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isSuEs aGaIn

frenster blog is reliii a bit weird lately.. always have to clear my cookies just to update my blog.. sigh.. and then i kenot seem to leave a comment in other ppl’s blog.. datz a REAl prob.. lolz.. saw bee kee’s blog..but can’t comment.. each time i pressed will then annoyingly put me back to my own homepage.. ArgHHH.. lolz.. everytime we tolk bout frens.. there is always.. some sort of issues still around.. no matter how ppl tried to dug’s still going to be there.. face it.. IT IS A PROBLEM.. and it wouldn’t go away just becos u decide to forget bout it.. not like u decide to forget bout it.. then it is going to change anything ok… it will still remained as it is.. and as time goes on.. the problem will still  pop up out of no where n then u wonder y?… actually i think in best frens..we are always demanding of each other rite? we alway expect them to be what we wanted n sumtimes forget to stop and perhaps think bout what others ARE feeling.. is reli easy to say it and hard to actually put it into practice.. as in we not being selfish anymore..i guess everyone do care bout theirselves.. of course also others.. but still.. we will always put ourselves in first priority rite? i think there rlei is nothing wrong wif dat.. but.. when others put themselves first.. hmm.. we will feel it’s u noe.. like irritating sort of feeling..n yet we failed to realise datz datz exactly how we treat others… actually i oso dunno what i am trying to say anemore..lolz.. oh well.. anyway… hopefully we sort it out one day..rlei hope la..


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Do Ya beLieVe iN Gh0sTS?

hmm… chinese always say… "sun zhat yau, bat sun zhat mou" (if u believe then yes, if u dun believe then no) and yet.. there is another contradicting saying.. "ling hor sun kei yau, bat hor sun kei mou" (it is better to believe it than not) .. so we shud believe or not leh hor?? hahaha..  but in my opinion..i strongly feel dat… "mm pa yat man, zhi pa man yat" (dunno hwo to explain leh this one.. is like.. juz in case.. who noes rite??) hahaha.. because i am a timid person la.. afta i dun believe.. the ghosts come find me to prove that they do exist how?? dun wan la.. hahaha.. mayb i am influenced by ppl around me as well.. i can vividly remember how my cousin sister used to tell me her personal ghostly encounters.. hmm.. btw.. now is the seventh lunar month according to the chinse calender..luckily the most "mang" day is gone (14th of the month) if not.. will be so scared..lolz..  anyway..back to the experiences..then in my sorts of form like a visual picture.. as if i am in the story..looking at it through her eyes of course.. and it juz seems so.. real.. hahaha.. because one, i think my cousin wouldn’t bluff me.. seriously she wouldn’t.. cos i know her well la.. then second.. i do believe spirits exist… i guess it is sort of a comfort to noe that u are still alive in a sense even after u r dead.. well.. u practically still have feelings rite?? hmm.. and then i always hear other ppl’s stories..including my parents’ and then i actually came across a friend in a forum dat has yin yang eyes.. and he said it resembles the eye 10 those ghost ge woo.. hmmm.. i havent watch it.. but after hearing dat..not sure if i wanna watch it anymore…. hahahaha.. and luckily my roomie is kind enough to not remind me of the 14th day which had juz past.. lolz..thx wooo… but she so bad la..dat day we watched Dark Water.. freaky.. and then afta we finished..she walked straight into the room (instantly) and wash her face those quickly and zoom to sleep loh.. the next day oni she said.. she so scare… hahahahaa.. funny la..but luckily she din tell me loh.. or else..mayb i oso kenot sleep dat nite.. but still.. i did have night mares dat nite.. so i guess it doesn’t reli make a difference?? hahahahaah.. but it wasn’t a very horrible (not to forget vegetable oso.. chian ur horrr?? .. hahaha) wan… juz weird.. lolz.. i personally havent  bump  into any spirits.. and i never want to anyway… hahhaa… yala..once bump into i sure scared like heLL.. scream for heaven d.. hahaha… and it is kind of scary when u have dolls on ur bed.. u noe.. u r turning here n there then suddent got eyes looking at u.. hahahahaha… freaky… here are the two stuff that sit on my bed.. the corner to be exact.. lolz.. cos i sure dun wan them to frighten me loo… actually i am adding image juz for the sake of hoping my blog is viewable… (at the moment it is blank)… sigh…
this is the bear that b kee gave me as my farewell prezzie.. hehe..see i got bring it here de b kee.. lolz.. and a patrick given to me on my birthday few years ago from fei, shan n alvin.. (behind oso got a funny story) lolz..

