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~* Chian Ur *~

My first post on this category.. (newly created.. thanks to chian ur) haha.. i wanna write bout her ma.. cos she wrote bout me.. pai seh la…must write la rite? so..i figure out.. shud make a time can post more bout pplz lo…betta get into the point quick.. lolz…

first of all.. must introduce u all to my dearest roomie..probably u all oso sort of noe bout her existence.. rite?? lolz.. cos i always say my roomie my roomie..then u all always got this big gasp.. HAR?? u not living with ur auntie meh?? yes i ammm.. again..clarifying.. my roomie, .. is my cousin punya cousin.. yaya.. practically saying.. we dun have any blood relations.. lolz.. ok.. move on..

This is the one and only pretty Chian Ur…
14740994413595lDetailed form wat i noe…
Name: Chian Ur, Wong (Rachel apparently)
D.O.B: April Fool’s Day…
Jay Chou, JJ, Yi Da, chocolate, vitagen > (obviously….), brownie, piglet, s0hp0h *smirk*, her tissue gang, her lemon tea,her family, *hmmm* wat else?? *scratches head*, ice cream!! and etc la.. oh ya.. (distracted by T.V. – gwen stefani leh.. ) forgot d.. *sigh* banana! sleeP, boost juice.. orea cheese cake *yum*..

hmm.. this is hard… kenot recall leh.. erm.. dai cheong gam, Alex To *evil grin =P*, the b*tchie gang, oi.. dunno d leh.. she dun reli hate things… (cos she eat everything.. even bitter ‘gua’) ooo.. she hate wheatgrass juice.. prawnssssss.. how can i forget those ha gao(s)!!!   


a) before meeting
She say i am a NERD.. actually i TOT she was a NERD >.< gagaga.. similarly, my cousin told me she is very quiet.. dun talk much…(in my mind, must be short haired, very fair, pretty and si si man man those.. plus shy shy n dun use foul language type… most important.. wont talk..) *reli not my cup of tea*       

b) first meeting
I saw her luggage first.. (which is like HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE those dat u can put ppl inside one leh)  then saw her person.. wow!! perfectly matched.. except eh..she is much more beauty concious than i tot!! straigthen hair.. very stylish.. but is diam diam wan…

c) Dunno when…
After started tolking.. (bout dunno how many days after cham… *comfort*) then think of her differently… she dun use foul language..but she can tolk n tolk n tolk.. lolz.. genGGG and she actually is not quiet as she seems… hide behind the innocent face.. is her laughter dat is even more louder than the airplane taking off – look at the bright side.. at least is not SHARPPP)

Actually reli got lots of things bout her.. but her main associates are:-
a) Brownie                                                                        


She is not a cookie.. not a person.. is a DOG.. hahaha u noe.. besides paris hilton’s tinkerbell.. this is the oni dog i KNEW live such a lavish life.. not only she got her own blanket and pillow (cos air-con on everyday) walau.. she got her own bowl (i presume.. if not how to eat??) OWN BEDD.. i mean DOG leh..come on’ lolz.. so good la her to her dog.. see she so caring lerr.. then the dog is yet to get her very own baby SHOES dat she can walked on then without hurting the leg i suppose?? dunnola.. but this dog.. a one "hang fook" dog..

b) piglet (the one form winnie the pooh)
according to her frens…. she looks like piglet.. cos she got big head n small body *wonders* got MEHHHH?????? i kenot see WHRRRRR lo.. anyway.. she used to she is an official PIGLET now.. haha.. this is not the oni version of her beloved character… got more ga.. ranging from plushies to key chains.. n etc.. This is oni one of her collection.. lolz..    



so, how is it?? look alike?? like cloNes is it?? hahaha… okokla.. not very la.. lolz.. the cute part yes la.. hahahaha.. but dun ya reckon the smile is quite similar??? hahahahahaha.. okla..datz about it.. dunno wan say mak kai.. think of it oni edit again la.. heheh luv ya lots la.. dedicated to my dear roomie.. *muax*


