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ThInKiNg bOuT y0U GuYSs eR

very boring day la…. doing ntg… watch movies… very funny wan… hahha…another one is mystery.. but spend whole day not doing any homework.. lazy.. monday still got test tim.. chemistry.. sigh.. sien sien… u all so sui.. go pasar malam din ajak me loh… aih.. "bu yao gen ni men hao le la" hahahah…  hope u all having fun time ler… i so sien now.. not many ppl online… most importantly is none of u guys on ma… haih… mm ging mm gok.. oledi MAY d… very soon will become June d… half way there d… a bit scary leh… time passing so quickly… datz never an issue to me… used to anyway.. now its like… too fast ah..not dat i dun wan it to pass quick so dat i can go back quickly..but leh… its terrible… soon will turn 19… next year 20.. omG.. can anyone imagine dat?? like urself turning twenty??? scary leh… our form five dayz is like juz happened yesterday… can’t believe it had been two years d…. well a year n a half actually.. hehe… and we known each other for wat??? 6 years n a half??? kind of… although it felt like i oledi noe u all all my life… actually oni few years.. lolz… now.. i am reli crapping… cos ntg to do ah.. plz parodn me la.. lolz.. dun feel like tolking bout story oso.. next time la… hmm.. a bit late d… shud say is very late… shud sleep.. lolz.. so sweet dreams loh u guys.. although u all dunno.. but still… wish u all la.. hehe.. and and… i oso forgot wat i want to say d.. but is not dat important wan.. hahaha.. so.. bye bye la…


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Blasting Form 4 & 5

tolking bout form five.. sort of the best year of my life.. hahaa… another best one would be form four la.. hehe..but i vaguely rmbr.. hahaa.. i sort of mixed both up.. so this is a mixture… in case anyone dunno.. i came from this unpopular secondary school.. haha.. yes..not popular… some might not even heard of it… good things is for SURE.. bad things mAyB la.. haha.. regardless of dat.. BTR is still ok la.. not DAT bad… early years seen some fight… then no more d la… others is small case… one is pretty serious..but i dun wan mention it la.. our days at skool..basically we rlei go to skool to socialise.. hahahaa… study?? hahaha… forgot how long it’s been since we last pay attention to the teachers.. dunno y… lack of faith in them?? some la.. but most are boring.. well..all ARE boring… i guess all subjects are lidat… mayb is our fault for not listening oso la… juz TOLK all da time.. haha.. better than radio ah… and we made the teachers go crazy.. hahaha… angry at us… haahhaa… dat is funny… now dat i actually pay attention to my teachers.. i realise wat a pain i am in BTR.. hahaha… how annoying we must have been.. well.. SORRY la.. we oso dunno and din realise is actually dat bad geh..we juz having fun.. haha… cos we are not dat book wormie type.. when exams come oso will study la..but monthly test.. hoohoho.. i dare to say dunno fail how many d.. hahahaha… but it’s not important… monthly test reli meant nothing… after all oni SPm dat matters.. n it reli doesn’t matter dat much oso… to me la.. i think not very BIG use loh.. teachers come and go.. some we made them cry.. hahahha.. well.. actually not US in particular la… the whole class wat.. but everytime got this kind of stuff.. sure blame on us.. -.-‘ meh si oh??/ mm guan ngo dei si ga.. hahaha.. actually guan.. but mm hei yuen chuen guan ma… agree/? lolz.. in class.. we occupied the back row.. sitting together was hell lot of fun… chatting away till school ends… then head to tuition centre… sigh.. so tiring leh… dunno how we survive those…but we did as u can see.. hahahah… in tuition especially sejarah is damn bad… history is kind of like the best sleeping pill in the world leh… omG… but Mr Sivva is to tough to let us even yawn u see… haih.. i struggle so much only to keep my eyes open ah… aiyo… reli wished i could keep them open wif those toothpick.. i wish.. hahahaa… form five still got wat la… packed wif lab experiments..till u dun wan to do it anymore…super sien… then bio assignment.. hahahaa… we whr will go catch n preserve la dat time.. dunno who d.. gave us one cicada… reli nice one… we got two brown one green.. we made it reli nice..then the teacher dunno say wat d..we have to bloody change it… ai.. make it not nice d… not as nice i mean… still look good..chemistyr got fellow KLCC who prejudice against us.. oh my..watz her prob?? mayb shud say.. watz OUR prob?? hahaha.. then even worst wan… who actually said it in our face…. our beloved BM teacher… Puan S.. ai… accusing us of being proud n dat we dun lsiten cos we attend tuition classes… sigh..i never have language tuition before in my LIFE la.. wat la… anyway… the reli beloved one is our maths teacher.. not add maths.. hahahaa… back to maths.. Pn Faezah.. see i still rmbr her name.. in fact i rmbr all..but hers extra clear la… she’s juz a very nice woman.. never hated us… we love her don’t we?? hahaha.. our best teacher la… add maths leh… got the always try to be funny but didn’t work man… we called him SAm Suk Gong… hey… when i told my bro this.. he is shocked.. cos they oso used to called him lidat… wat a coincidence hey?? hahahah…. form five is it?? opr form four?? we have this exchange student.. think is form five la.. Satoshi from Japan… still rmbr dat time so embarassing… thx to lai kuan jeh… aiyo.. hahahahaha… dunno wat happen d la… Puan S tot we "fat hau" la i think.. sot sot wan… dreaming la her.. hahahaha… and then the most funny thing is we somehow come up wif G4.. hahaha.. datz was funny.. we have our very own member… n the main girl of course… this is too embarassing to even mention… we noe in our hearts can d la.. we have our very own "hong zhi tiao" dat time mei shan still very syok lidat…used one on Alex.. hahaha.. he is like huHHHH??? mak kai?? lolz… then dunno tear it apart or wat.. hhaahahahaha… so hilarious la…god i miss those days… may these memories always be engraved in our mind… because they are no doubt very special and priceLesS!

