?? hehe..  ai.. oso dunno what to say d.. lolz.. till here la then.. tolk more next time!! lazy ler… ^^

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hmm… the day we met!!

so sien la.. hehehe.. hmm.. still rmbr the first time i meet u all leh.. hehee… dat time.. form one oriantation day laaa.. lolz.. dat time i think all of u oso long hair wan… bee kee, lai kuan n pik shen… mayb lai kuan short hair la… hehee.. havent seen u short hair very long d leh.. hehe then dat time.. we oso not ngam wan la.. hehehe.. i think during dat time… not in a million years i will think that we would be such good friends one day.. never would have crossed my mind leh… unbelieveable.. hahaha…  hehe.. then i noe wai han thx to puan rokaya la.. english… hahaha.. shaking hand session.. hahaha.. "hello, my name is lee peng.. what’s yours??" hahaha.. so soh wan la… kenot believe she made us do dat… hehehe… then mei shan is when form two la.. hehhee.. we same moral class ma.. hehe.. then we all get close oni during form three leh.. hehehe…
Form_threeA bit small la the pic.. hehe but still can see.. hehehe… dat time m0ngp0h stef havent come in leh hehehe.. then dat time oni we seven chinese girls in class woh.. so get pretty close loh… and wai yen oso loh.. hehhee.. i think some even forget we actually took this pic leh.. i rmbr is gary take wan la.. take so many times the same pic summore tim.. hahahaha….
behind us is the wonderful subject board.. hahahahaa… can hardly rmbr those days.. but is FUn ler.. hehehe… dat time leh.. wai han, pik shen n b kee oso short hair geh.. hehehe… dat was juz the starting point of our frenship ler.. rite?? hehehehe… n then we have m0ngp0h stef joing the gang.. hehe.. dat was during form four… hehe..not very close though… wasn’t a good start leh.. but eventually.. we all become pretty close hehhee.. till now.. satu gang lahh.. hehehe.. sry ah stef.. on form four n five din take pic leh.. so dun have pic together in school.. haih.. *regrets* lolz..

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hello ^^Y



                  hehe.. wei.. how r u all ar?? hehe.. thx for those who actually view this page.. although this is especially dedicated to the members of [T][H][E] [A][N][I][M][A][L] [G][R][O][U][P] but welcome to everyone ya.. hehe.. eh.. actually i oso dunno what to say la.. hehe.. suip0h, seip0h, dinp0h, m0ngp0h!! congrats.. we’ve got our own name ya.. haha.. n kuan n han wat ya all waiting for??? faster think of one dat oni one gang ma….. hehe.. we seven girls "tong sam" n got "mak kai" wan ma rite.. lolz.. although we done many times thise kind of things.. haha… but like dat oni fun la rite.. i think it is best for me to write down the memories we had together here… cos i think those stuff are the ones i treasured a lot.. unwilling to give up.. hehe.. n very happy when they bring me back to dat particular time.. it is reli happi ler… reli miss u guys.. lots n lots…
firstly.. shud introduce the members of [T][H][E] [A][N][I][M][A][L] [G][R][O][U][P]
hehe.. mind the words.. they might not make sense at all.. because of the direct translation from chinese.. but i think datz what make it funny… n unique too.. hehehe
okla..surely is say bout which wan i am first loh..if not u all complain wan la.. haha..

me :- four leg snake (sei kiok seh)
Han:- water fish (sui yu)
Kuan:- rhino (sai ngau)
Shen:- elephant (dai ben jiong)
Stef:- monkey (ma lau)
BKee:- hippo (ho ma)
Shan:- mountain pig (shan jue)

there we go.. how we come about wif those names?? long stories leh.. hehe.. i dun even rmbr some of the reason.. lolz… okla.. till here first.. add more next time.. hehe.. oh ya.. image is courtesy of han han ler.. hehehe… ^^ kla.. see ya ler…

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