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oimeh?? Thxxxx heapsss!!

hehe.. u all ah.. oi meh?? thank you wohhh… so gam dong la me.. lolz…wanna cry d.. hahaha.. actually cried d… but not now la… i happy happy d… thanks a lot… eventhough oni words..but they meant a lot to me and ah.. is priceless geh… hehehe..i will cherish them till the day i die.. choi choi..dun say die… lolz.. but i will keep them in my heart.. heheh yealo.. u all so sui.. din send me last year.. hahaha.. actually not la.. i oso din send u all ma… so nvm geh.. hehehe… plus last year still okokla.. easy year… so syok.. this year cham loh.. stress like berkali ganda.. although i dun call it stress..i dun want to adresss it as stress..juz wanna take it as a not so happy day.. lolz… after dat all over then good good.. so leh..u all punya letters reli help me to get over the not-so-happy la.. hehe.. must move on to happier side ma.. hehehe… wai han and gilbert..thx for ur card..i recieve it yesterday.. heheheh… and hor..u noe ah.. u wrote the address wrong d.. hahaha.. i am surprise it even got sent here.. hahahaha.. is ROSTREVOR ma.. oso forgot what u wrote d.. but funny la.. and hor… u remind me of the madagascar hapy birthdya song d… aih..forgot so sing to kuan n shen.. nvmla.. now i "bou siong"
here we go.. *clear throat*

*sniff sniff* (this is cos a bit flu.. so will sound bad.. hahahaah… nvmla u all wont mind geh)

Haaaaaaaaappy BirtHHHHHHday toooo Youuuuuuuuuuu~
Yoooooooouuuu aaaaarrrEEE b0RRRRRnn iNNNN D@aaaa z00oooo~
YYYYYouuUUU l0000oooooK liiiiiiiiiiiKkeeeE aaaaa m0nnnnkEeeeY~
AnnnnDDD yOOoooUU SmEEeeeeLLlllllL LiiiKKKeeeeE oNNNeeeee Tooo000~

hhaahaha… nice song hey?? lolz…
and oso thanks to all the otherssss (mavis, alvin, gilbert, kah lok, gary, alex, yew ming, ah Loo)
reli din expect… thxxx.. eventhough is short..but is  meaningful.. heheh.. THXXXxxxx
and of course..special thx to T.A.G [oso no need say..noe d la… got han, kuan, suip0h, m0ngp0h, DiN p0h and seip0h] haha… luv you guys a lotttttt and miss u guysss heappppsss and lastly…



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Happy birthday!!~

first of all.. happy birthday to u all ler.. this includes lai kuan, kah lok, pik shen and alvin!! hehe..aiyak.. alvin belum sampai yet.. nvmla k.. "jiong jau har" la k..  so.. having a very nice birthday celebration i suppose?? hehe.. hope u guys have a wonderful 19th!! hehe.. and this time of the year.. we oledi half way through 2005 d.. wah.. scary hey.. i still got bout 12 weeks of school left oni… cut out all the holiday and stuff la.. then got big big exam d.. menentukan my hidup mati.. hahaha. nola. not dat serious..  and u all oso need to have stpm d… ganbate yo!! although no physical support… but moral support sure got a lotttt geh.. hehehe.. and yeahhh.. going to have holiday soon… very happy ler.. hehehe.. and now i am reli boring.. as u can tell.. lolz.. oh yaa ah.. alvin ahhhh…if only u got read this.. hmm..if u got.. juz wanna say… ur "tong hua" song very geng ler.. u so berani mehhh?? hhahaha.. aiyoyo.. *kepala pusing*.. actually i oledi finish writing..but then rmbr edit this post.. dat day.. b kee told me.. she n shan is making cake for kuan n shen… then today.. yew ming say is fruit and cheese cake.. and taste good woh.. wahhh *thumbs up* so geng la u all.. lolz.. dun say make cake la.. wanna cook vege i oso dunno ah..*clear throat* hahahah.. reli need to respect u all d *salute* reli unbelievable.. *good work* ler.. hehe.. so u all have a happy celebration i suppose?? hehehe… good la u all enjoy urselves.. hehehe…hmm… wat else?? ntg d la reli.. dunno what to say.. lolz.. better cut myself off here.. bb
i swear.. i oledi edit this lots of time d loh..and i am sure going to add more later.. lolz.. now cannot say yet… oh is the pic of the fruit cake.. heheheh ^^ yummyyyyyyyy lehhh


and this is the Oreo cheese cake ohhh


And the end line is… hahaha.. this it editted when i noe u all recieve my so called surprise.. lolz..actually got a lot of things din get to put in.. i plan to put in a lot wna ah… tot got many space..mana tau so limited… yeee… sigh.. so got soem i terpaksa cut off… sry ah.. mayb sum din get to mention oso… plus cos in a rush and i kenot do it at home.. oni at school time.. so a bit bad loh.. and i started quite early.. who noes oso din reli finish it well.. haih.. nvmla.. next time i make it better…. hahaha.. so u guys like it ma??? heheheh… dat wan is the present d loh.. nothing else d!! hahahahhaa… okla.. reli end here d.. lolz.. byezZZzz