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oUr 2nD geNtiNg TrIp

reli long din write bout old memories d… erm.. to be honest..i might not remember the details exactly loh.. so.. sorry if there’s anything i said dat is wrong..pls do correct me k.. we go,
well..somewhr around last year was it? or early this year.. not sure.. anyway.. let me check first… was 2004.. ok.. the trip lasted for oni two days n one night.. compare to the first time which was about one week.. erm..yeah..big difference.. but at least we made it.. hahaha.. due to heavy schedule of everyone involved.. hahaa.. academic obligatiosn n so on.. its quite hard u see… but then we finally decided.. to stay for one nite only.. and we went in seperate groups.. i was part of the first group dat went there first…this included Mei Shan, Wai Han, Stef, Gil n Yew Ming.. and i was to picked up mei shan in the bus we could go to the bus station.. then at the bus station.. forgot wat name d.. we met up with han, stef, gil n y.ming who were there earlier than us.. (go so early zho mak kai?) then we waited for quite a while.. and finally boarded the bus after long minutes hours of waiting.. and at the bus.. took some stupid n useless pictures.. relatives were there too..some of them.. aisyeh..pai seh.. sure they would think.. why they take pic even at the bus? bus nice meh?? so old n etc.. hahaha but that’s part of our journey.. lolz.. then we reached the erm.. wat u call it.. the cable car station.. yes.. where u sit on little boxes hanging off a cable line about as thick as my wrist… mayb because of dat.. mei shan was reli scared.. hahah.. we were divided somehow..i was at the same box as mei shan..while the others on the one after.. then she is like ARGHHHHHH n gripping my hands when we launched off.. u noe.. to the air.. hahaha.. we reached there finally.. my father helped us into checking in.. we juz mucked around the lobby and outside for yet more pictures.. haha… dunno whatz the obsession with pictures dat time.. one funny notable one…
658dhaha.. we were silly enough to actually  take pic when they were spinning pointlessly not to mention countlessly juz to get the pic right.. hahaa.. in case u are wondering what she’s(wai han – in red) looking at.. datz juz simply because gil is too tall.. hahahaha..

and then we finally got our room.. and then shortly after dat.. the second group arrived.. consisting of kuan, pik shen, b kee, darryl, kah lok, and lim.. then we were back to the room..cos everyone’s tired… then we went out for a walk.. we went for lunch.. which was bad… for me at least.. hahaha i ordered a tom yam i think together with b kee.. and dat was seriously the most awful things i ate.. it was tasteless.. well practically..cos all i can taste is reli.. SPICY.. spicy like hell.. and there’s no actually flavour to it.. yuck.. i couldn’t stand it.. there it goes.. dunno how many ringgit down the drain.. but i mean with food like dat.. i rather lose my money.. i noe i noe.. yeah yeah..children in africa..bla bla bla.. not like i dun symphatise them.. but eh.. they dun have enough food doesn’t mean we have to force food down our throat ge ma.. and it might potentially get u sick…and i seriously kenot reli remember wat happen.. then during that nite..we have dinner lo.. at the restaurant.. then walked more.. play games..i think it is dat nite dat we met ke yi, sook jing, mei yee and also daniel… wat a coincident.. then we walked more..and we separate into groups la.. and said will meet up later for yum cha at coffee bean.. which has become our little ritual hahaa.. well.. we oni did it twice.. haha i guess dat doesn’t reli count as a habit.. anyway.. later at nite.. we drink at the room.. hahaa yum seng!! 
Ca27but not alcohol la.. grape juice oni.. hahaha.. we are such kids.. but we all 18 d la… juz dat mei shan dat time havent.. haha.. we so good leh..dun wan like seducing her… hahaa.. nola.. cos we are not alcoholics..not a bunch of ppl who juz like to get themselves pissed for a good time and get a massive hang over the next day… we still have reli good time without getting drunk.. haha.. then we are back to our rooms.. girls one..boys one.. then we talk for a bit.. by the side of the bath tub.. haha so syok.. we were soaking our feets.. hahahaha.. not long.. they (boys) keep knocking the freaking connecting door.. for food.. omg.. such greedy pigs… and it didn’t stop even after we practically gave them god.. din buy anything go up n eat..and robbed all our snacks.. poor us.. lolz.. and btw.. better PAYYY up eat eat.. no need give back money aHHHH… eat dak gam song ah la… then soon.. we were sleeping like pigs.. and tomolo morning..preparing to go d.. we didn’t forget to have a little leg gatherings…

