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LaSt DaY of SkOoL

yep.. not keeping my i am.. blogging again.. cos i think if i dun blog this.. after the exams.. won’t remember d.. hehe..

my last dAY of skool was a memorable one.. eventhough some tehcnical difficulties occur with the stupid memory stick of the camera.. other than’s all great.. damn..lost some reli rlei good pictures… of teachers.. friends.. etc.. luckily can get tham back from my frens.. or else..i will be sobbing as those days will never EVER come back..

my last day of skool.. wasn’t reli last.. cos we still go back to skool the next day.. for our farewell.. lolz.. this is another dose about my skool life here.. boring.. but i will still cherish it.. at least bout few years later..i look back at this..i will still laugh at the memories i had in st ignatius…

i only have pictures from this year.. promise to show u all the ones from last year..taken at last year’s valete (a FINAL farewell for Year 12).. i am going to miss out my own valete this year.. as it is scheduled reli late..i rather go back to malaysia by then…

This is Kate and Stacey…
Stacey is my first friend in St Ignatius.. i still rmbr when i first went..i was to sit at the hall.. then they all came in… and she sat beside me..and so she greeted me..i was reli nervous.. but glad dat they are so frenly.. i think..if i didn’t met her..didn’t sat at the place i sat.. we won’t be frends today mayb.. hehe.. so.. this is reli FATE…

when i first went..Kate wasn’t around.. she was in France.. for student exchange.. she came back at bout April.. my group of frens were missing her so deeply.. hehe.. she was the one who gave me a BODY CHOCLOATE for my 18th.. lolz.. cheeky.. although i didn’t use it.. hahaha.. its VERY thoughful of her… *shaking my head*

And then there is Elizabeth..only get close with her this year.. because we have three classes together.. she’s my Bio, Chem n Religion mate.. lolz.. she is extremely smart.. and also very nice.. helpful and supportive.. thanks Liz for those last minute Chem-catch-up.. lolz.. and then.. there’s her boyfren, Bart.. they are quite.. inseparable.. lolz.. but oso very appropriate of course… hehe..this is taken during the last mass i am going to ever attend.. (i think is the last anyway…. not like i am going to go church wat..)
Hehe.. this is Chris.. his locker is near mine.. and he is one SLOW guy.. like seriously.. REALLY REALLY slow i shud say.. because he is oso in our Bio class… we will wait for everyone.. Me, Liz, Him n Alison..(i’ve lost all pictures with Alison on it.. T-T) and he can be the first person to reach his locker first..way before i DID.. and ended up being the last (ALWAYS) to join the group.. we owes need to wait wait wait.. hahaha.. luckily it’s OVER.. >.< and he is reli funny n childish.. cos he is oni 17.. lolz.. mayb oni 16? hmm.. not sure..

This is pretty Laura aka ChemGeekQueen she is very beautiful wan.. cute and girly.. hehe.. oso smart and frenly..she’s my second frend at st ignatius.. cos she was with Stacey at the time we met.. hehe.. she owes like to calm herself down with the meditation-like-hand-signs.. so cute.. lolz.. cos life at year 12 is pretty stressful.. we owes stress out n COMPLAIN endlessly together.. especially those weekend exercises.. it’s like they never stop…
Then at the right hand side is Rachel.. Not reli close with her..but one thing i noe is that her hair colour owes change.. lolz.. not reli frequently.. but very drastically.. but the good thing is that she looks good in those colours.. red.. brown.. and now fake black.. like RELI black..