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= mY aDeL@id3 eXp3RieNcE =

when i first step my feet on Adelaide… ntg was realli going on in my mind… hahhaa.. juz normal.. when we landed.. the temperature was bout 20 celcius i think… wasn’t cold.. it’s all rite…  then as we drive back to where i will stay for these few years, i notice everything here is reaLy different.. then i start realising.. shit.. what am i getting myself into? lolz.. luckily everything is ok.. not DAT bad.. one thing i dun like is dat it is very boring here.. let me explain.. adelaide is sort of like Penang la i guess.. but without the night life…it isn’t dat big.. but the roads here are reli wide… and u can park at the side of the road… it is not breaking the law.. isn’t dat funny? there are a lot of parks here.. unlike KL.. here ah. many those field.. they called it ovals.. cos it is reli veryyy big.. bout twice the size of soccer field… first day of skool… was sort of orientation day.. wasn’t very interesting.. i was late during the first day.. ^^ because got the time wrong.. oh mY!! lolz.. anywayzz… thx god it is oni half day la… then the nightmare begins when i started skool the next day.. here.. people have the habit of bringing their own lunch to skool.. in malaysia whr got la.. then it is like private skool in m’sia..u have two recess and another one is lunch… skool starts at 8.45 ends at 3.35.. very long ahh.. but leh.. recess is twenty minutes then lunch bout 45 i think.. so oso okla… wat reli freak me out the first day is.. (because my aunt pack my lunch n recess) she gave me a banana and a sandwich.. i am like… HARRRR?? banana???? then when recess time came in skool.. phew.. i mean nearly everyone is holding a banana for god’s sake.. lolz.. dat was rlei unbelievable la.. havent see ppl eat fruit before during break wan… haha..especially banana… and i ate sandwich literally everyDAY.. sigh… eat till now oso sien sien d.. lolz.. still got to eat for dunno how many years.. well.. nvm.. sandwich actually very yummy oso la.. and i think ah.. because of here ah.. my calcium intake sure a lot d wan.. i dun use to like cheese.. now i LOVE them.. and ah.. drink milk everyday.. lolz.. breakfast for sure is milk and a toast.. i miss those secondary skool days.. when my mum bring me to the pasar pagi.. and i get to eat "chee cheong fun" nasi lemak, roti canai all those.. YUMMMM.. man i am hungry.. lolz.. still rmbr dat time i ah..always "yim 3 yim 4" wan.. cos dunno wat i wanna eat… and ate for many many years i oso sien.. now ah..want to eat oso no more d loh… sighhhhhh~ datz y ah..when go back malaysia.. omG.. must alwaYs eat.. lolz.. actually here is pretty similar la to KL… juz dat here weather diff..and people oso diff.. many "guai".. lolz.. but asians oso quite a lot la.. but how oso i prefer m’sia better loh… got frens there ma.. ^^ miss u guys so much!! but here oso got very yummy fooD!! vietnamese noodles i lurvE them loh.. and got GELATI.. is italian ice cream loh.. wah.. so nice wan!!!!!and another nice ice cream is cold rock loh… so nice if go movies sure must buy!!it is ice cream then u pick some "side-dish" like chocolate, nuts or those cake la.. then they mix wif ice cream.. is REALLY YUMMY wan ahhhhh… lolz.. hate the weather here.. keep on rain these few days.. and freeze like hell..i go to skool now ah..wear four layers ahh.. lolz.. still cold wan ah..chi sin…  and at  first oso dun get use to the way they speak wan.. very fast loh.. and frens always say i say "NO" like americans.. haha.. and they oso make me pick up sumthing i din notice… pronounce "three" and "tree" if u say tree instead of three.. they can tell wan.. then they will say.. har???? lolz… so embarassing..but nvmla.. i can imrpove my english ma!! hehehe…okla.. datz it for now.. write more later.. hehe

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g0sH… Tim3s PAss3s s0 quIcKLy

hoho… mm ging mm kok… oledi june… so geng loh… felt like jus came back not long ago.. now half year gonE!!!~ shocking n scary.. n then june is the time for birthdays!!~ so many ppl juz happen to have their birthday on june july.. i wonder why?? hmmm.. tolking bout birthday.. means dat we getting olDer d.. turning 19.. waaaa…. no more teenager years d… slowly becoming adult.. sigh.. i reli seriously, hoNestly kenot imagine us as a group of early twenties ppl leh… hahaaha.. so shud enjoy 19 the way way we could.. cos 20 means we cannot act childish or stupid d… 😛 it’s not dat we can’t.. better not to la rite.. very memalukan wan ahh.. lolz… juz the other day.. mR au yong juz said.. u noe ah.. u all look like a bunch of kids… under-growth.. i am like -.-‘ excuse MEEeeeee! thx 4 dat comment wohhhhh.. wat laaa…. look like bunch of kids.. dunno wanna take dat as compliment or wat.. haha..u say leh??? au yong ah.. not we under develop others over develop d!!~ hahahahaa.. at least saying this make me feel better.. hahahahha…although it might not be the case.. but ANYWAY.. lolz… we R grown up pplz k.. not Budak laaa… we r very mature is so many ways… y ppl cannot seemed to pick dat up wan leh?? oni see us as crazy group dat call each other soh poh sui poh sei poh.. hahahaha…. now dat we got our own names.. hmm..dun "luen luen" call leh… ^^ after all.. even if we do act immature sumtimes.. we R 18 year olds maa… so dat is the FACT dat cant be change.. regardless what anyone say… we reli r young adult d!! kenot turn back the clock lohhh…. so au yong plz rmbr dat ya.. we R OLDDDDDDDDDDDD lolz.. not veyr OLD.. farily n reasonably OLD…. kekeke

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