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frenster blog is reliii a bit weird lately.. always have to clear my cookies just to update my blog.. sigh.. and then i kenot seem to leave a comment in other ppl’s blog.. datz a REAl prob.. lolz.. saw bee kee’s blog..but can’t comment.. each time i pressed will then annoyingly put me back to my own homepage.. ArgHHH.. lolz.. everytime we tolk bout frens.. there is always.. some sort of issues still around.. no matter how ppl tried to dug’s still going to be there.. face it.. IT IS A PROBLEM.. and it wouldn’t go away just becos u decide to forget bout it.. not like u decide to forget bout it.. then it is going to change anything ok… it will still remained as it is.. and as time goes on.. the problem will still  pop up out of no where n then u wonder y?… actually i think in best frens..we are always demanding of each other rite? we alway expect them to be what we wanted n sumtimes forget to stop and perhaps think bout what others ARE feeling.. is reli easy to say it and hard to actually put it into practice.. as in we not being selfish anymore..i guess everyone do care bout theirselves.. of course also others.. but still.. we will always put ourselves in first priority rite? i think there rlei is nothing wrong wif dat.. but.. when others put themselves first.. hmm.. we will feel it’s u noe.. like irritating sort of feeling..n yet we failed to realise datz datz exactly how we treat others… actually i oso dunno what i am trying to say anemore..lolz.. oh well.. anyway… hopefully we sort it out one day..rlei hope la..


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    BeE KeE said,

    Haiz, different ppl have their different view point!!!! Sumtimes reli dunno whether have to follow them or just do wat u think…. Dunno la, but dun worry so much la, “the boat come nearer to the ‘kiew tao’ will be straight”….. haha, understand ar??? Take care ya!!

  2. 2

    sOhpOh said,

    lolz.. understand..sure la.. haha but i reli do believe in treating others the way u want them treat u geh.. i noe u too.. hehehe ^^

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