sohp0h sighed…

actually i decided not to blog d wan la..until the exams are over.. oni i will update my blog.. but these few days reli do SUCK.. BIG TIME summore.. sigh.. perhaps things aren’t DAT bad… mayb it’s juz me.. becos this is the last week of skool.. well..i’ve oni got two days of skool left.. then off to SWOTVAC d..  then exams.. u tot when things are wrapping’s going to be easier.. i tot so.. but nah.. it’s getting harder n harder.. because u r trying to keep up with every single thing.. and finished every single thing.. it’s annoying.. and there’s more to come.. revising for the exam..or shud i say.. STUDYing..instead of revising.. lolz..

today.. many things happened.. it was my english mocktail party… it didn’t went as well as i would have expected… we were supposed to make hats.. quite dissapointed when only a few turn up with self-made hats.. and the mocktail.. tastes a bit weird.. part from dat..still acceptable.. i still rmbr at the starting of the year..when my english teacher told us to put it in our diary..the date of the party.. and then.. BAM.. it was today.. wow..time reli does flies…

actually it wasn’t all dat bad.. but then also today.. the headmaster told us (year 12 students) dat one of my friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.. at first i too, had no idea about it.. but the name sounded reli bad..reminds me of cystic fibrosis.. i tot..might be reli fatal.. i actually heard it first hand from a friend… she explained to me.. it’s some disease that affects ur spinal cord.. and in the worst conditions..u’ll ended up in wheel chair.. by the time ur thirty.. and dat is if u live long enough.. i was totally shocked.. then when the headmaster came into our class and speak about it.. i actually find it quite hard to look at him.. it was jus… so sad..eventhough i wasn’t very close to the person.. but.. we are still friends… tolk sumtimes.. i’s someone u noe.. it’s quite daunting.. when the person is actually fine.. all of a sudden..didn’t turn up to skool.. u tot it was just normal sickness.. never knew.. it’s gonna be dat bad.. pretty scary… but then the headmaster assured us that it’s curable.. and dat some lucky ppl can still lead normal lives.. i hope dat’s the case with this friend.. reli hope so.. come to think bout it.. it must be so hard for that person.. because skool is ending.. but can’t make it to the exams.. luckily can still graduate with SACE.. it will be quite dissapointing in a way.. u r like THIS close.. THISSSS close to finishing ur year 12.. then suddenly..everything juz crumble.. but i think being a very strong person as that person is.. nothing is impossible..always look on the bright side rite?? wish the person best of luck!!


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  1. 1

    Xian Boon said,

    aizz peng ahh next time help me write some at my blog lahh your no need so long lah hahaha too long make me lazy to read de mah next time make it short then will have time help me lor hahaa beybey

  2. 2

    sOhpOh said,

    -.-” like dat oso CAN.. i am being good here..if i help u write..after write long long..other ppl lazy read urs.. then not good short short..many people read wat *bleh* as u said wann.. hahahahah

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