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FirsT & LasT

This kind of stuff.. is quite boring mayb most of you would think.. but if u actually keep it.. one day when u look at it again..u will realise the answers u found is quite surprising u noe.. try it then u’ll know!!


FIRST thing to do before going to sleep:
take out my contact lens..

FIRST pet:
hmm.. this wan need to return to like YEARS ago.. i think it’s a fish.. those "da gau" fish..

FIRST primary school:
Sang Suria..

FIRST alcoholic drink you had:
hmm.. shandy counted or not?? it’s beer oni wo… real alcoholic.. hmm.. not sure..

FIRST time you entered a bar:
wah.. wat sort of bar.. juice bar counted or not?? lolz..

FIRST time you were sent to the principal
for disciplinary action:
as far as i can rmbr.. there wasn’t such thing in my school life.. principal so serious meh.. teacher got la..

FIRST record you bought:
wah..westlife i think.. oso forgot wat title d..i think is coast to coast..

FIRST musical instrument you learned to
cymbals.. ^^ easy ler.. just knock knock

FIRST sport you played:
badminton.. shud be la..

FIRST best friend:
teh kai ann.. standard one fren..

FIRST wedding you’ve attended:
this wan..shud be my cousin’s la.. dat time quite traditional ler.. with all those routines n stuff.. when i was around five or six..

FIRST person who greeted you on your
last birthday:
wah.. quite hard to rmbr.. dunno…

FIRST collection:
wat sort f collection.. stamp?? hehe.. can laaa…

FIRST time you saw a ghost:
erm.. as far as i’m concern.. wat i tot i saw.. i think is not a ghost.. so.. wasn’t any la..hope there won’t be any first for this.. never everrr

FIRST roller coaster ride:
when i was standard two.. in disney land.. was quite scary..but i closed my eyes the whole WHO CARES… hahaha

FIRST ambition:
teacher i think.. or was it a florist.. i looked at one of my school co-cyrricular cards.. those with details n ambitions.. i think i wrote down florist at one time..dunno y da hell i did dat.. OMG

FIRST job:
makroooo.. as a cashier..nice start for a job.. hehe

FIRST thing you bought today:
today?? din buy anything wo..din go anywhr osooooo

FIRST person you hated:
wa lau.. this wan i even more dun rmbr..i think is one of my kindy mates.. accusing me of making her cry and forced to said sorry.. so badd

> LAST <

LAST book you bought:
so long din buy books d.. text book can?? the last one i bought is maths i think…

LAST thing you bought:
hmm.. hair clips… eh..nono.. teh tarik!!!

LAST tv show you watched:
i watched "sum fa fong" (love bond, tvb series la)

LAST movie you watched:
movie ah.. let me think a while..too long din use brain d.. got one.. err.. yaya.. the wig!!

LAST song listened:
now listening can?? the previous wan is dunno what name.. by Vic Chou..

LAST person send U sms :
Mei Shan!! hehe

LAST thing U want to do now :
errr… go sleep??? not yet sleepyyy.. hehe


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Gong Xi, Gong Xi

my second entry this year.. hehe.. got many things to write.. but quite lazy to explain.. hahaha recently there was a gathering.. wasn’t heaps successful.. but can see back some old frens.. that i haven’t seen in ages..oso from them..get to noe what other frens are doing too.. hehe.. overall i still quite enjoyed it.. not to mention some of my frens who took it as a great shopping opportunity to seize some last minute CNY clothings… realised that most old frens were already in Uni.. because they were chosen for the matriculation program..only one year.. then can enter Uni d.. so good.. i’m still a yet-to-be freshmen… lol.. and also it’s not like i’m young.. haha..going to be 20 d lo..oni a first year student.. quite pathetic.. but wat to do.. no other option.. the good thing is i can get into Uni with a good course to study mah can d lo.. most frens din change ler.. still more or less the same.. it seems like just yesterday that we finished SPM.. last time oso dun miss those days oso quite..because wont be able to get a chance into school anymore..moving on d.. haha.. dunno is good news or bad..



also i stopped working d… i dun think i ever mentioned whr i actually worked.. hahaa.. i work as a customer relations officer in wisma genting.. help ppl make bookings wan.. rooms, shows.. those la.. i must say that job isn’t easy er.. challenging ler.. not only all those facts u have to rmbr..u are also under pressure of not doing anything wrong.. because the ultimate price is that u have to pay for any losses.. everyday work oso scared la.. after do wrong d then die lo.. so now stop d oso good geh.. hehe.. but the colleagues at work are all very nice n helpful la.. oso not bad ler.. hehe.. make the whole picture extra nice.. din seemed dat traumatising anymore.. hehe.. going back to australia soon lo.. then commence Uni… reli quite anticipating what is awaiting me ahead ler.. dunno if Uni is reli dat fun.. hope so.. lol.. because have to study there for five long years.. it better be good.. or else.. how to "tahan".. i reli very easy "beh tahan" wan.. hahaha .. so wish me luck ler.. and chinese new year is fact tomolo.. a brand new start to the lunar year of dog..hope that it’s a better year for everyone ler.. so gong xi fa chai.. wishing u all a very happy n prosperous new year.. btw.. dun forget my angpau(s) oso la.. most important wan oK!! ^^

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MerrY 2006

Happy New Year!!!~ although past d.. but nvmla.. the spirit is still there.. right?? if not.. then.. nvm loh.. haha.. new year reli bring a lot of hopes and anticipation ler.. all rolling in.. scary.. a new beginning it is.. but i think everything is happening a lil too quick for it’s own good.. mayb it is a good thing.. considering i am going back to Aus soon.. there’s a few things to highlight here…

firstly.. is during x’mas.. eve i shud say.. spent it in Station One.. with frens la.. my god.. stay up till four.. so tired.. hmm.. the next day summore wake up at nine.. went to Genting for shopping.. checking my eyes.. for my contact lens prescription.. due to my tired eyes.. computer cannot check.. haha.. damn funny..

then new year eve.. same old thing.. went to Kl for countdown.. din actually count from 10, 9, 8, 7, bla bla to 3, 2, 1.. dunno y.. just straight away *eeeeeeeeewwwww bongggggg* fireworks.. out of nowhere.. suddenly wan.. aisyeh… is not countdown.. is more like sudden death.. gila gila wan.. when go there.. hair dry dry.. come back.. hair wet wet.. due to those sprays… as if i washed my hair.. except it is sticky and disgusting..

then few days ago.. recently la.. 2/01/06.. went to zoo.. balik kampung we called it.. we went to visit our ancestors… took ridiculous photos with them.. lazy upload pics la. but this is one of those.. taken with pik’s close relative.. the oni pic dat’z considered perfect la.. everyone la i mean.. of course i am not pointing that the elephant is perfect.. dun get me wrong.. lol.. dun have this head blocking that head etc…


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