A Beach-ing Day

Heehe.. havent go to the beach so long d.. and in Adelaide.. there is a beach bout 30 minutes away from the city.. but then one day few months ago.. dunno y.. oh ya.. we went to eat vegetarian food at a temple.. a very FAR temple i must say… bout… hmmmm.. one hour more or sumthing loh to get there.. go there come back.. whole day oso sort of gone d.. haha.. because we went so far.. we go exploring a bit la.. like taking a small road trip like dat..pass by a marina.. and we have a lil’ picnic there.. and we found abalone ah.. green ones.. hmm.. scary..still can move ga.. and brave chian ur.. hold it in her hand.. and poke it with her finger -.-‘ hahaha.. and as she said.. this is the abalone AND HER FINGERS… soh poh lai de.. hahahaha

we oso saw lala all those la.. it is hard to picture la actually.. because the sea is actually blocked by these reli big rocks..like massive wan ah.. and this big big wall like dat..we climb to the oposite.. well.. is it sloppy ga..not vetical la.. haha then we sat there n eat.. quite san fu climb here n there..and scare i fall oso ah..cos between rocks got those slit ge ma.. like if u drop sumthing..die loh.. lolz.. wont get it back.. haha..

before dat i think..we past by a beach.. hmm not many ppl ga..so the water is very nice.. lolz.. but we din swim la.. oso dun plan to..juz play around oni… so soh.. but it is a nice day ah.. heheh..


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  1. 1

    Chianur said,

    tat abalone is not tat scary la.. although when u poke it will move.. hahaha

  2. 2

    sOhpOh said,

    hahaha.. green abalone leh… not brown colour.. yaya.. u no need poke oso will move d loo

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