and that was about it.. no controversial things.. juz a simple was fun.. even though i felt a bit sick after dat in the bus..dunno y.. mayb the bus driver has a kopitiam liscence..simply drive.. haha and thx for the lift woh ah lim.. hahaha… he fetch us home.. was fun eventhough i must say the last time wan was better.. cos we together for so long..hahhaa..but then i still enjoyed it very much la.. hehe.. thanks guys for such good memories.. hehe.. so.. are we going back this year?? getting a bit bored about genting d.. hahahaha…

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JuSt a StUpId pOsT

long time din update blog.. i guess i shud pen something down at least.. hmm.. but dunno what to write.. and i certainly dun wan juz post a new post with oni like what? a couple of lines.. don’t think so.. shud think of sumthing to say.. well.. normal routine.. finished trial exams.. which ended up with bad grades.. but hey..looking at the bright side.. it’s over rite.. and then juz anticipating for holidays… which seemed like forever.. it will come one day.. hmm.. so.. there’s reli ntg to SAY la.. omg.. mental blank lo.. btw.. frenster with its new features.. yep..long time ago d.. lolz.. ntg to say ma.. bear with me la.. lolz.. quite cool la..can change this change that.. the oni thing is i have to idea how to do it oni ma.. hahaha… but luckily these days.. there’s reli EVERYTHING in the internet..well.. almost i should say.. can find codes u can juz conveniently copy and paste into ur profile..and there u go.. a media player miraculously appear in ur profile after u typed in copied the weirdo codes.. and then u can modified ur profile..i’ve seen one which is.. erm.. (gulped) very scary.. black b/g.. datz all rite..but scary pictures all over.. it’s juz the whole mood in there.. not very comfy.. lolz.. but there are some dat are cute.. with nice picture backgrounds.. transparent tabs.. and the list goes on… see? at least i crapped something out.. after like squeezing my brain like crazy.. it always happened.. for some reason.. after exams..always have brain the whole brain is.. virtually gone.. not there anymore.. haha.. can’t think of anything.. it’s just weird…  like giving ur brain a rest.. not dat i reli need it considering i din even use it.. hahaha.. wateva.. aNd sOmE pPl HaTe DiS kINd oF TypInG.. dO YoU? hOpe yEs.. CoZ i aM TrYinG 2 aNnOy yOU.. hahah.. (ekhem.. guess dat didn’t work.. )