This is Jessica.. also a makeup-addict…we are in the same homegroup.. she is the biggest procrastinator i know.. lolz.. hope she dun see this.. hahaa.. but she is oso rlei funny at the same time though.. hehe.. she has a reli weird surname.. spirialis.. reminds me of SPIRAL>> SPIn spin SPIN.. lolz. and ppl owes spell it wrongly.. spell it like how it was pronounced.. SPIRALIS.. lolz.. poor gurl..they even got it wrong in her year 12 jumper.. which has her last name on the back of the jacket… luckily it was changed..
On the left is Jessica as well.. but this is Jess D… and then there’s Catherine.. I have Specialist Maths classes with Catherine.. and we always dreaded those tests and exams.. cos they are reli bad… lolz.. when we get bad results.. we juz simply comfort ourselves.."we beat the average at least" lolz.. must reli study harder for the exam..or else.. oni one consequence.. DEAD.. oh no..mayb not dead.. but FAIL!!! and we owes get paid out for having maths every friday last lessons.. cos it is like the worst way to end the week..
Below is Lisa… she is one who owes come up with CRAZY ideas.. during our muck up day (which wasn’t reli a muck up day.. cos the skool don’t allow us to do anything.. like throwing eggs at each other.. they said it was.. very irrespectful of each other.. and how could we do dat when millions of ppl are suffering..hmm.. wateva la.. not dat i wan stinky-overdue-eggs on my head anyway..) She came up with "sporking".. wat u find a target.. (i.e. round about or people’s lawn) and then poke their entire grassland with forks.. haha.. mayb a lil’ hard to imagine.. but it is funny anyway.. imagine waking up in the morning.. going out the house to pick up the newspaper..and found dat u r SPORKED.. lolz.. very unusual sight u noe.. lolz.. but good to noe someone drop by to airate your lawn.. don’t even have to hire a gardener next time..
Then there’s Mary.. she’s a vietnamese.. one of the very few Asians in my skool.. i oni had her for study periods.. she’s a ALL-BUSINESS-GIRL… i mean she’s into those financial stuff.. like accounts.. business studies those.. so we don’t reli have lessons in common.. one thing special bout she’s "vertically challenged" lolz.. look at the pic..then u will noe.. and she reli does look like a kid.. i mean it in a good way la.. as in CUTE… she might be visiting m’sia.. one brave girl..travelling back to Vietnam herself ^^ she’s more independent than me.. hmm..the pic is a bit dark.. can’t see rite.. sorry..lolz.. she’s on the far left…
Getting a bit long here… i’ll add in more later.. when i get more pics of everyone..
Finally.. VALE, St Ignatius! A bit glad.. plus a bit sad.. but the excited definitely stronger.. lolz.. there’s goes my two years in a catholic high school..



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sohp0h sighed…

actually i decided not to blog d wan la..until the exams are over.. oni i will update my blog.. but these few days reli do SUCK.. BIG TIME summore.. sigh.. perhaps things aren’t DAT bad… mayb it’s juz me.. becos this is the last week of skool.. well..i’ve oni got two days of skool left.. then off to SWOTVAC d..  then exams.. u tot when things are wrapping’s going to be easier.. i tot so.. but nah.. it’s getting harder n harder.. because u r trying to keep up with every single thing.. and finished every single thing.. it’s annoying.. and there’s more to come.. revising for the exam..or shud i say.. STUDYing..instead of revising.. lolz..

today.. many things happened.. it was my english mocktail party… it didn’t went as well as i would have expected… we were supposed to make hats.. quite dissapointed when only a few turn up with self-made hats.. and the mocktail.. tastes a bit weird.. part from dat..still acceptable.. i still rmbr at the starting of the year..when my english teacher told us to put it in our diary..the date of the party.. and then.. BAM.. it was today.. wow..time reli does flies…

actually it wasn’t all dat bad.. but then also today.. the headmaster told us (year 12 students) dat one of my friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.. at first i too, had no idea about it.. but the name sounded reli bad..reminds me of cystic fibrosis.. i tot..might be reli fatal.. i actually heard it first hand from a friend… she explained to me.. it’s some disease that affects ur spinal cord.. and in the worst conditions..u’ll ended up in wheel chair.. by the time ur thirty.. and dat is if u live long enough.. i was totally shocked.. then when the headmaster came into our class and speak about it.. i actually find it quite hard to look at him.. it was jus… so sad..eventhough i wasn’t very close to the person.. but.. we are still friends… tolk sumtimes.. i’s someone u noe.. it’s quite daunting.. when the person is actually fine.. all of a sudden..didn’t turn up to skool.. u tot it was just normal sickness.. never knew.. it’s gonna be dat bad.. pretty scary… but then the headmaster assured us that it’s curable.. and dat some lucky ppl can still lead normal lives.. i hope dat’s the case with this friend.. reli hope so.. come to think bout it.. it must be so hard for that person.. because skool is ending.. but can’t make it to the exams.. luckily can still graduate with SACE.. it will be quite dissapointing in a way.. u r like THIS close.. THISSSS close to finishing ur year 12.. then suddenly..everything juz crumble.. but i think being a very strong person as that person is.. nothing is impossible..always look on the bright side rite?? wish the person best of luck!!

