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27th of November 2005

The year is going to end heaps soon.. well.. kind of.. there’s still more to come.. i couldn’t help but notice.. what a bad year it had been.. well not bad.. but full of stuff.. really packed and starting to sort of stress.. although i don’t think i stress out a lot.. well.. i can’t really say that since i don’t really understand the feeling of being stress.. for me stress is when u feel really really extremely, terribly pressured.. perhaps there’s some stage that i experienced that.. but not that i noe of any.. just didn’t realise.. anything bad.. just dreamt of it to be over.. once it’s over.. just hope that it gets by perfectly fine.. but somethings.. really aren’t as perfect as it seems.. maybe it’s just me.. but seems like relationship had worsen this year.. of course not only me myself, but also ppl around me.. i wanted to remind some ppl, please don’t be over sensitive.. cos i am just generalising here.. i saw chian’s post the other day about her relationship with friends.. she talked about how her friends broke her trust.. and those were the ones she never tot would.. so really.. things really aren’t as it seems.. there’s always something beneath that seemingly flawless surface.. i learnt a lot of things this year.. good n bad.. while i really hope things will just fade away like that, sometimes the curious inner part of me just couldn’t help but try to take extra notice of even the littlest things.. maybe it’s my fault that i think too much.. but sumtimes.. it’s not about what i feel inside.. but really.. it depends on what i see on the outside..


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Keke.. not much..

ntg to DOO.. argHHH.. hehe.. came back d but so freaking boring at times.. ntg to do.. so watch TVB series lor.. hmm.. tolk bout wat? ntg to say.. just wanna say many thanks to pik shen.. cos i think the surprise was really gOOD.. hehe.. my personal opinion..mayb others say it’s very BAD.. hahaa.. back oni for few months.. oso dunno how.. wanna work or wat oso dunno.. aiyoyo.. and holiday still got quite many weeks ler.. although quite enjoyed this feeling of doing absolutely ntg.. slacking off whole day without feeling guilty.. but sometimes feel so useless oso eh.. aisyeh.. yest they say saw Jay Chou at Sungai Wang.. aiyo.. we were oso there.. but then din saw him… he was buying cloths wo.. quite weird oh… when my roomie saw this.. she will go nUTS.. as IF.. is like shocked.. disbelief.. haha.. same here ler.. can’t believed i MISSED it!!! haha.. oh well.. it’s  ok..  oh ya.. wish Chian Ur  and Eeyore all da best in  exams K.. !!!  good luck OO…

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hehe..i finished my examss.. phew.. feel so damn good.. haha.. now got ntg to do all the time..but it is better than cramming n studying i must admit.. i rather bored than stress to death.. hehe.. but now is like..excited for results la… nervous oso..dunno get good or bad.. aih.. hehe.. now so bored.. oni waiting to go back.. hehee..can’t WAITTTTTT.. hahaha

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