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Being Superstitious

As a Chinese.. of course.. i am very superstitious.. lolz.. hmm.. sort of.. but sure got some i must say.. the best example is during Chinese New Year la of course.. buy new clothes (dat wan is a good superstition ah) and not sweeping the floor (cool.. no need do clean up during CNY), kenot use abusive language (hmm….).. what else ah.. but sure got just eat n have fun n sleep like piG la rite..cos datz the only thing that i do.. hahaha..  then with eating oso got a lot rite… not tapping your bowl (makes u look like a beggar or mayb becoming one next life?) then sticking your chopsticks into ur bowl of rice (as if u are worshipping sumthing).. eat every single rice even the most little one… (or else ur future spouse will be full of those "dau" dun think is pimples..but some sort of spots) then wat else… when u go to cemetry.. kenot step on ppl’s grave.. kenot simply comment on the picture on the tombstone.. kenot dis n kenot dat.. (everytime go oso will say..i am still little.. dun blame me if i did anything wrong).. dun simply spit… and the thought of stepping on top of corpses just give me shivers all around.. yeEEeee… and then if holidaying at hotels especially.. one side of your shoes must be flipped upside down.. so one facing up.. the other facing down.. (so that those things dun come find u) dun sleep in front of mirror.. cos very big chance of getting ghostly encounters… mirror is a spooky thing.. cos they say… it sees everything that happen within the space… (cos of the reflection) so.. those vengeful spirit are in there… (hmm.. mayb ppl shud stop checking their looks dat often =P) perhaps i shud tolk bout other stuff.. not so "scary" ones.. ehhh.. dun bath after eating.. (leads to a bloated tummy) dun eat fruits straight after a full meal (same reason… have a pregnant belly) Wat bout birthday presents? dun give ppl clocks (is like cursing them to die) oh ya.. the ones i learned from my frens who are more  superstitious .. dun give ppl shoes.. cos (sounds rough??? dunno.. "hai hai seng" woo) harr.. wat else d.. *scratches head* in regards with praying.. dun blow your joss sticks.. even though they are burning like GILA.. can oni like "flap" them… (or else your lips will go "senget" like skewed to one side..if not this life.. next life looo) then kenot like rush rush to pray.. is like u are not sincere enough.. 9dunno the consequences though) then i saw this book dat says… present n past.. like wat u done in the it affects the past.. is said dat..if u torture animals..u will come back as the same be tortured lo… then if u eat chicken.. n next life u will be chicken.. omg.. i eat so many meat woo..must reincarnate how many lives oni caN?? pig la.. goats.. cow.. oh my.. wah..then those canibal ppl mah very "jiok sou" they get to come back as human woo.. but dunno is to be EATEn or not la.. lolz… there is just simply tooo many rules…

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yep.. dunno what name to put in the title.. so mah title-less loh.. actually dunno got this word or not..nvmla….juz make it up la.. hahahah…  hmm..forgot wat i wanna say d.. stupid la… sigh.. ya wor.. mbs got trials ma.. so.. GOOD LUCK k TAG.. hehe and oso others who are reading dis and got exam.. (probably got no one wuhahaha) hehe.. dat day… got english assignment.. need me to make one ad loh.. so i make a beer ad… the name of the company is TAG … hehehe and then hor.. fits perfectly with the picture i am using oso… wow..wat a coincidence.. and i kenot show u all first la.. before my work is moderated.. kenot simply expose.. or else.. afta they think i plagiarising ma die die.. so kenot loh..i will show u all when i back k.. heheh our very own beer ad.. HAHahaah.. actually got quite a lot of stuff i do oso will somehow incorporate u all inside wan… but i din use real names la..jus the incident.. hope u all dun mind leh.. lolz… and i aM missing A LOT OF MOVIES HERE… initial D is one..dat one nvmla..sure can watch when go back..then got other movies.. aih… haha.. there was one.. we watch the doll master.. watch with pik shen n others… then because of our plan to scared yew ming rite.. we laugh through out the whole movie loh… omg.. so silly la..luckily no one tell us to SHUT UP.. lolz.. aisyeh..must go watch horror again.. is the best la.. and even if u dun scared rite..bring pik shen..she will make U scared lo.. she will hor..come so close to u..oso nvmla.. she scared that time shout.. me oso shoit d.. not because of scare of the shocked by her leh.. ahahaha… oo.. me one next next week got trials d.. sigh..dunno can study finish or not.. sob sob… and ya..i din write bout lim broke his leg hor.. hope u have a quick recovery so free at home..always play PRO d.. can LAWAN d..lolz.. but i oso noe u dun wan be so PRO geh…lolz..hope u ok soon la.. hehe… er..ntg to say d la…

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