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“chung chut gong wu”

haha..i oso dunno how many hundred years din care bout this blog d.. today is xm’as.. wo HOOO.. wat a tiring day..not dat i’ve done much..just went to genting for shopping.. and oso some ‘homework’.. since i am working at wisma genting.. now i reli noe where genting palace, etc is.. lol.. damn weird feeling.. now is officially over 12.. means is my best fren, mei shan’s buzzdaYYY.. yeaHHH.. hehe.. finally 19!!! omg.. waited so LONG.. ahahha.. she’s OWEs the LATEST.. oh well.. i suppose u can’t fight fate, can you.. IS "jing ding" wan… hahah.. hope she will have a wonderful birthday.. of course, we will try our very best to ENSURE u DO!!!!haih..damn envy eeyore.. hk now so damn cold.. got a nice nice x’mas.. got the atmosphere at damn HOT.. not DAMN hot la.. reli HOT la.. haha.. but not dat it matters anyway.. these days lots of stuff happening..found out dat i was offered dentsitry..rlei happy la.. of course dat means my year 12 results is out..although dissapointed dat i didn’t get any 20’s.. but i was happy i got a high TER la.. better than ntg wat… but then getting in dentistyr.. yes..rlei wanna do it..but need to go back so early.. because it’s the first YEAR for me to enter UNI.. a freshmen.. sigh sigh..must enROL in perosn.. y they so SMART wann??? enrolment at early FEB.. official classes at END of FEB.. om god.. i still got one month doing ntg at ADELAIDE meh.. my god my god.. summore is summer..damn suffer..  but anyway..extremely grateful la… things happenned for a reason..and i certainly do believe dat.. i just dat couldn’t believe my luck dat i got in.. reli couldn’t.. very surreal… like living in a dream.. gaga.. mayb someone should pinch me HARD… hmm.. wateva la..i just trying to make up sumthing to filled this empty blog.. i guess. dat’z more than ENOUGH…


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FaN LoI LooOoo

Wah.. nowadays damn bored.. but oso din blog.. hahaha.. bout last week..  was working.. yeha.. WAS.. cos no longer is.. hahaha resign d.. dat job.. very boring… although good pay.. but i dun think i can do it.. very hard to persuade ppl buying stuff from me..especially over the phone.. omg.. haha.. luckily it’s over.. but it was a very good experience.. never tried that in my life.. never knew i would do dat.. making calls to the most random ppl and start promoting stuff… the most unexpected thing is most ppl were really polite.. i din met any agressive or even crazy ones.. i tot ppl will be impatient in listening to me..but i was wrong.. dat was just a typical stereotype ppl percieved.. really, malaysian ppl are quite warm in a way.. haha.. my views now totally change d.. haha.. if i ever get one of thsoe calls.. i’ll make sure i be as PATIENT as i CAN.. as i CAN oni.. cos i am never a very patient person.. hahaha.. today chian ur back lo.. flyingg back with eeyore.. hehe.. so long din see this piglet d.. ahhaa.. tomolo summore go pasar malam.. mayb la.. ehee.. this piglet sure very funny wan la..havent met her in malaysia before.. hm..good experience la.. hahahaa.. eeyore even more funny.. haha.. must be hot like hell ler.. hehe.. luckily u abck today..not yest..yest ah.. here lightning and thunder storm like scary..damn loud u noe.. hahaa like BONG BONGGG >.< lolz.. haih.. see i so damn wu liao.. okla… i go watch "jau dim fung wan" better.. hahaha..

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