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sigh.. it works for a while.. then it jus collapsed on me..stupid blog… T-T bully me.. aih… nvmla..i stop betta things to do.. lolz… for those who got those blog update notices thingy..i am terribly sorry… must be a lot afta my countless trials.. lolz… my apologies…

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lolz..this post.. like the title said.. is nonsense… juz trying to
make my blog viewable.. because it is blank at the moment…
haihhhhhhhhh… xb say post sumthing then can see d woooo..dunno true
or not..but it doesn’t hurt to try ma rite.. heheheh..hope it works..
*fingers crossed*

arghhhhhhhh… i tried… but didn’t work…. *gripping my fist* i wan "da yan" d.. hahahah

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s0 l0nG leRR

finally… i kenot update my blog la.. dunno y whenever i click update blog..will return back to my homepage.. *grrrr… frustrating ler… then one click at the discussion tab.. it saved it all.. *wink* i just have to clear cookies can d… whoever who come up with dat..*smart ler.. and *thanks too.. hahaha..actually thought of many things to write.. but then forgot d loo… lolz.. oso dunno wat i wanna say d.. its been so long.. ^^ whenever notg to say.. always use back the same old thing… yeah… bz..exams..assignments..other commitments.. crazy huh.. i guess i better change it a bit.. if not.. will bored to death.. ahaha.. actually i reli think  coming to australia so "mm dai" lolz.. going overseas.. but then no snowing de… TOO BAD… so dissapointing.. well not dat i dunno dat fact before i come here..but then since it can be so cold..y not juz SNOW… haahaha… so sui ge la.. and then now form six got holidays… wonderful.. poor old me.. still stuck in skool..performing the same old routine looo… but i do admit.. learn a lot of new stuff in school.. hahaa.. quite interesting oso ler… i mean who would have tot..there are so many techniques in producin an advertisement and then oni a few dat we see everyday is truly the good ones. not good as in values or wateva.. but how they hide their msg and we as viewers can jus pick it up they way they wanted it to be without being too obvious?? and sort of hypocritical too some ads… aisyeh.. i think ppl oso wont understand unless they analyse one like we did in skool.. but then it reli enlightened me a lot ah.. hahahaha… and on friday nite.. suddenly felt missing school..form five.. so nice.. and how we always go tuition with those sleepy eyes.. and how we yawned n hide it so dat the history teacher couldn’t see.. or else we will have to take a trip to toilet and get ourself awake.. hahaha it is reli tiring… everyday go tuition..go back home at bout 7.00.. how can anyone still afta all dat can start doing homework and then need to wake up like six the next morning.. crazy… never knew how i endured it.. well..i never did homework.. hahahah..mayb datz y… way too relax… hahahaah.. but now its different.. assignment now are counted as part of my grade and if i didn’t do it.. haihhh.. feel sorry for myself oni.. my grades will juz commit suicide.. haha jump from apartment.. lolz… hmm.. tolking bout work.. i guess i better get back to MY work now..or else… teachers will give me a PIERCING stare tomolo… hahaa.. happy holidays guys.. hehe   

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pass few days.. computer soh joh.. hahaha.. so cham..assignment inside..have to do again.. i handed up ok d.. siGHHhhhh

lolz.. and for some reason.. i cannot see my own blog.. silly wan la..

and frenster started some new things.. hmmm.. so..i decided to take a stroll to my roomie’s page..guess what?? omg..big discovery man…


wahh.. dunno since when.. i change to a ABALONE d.. hahahha.. so funny ler… chian URRRR.. how can u do THIS to meeee.. lolz.. is okla.. but i found this hilarious.. hahaha… ppl who dunno..mayb will reli think datz her roomate.. omGGGg

and during this dayz of winter.. turning the heater on is a ESSENTIAL lohh.. so.. the heater is not those central ones (those that look like supermarket aircon) but it is a quite traditional one.. burning firewood de.. and mr yew ming say..wanna see my roomie help me took the pic.. and i mah show him loh.. here, this one…

for some reason.. kenot see anything.. nvm..upload next time again (hehe can see d).. lolz.. anyway.. tell me.. does it really look like a microwave oven to you?? omG.. mana ada.. dun HAVE la… lolz..

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~ WorD PuZzLe ~

Well well well… i was anticipating for Stef’s birthday pictures.. because i heard comments about how silly n funny it was.. lolz..honestly.. it was really sort of funny.. lolz.. and the puzzle.. omg.. wei.. better skills next time la.. Hahahahaahaha… but leh.. i appreciate u all punya effort ga.. thx mates.. it was really sweet of u guys.. although the thinking process went a bit long.. i figured it out EVENTUALLY.. through a LOT of HELP.. hhahaha.. i cheated.. lolz.. actually i oso dunno what u guys are doing leh… i tot shan n kuan joined together to make one letter.. then oni i realise.. it’s two different letters… lolz.. then i NOE.. it is P-L d.. then i oso dunno whether wai han’s is U or Y.. then some suggested W.. so many different.. gau dou ngor yat tau mou sui.. hahahaha.. after long considerations.. i finally… FINALLLY knew what it meant.. and confirmed it loh.. thanks ah.. it is really nice.. and one think.. b kee.. little did i realise.. u R actually an ‘E’ i tot all along.. u R a ‘F’ ler… dat really makes it confusing.. hahaha..and pik ah.. ur I oso geNg ge la.. dunno what YA doin’.. hahaha.. then stef oso..makes me wonder.. is it M?? cos if it was a M.. how are u suppose to show it.. besides putting ur arms together to form a McD arc? lolz.. soh soh ge la..

hehe.. it looks like u guys enjoyed it very much after all.. hehe hope that we still have chance.. to do it TOGETHER next time.. hehehe.. luv u all oh.. hehehe

p/s the pic is a bit blurish..sorry.. to get a clearer view.. click on it.. ^^

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