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reli shudn’t be blogging.. especially when exam is like three weeks away.. in fact.. this might be the last time i blog until the exams are finished… wo HOOOoooOO! not dat there’s anything to be excited about.. i rather be blogging than cramming stuff on my head that i think cannot take anything in any longer… poor brain.. lolz..

you noe wat i hate… ppl who record their own song and put it up as the original singer.. damn kills me.. not like i am against ppl who dare to record it..just dat.. put ur own NAME for god’s sake.. and mayb credit to the singer or watever.. anyway is possible.. just dun freaking put the original singer’s namE.. everytime i download a song.. and waited like wat.. half n hour for it.. fully anticipating.. click it to listen… n guess wat.. sound different.. then i realise.. ooo.. is not the original singer.. it’s juz some weird rip-off version…ARGHHHH..dat juz pissed me off..sumtimes its rather hilarious.. but then when u’ve tried so damn hard to download this ONE song… dat have failed heaps of times.. it wont be very funny anymore..will it? *sighs*

tomolo is hippo’s bufday.. here..i wanna wish her.. a very happy 19th and hope u enjoy ur birthday.. all da best in ur stpm and may u be happy, healthy and "xin fu" dunno how to say dat in english.. and of course… may ur special birthday wish (if u make one… better make one LA) comes true.. hehe.. luv you always and tac k OO.. *hugs* give u a proper one when i’m back!! ^^

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CaN I be MorE riDicuLouS thaN thIs.. GOD..

hehe.. blogging a bit too much lately.. but dat always happen ge la.. like OWES.. haha because there is always a certain period where u juz have SO much to blog about dat it’s not funny.. whereas other times.. it’s like.. u’ve just emerge from exams a brain washing operation or some sort… u juz dunno what to tolk a bout.. it’s juz.. empty.. blogging more.. means no need study.. YEAHHH! sacrificing my revision time.. sigh.. i noe.. IT’s always STUDY.. so boring.. and my exam is oledi over the corner d.. like can SEE it approaching.. yet.. i wouldn’t care less.. it reli seems like i am those ppl who enjoy burn midnight oil.. give up sleeping time.. and cram the hell out of my stupid head.. trying my very best to ace the exam.. anyway… quit whinging.. lolz.. i actually wanna blog bout sumthing wan la..

one fine cum boring (u”l noe y) cum cold nite.. my roomie n I are jus playing around like lil’ kids "exploring" and appreciating our bear bears… I must say we are reli quite bored.. like REALLY bored i must say.. haha.. quite silly….

In terms of a unsuspecting story:

Once upon a time.. LONG LONG time ago.. in a far away land of OZie.. there are two animals.. who are "chu peng gau yau" (roughly translated to pig-dog-friends)..

a pair of sweet and good frens.. colour matching too.. (red n pink.. quite similar laaaaa)

They are reli good frens and tolk about alMOSt everything.. they share secrets and are also very busybod-ies (always ke poh on other ppls stuff, gossiping is their hobby.) caring of others.. they always tolk about others.. what happened to them.. etc.. [at this point, some will think: aiyo.. y so many "hau sui".. go to the poinT laaaa; MOST will think: what the hell is she doing.. boring until this extent; and i THINK: yeah yeah.. hahaha]

so.. one day.. they started tolking bout their weights..

piglet: aiyo.. these days i eat too much chocolates d.. become fat like a PIG d…

dog aka patrick: but u ARE a pig..