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Lives as librarians

hmm.. shouldn’t really be writting this.. cos i got hell lot of work.. but hey..havent been writting since dunno when.. plus lazy do my work.. lolz.. what should i say? hmmmm… *thinking* ..
Hehe.. here goes.. remember dat time form three.. we apply to be librarians.. is is form three??? i think so… hahahaa.. too long d.. forgot la.. not good wif dates.. haha… form three (cos suip0h say YES) hahaa… and then me, pik shen, b kee are accepted.. and lai kuan… sigh.. bad luck.. but then she got in next year!! hehe…  our times in the library.. were a blast.. well..MOST of the time.. haha./. not all of course.. have good n bad..but bad ones aren’t TOO bad.. which is good.. we did many wonderful things.. funny ones.. n annoying ones too.. but how can we possibly throw them behind… they are the ones that make us… what we are now.. I personally never regretted becoming part of PSS. I thought of it as a good experience.. n thru dat too.. i guess it was actually because of dat.. our bond become more n more closer.. as we literally spend more n more time.. doing more n more stuff.. the sensational ones were the BIG ones such as the majlis perpisahan dat we did.. although it wasn’t the best.. but surely, it meant something to everyone present dat day i guess.. To me it meant a lot..cos it was the first time in my life to be doing such things… rmbr we were looking for hotel, bargaining for prices.. dat was funny.. me n bkee were wandering around KL.. and we juz keep on walk till..i dunno whr… luckily b kee’s there.. cos i am bad wif directions too.. hahaha.. i juz noe dat we walk for reli reli long distance.. it’s crazy.. then the performance are… alright i guess.. the dancing and those.. of course i like the play the most!! our snowblack is the BEST! hahaha… it’s juz so.. cute!! lolz.. too bad i didn’t bring my VCD over… the one dat Mr Lim Xian Boon provide us.. haha.. thx wor!! cos it reli encapsulated the moment.. watching it back.. reli brings back dat OLD good feeling.. hopefully one day when we are old.. we still have dat disc.. and can watch it again.. together will be good.. hehe..



Then when we became the seniors, we sort of exploited out power a bit..
hahaha.. but it wasn’t TOO much la.. haha… dunno what others sees
us..but i reli din think we are crossing the line too far loh.. other
people dat don’t have the authority are far worst wat… so we oso not
too "bad" la.. hahaah.. then we sell stuff during various days.. to
collect more fund… tolking bout funds.. remember the wat u called
it.. aiyo.. forgot d.. its the thing dat we are supposed to organised
wif the prefects.. and dat din not turn out too well.. hahaha… cos
it’s juz a waste of money.. haha.. and when even the librarian teachers
say NO.. we oso reli cannot accpet their preposition la.. hehe. mayb
it’s our fault oso la.. for not being co-operative enough.. but i
certainly wont spare them from blame oso.. hahahaha…’s
over.. lolz.. and apparently.. as librarian.. we don’t reli like the
prefects… but of course not all of them.. some.. but overall is still
Ok i guess.. n we figure out dat they hate us too… hahaha.. if
someone can juz clarify dat.. lolz.. then what else we did?? oh ya..
that rumah hantu… dat was a reli good effort.. although it wasn’t
much appreciated… but we prove ourselves worthy by completing it wif
success… i reli think it was a trap.. getting us to do it.. and did
not even mention whr the money goes too.. oh yeah… give us the work..
n take the money themselves.. wat scabbers they are?? omG.. and it’s
like afta we started.. no way of turning back they finally said it to
us.. n yep..THX for telling us onli NOW.. it’s just a load of crap…
but somehow.. we did it regardless of the reward..well OBVIOUSLY.. haha..
well..i guess datz about it.. still got more oso tolk next time la… too long d this one… hehe

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