piglet: ehh.. NOOO Laaa.. whr GOTTTTT…

patrick: look at the mirror la..dun have mirror..plz go see ur reflection near the pond.. like i wnana bluff u like dat.. REALLY la.. u R a pig.. trust me.. y would i LIE to u?? rite? RITEEE?

piglet: -.-" (upset) but i am a pigLET.. not PIGG..

patrick: TRUST ME.. u r becoming ONE..

piglet: so HOWWW ahh.. i dun wan have tyres around my waist.. >.< NOOOOO…

patrick: aiyo.. nvmla.. u oso not obese.. u FAT oni ma..

piglet: mm zhai la.. so HOW..?? T-T

patrick: hmm.. u can start more exercise la..

piglet: har.. but BUT.. i dun have time.. my buFday is comin’.. bout two weeks.. i need to slim down so i can wear the sliM sliM dress… wanna be man-killERRR..

patrick: erm.. wat bout.. plastic surgery??? it’s quick.. n i heard a doctor near downtown..very expert at lipo-suction…

piglet: can ah u think??

patrick: datz the oNI way loo… try la.. ^^

piglet: erm.. then ah.. OK la.. HaiHH…

After the surgery…

piglet: Heyyyy!! patrick!!! yoo HOOO.. oVER hear LAaa..

patrick: eh.. hey bud.. how ya goin’..? how’s ur Op?? fail ahhh?

piglet: whr got fail.. see my body successful la OK??? always wan me faiL fail FaiL.. i noe i more dumb than u.. no need like dat look down on me ge ma.. summore this is not about my skills.. is bout the doctor’s skills wut.. so.. whr will faiL.. u say he GOOD wan wuttt…

patrick: yaya.. my wrong my wrong.. so.. how many Kg(s) u lost??

piglet: dunno woo..

patrick: wat u mean u DUNNOOOOOO? then how u noe u slim D…

piglet: erm.. din say wo the doctor… but i noe LAA>. my body wut..i can FEEL it..

patrick: -.-" (silence)

piglet: so wat ya THINK?? nice??

patrick: (no response for a while but since piglet is looking with those hopeful eyes..) U ask THEM la.. i think u look great anyway…

So.. wut YA think???

BEFORE                                                             AFTER


-.-" THE END…

In terms of actual fact:

I’m juz an idoit.. hahahaha

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A sOnG oF dOgS

msn messenger got the new feature..whr other ppl can noe what u r listening to.. those plugins.. and u noe whats bad bout it? let me tell U.. especially to banana(s)… its even worse.. cos u noe wat? sumthing reli unexpected happened one unsuspecting day..

in msn:-

me:  (forgot say wat d… sumthing reli boring.. like.. OOOO.. doing wat etc)

ah lim: (suddenly went off the topic) eh.. u wanna hear anjing meh?

me: huh???
(heart thinking – y suddenly say i wanna hear DOGS.. weird guy.. dun chat with him anymore)

ah lim: Jay chou ahhh

I tot to myself.. what is he ON about?? suddenly dogs.. then jay chou…

ah lim: u listening to jay chou wutttttt…

me: OOoooOOOO.. (now oni realise.. u mean jay chou – an jing – "silent")

-.-" wat la.. one space bar.. (big difference)

moral of the story: ah lim.. i noe ur leg havent open simen.. ur HANDs ok wut.. y SO lazy?

note to self: mayb pin yin isn’t such a good idea…

Look wat u HAVE done…   (extraction from here                  

zhi sheng xia gang qin pei wo tan le yi tian
shui zhao de da ti qin

anjing shi CHOU CHOU de

wo xiang ni yi biao xian de fei chang ming bai
wo dong wo ye zhi dao
ni mei you she bu de
ni shuo ni ye hui nan guo wo bu xiang xin
qian zhe ni pei zhe wo
ye zhi shi ceng jing
xi wang ta shi zhen de bi wo hai yao ai ni
wo cai hui bi zi ji li kai


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Gud Mornin’ faTHEr!

i seldom write bout how’s my life here at isolated adelaide.. lolz.. a bit isolated la.. like kampung wan.. lolz.. but it’s a got city la.. peaceful, warm n frenly.. cross my heart.. i am telling the truth.. juz dat its a bit boring.. mayb because of dat.. i dun reli have anything to tolk about here.. actually can say bout my school la.. i still got two weeks of official school days left.. wow.. like dat then my two years of high school gone.. yeah.. eventhough i think i wouldn’t miss it.. (considering the amount of ppl going to uni d.. n doing foundation studies..luckily my close frens all in form six.. ^^) i think i will still kind of treasure it…


my school: looks a bit doom hor.. is not like dat ge la..

it’s reli a once in a life time experience.. not everyday u can go to school and have loads of "father".. hahaha one of them is even my physics teacher.. father kelly.. he is quite old.. juz had his 70 sumthing birthday few months ago.. yet.. his brain is better than mine.. he can do maths off his head like those advertised in tv.. those so-called human calculator.. and yes.. now i truly believe they Do exist.. hahaha.. he even rmbr sin 30 and those equals to some long frustrating numbers.. wat a crazy man.. but he is a frenly cum sardonic man.. haha but i mean he is sarcastic in a frenly way of course.. thank god he wont be seeing this.. or else.. do you now how long he would tell me off for using the wrong tenses and putting ‘s’ behind plurals.. i noe.. my grammar is juz disastrous.. and who noes even in physics u need the PERFECT grammar.. as long as i got the right law and they can understand.. i think good enough d loh.. but nope.. it wasn’t.. everytime i get back my physics test papers.. there will always be like red pen all over my paper.. especially those extended response questions.. as if.. omg.. it’s like he spilled red ink all over my paper like dat.. i noe he’s good at physics.. but never knew he’s good at COLOURING.. wow.. good skills, father.. lolz.. and the worst thing is.. he will intentionally.. copied down what u answered in the test.. and read it in front of the whole class.. not that the class is huge or wateva.. but haRR.. oimeh.. when he first do dat.. i tot? wat da?? and then the meanest thing is when he read URS.. he will look straight at u.. and say.. "i won’t mention who wrote this" but U blantly dIDDDD.. haih.. hahaha but it is reli funny la.. cos when answering questions.. some ppl never read back what they wrote.. n at times.. they don’t even recognise it when he reads it out.. and he juz have this sheepish smile on his face..staring at that person.. and the whole class knew.. who it is LAAA… luckily i a not the only one who got picked on.. embarassing lo… and luckily he stopped doing dat after a while.. ^^ although somtimes class with father is very boring.. but i still enjoyed most of it.. because he is juz a humorous and childish man.. lolz.

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bLog.. huHHH?

these days quite a lot of ppl start blogging… ^^ can read more.. lolz.. good source of .. ekhem..  latest gossips? lolz.. perhaps not.. but juz to noe bout daily happenings.. their thoughts and so on.. but wat frustrates me.. is when i wanted to comment..i need to sign up for a i don oledi have my OWN frigging blog !! gosh… nvmla.. but i juz think it is not very nice.. cos when i leave a comment.. there’s a link back to my blog.. THE EMPTY one.. haha.. the one i created just so dat i can simply write crap nicely leave comments on ppl’s blog.. haih.. wat a waste of acc(s).. but i can’t be bothered.. juz leave it there.. haha.. ppl who click.. mayb will think.. y create a blog when u dun even USE it?? well.. juz so dat i can crap post comment loHHHH… but ppl won’t bother anyway.. hehe.. who cares if i dun post anything woh rite.. hehe nobody.. mayb got.. busybody.. haha.. juz crapping la.. ntg to say ma.. lolz..  but i think those ppl who dun blog.. but enjoy leaving comments.. must feel so annoyed.. cos eventhough i do blog.. it’s still pretty irritating.. lolz.. but once created d.. then.. okla.. no probz.. frens.. hope u all dun make a blog outside xanga, blogspot and frenster.. lolz..

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