FirsT & LasT

This kind of stuff.. is quite boring mayb most of you would think.. but if u actually keep it.. one day when u look at it again..u will realise the answers u found is quite surprising u noe.. try it then u’ll know!!


FIRST thing to do before going to sleep:
take out my contact lens..

FIRST pet:
hmm.. this wan need to return to like YEARS ago.. i think it’s a fish.. those "da gau" fish..

FIRST primary school:
Sang Suria..

FIRST alcoholic drink you had:
hmm.. shandy counted or not?? it’s beer oni wo… real alcoholic.. hmm.. not sure..

FIRST time you entered a bar:
wah.. wat sort of bar.. juice bar counted or not?? lolz..

FIRST time you were sent to the principal
for disciplinary action:
as far as i can rmbr.. there wasn’t such thing in my school life.. principal so serious meh.. teacher got la..

FIRST record you bought:
wah..westlife i think.. oso forgot wat title d..i think is coast to coast..

FIRST musical instrument you learned to
cymbals.. ^^ easy ler.. just knock knock

FIRST sport you played:
badminton.. shud be la..

FIRST best friend:
teh kai ann.. standard one fren..

FIRST wedding you’ve attended:
this wan..shud be my cousin’s la.. dat time quite traditional ler.. with all those routines n stuff.. when i was around five or six..

FIRST person who greeted you on your
last birthday:
wah.. quite hard to rmbr.. dunno…

FIRST collection:
wat sort f collection.. stamp?? hehe.. can laaa…

FIRST time you saw a ghost:
erm.. as far as i’m concern.. wat i tot i saw.. i think is not a ghost.. so.. wasn’t any la..hope there won’t be any first for this.. never everrr

FIRST roller coaster ride:
when i was standard two.. in disney land.. was quite scary..but i closed my eyes the whole WHO CARES… hahaha

FIRST ambition:
teacher i think.. or was it a florist.. i looked at one of my school co-cyrricular cards.. those with details n ambitions.. i think i wrote down florist at one time..dunno y da hell i did dat.. OMG

FIRST job:
makroooo.. as a cashier..nice start for a job.. hehe

FIRST thing you bought today:
today?? din buy anything wo..din go anywhr osooooo

FIRST person you hated:
wa lau.. this wan i even more dun rmbr..i think is one of my kindy mates.. accusing me of making her cry and forced to said sorry.. so badd

> LAST <

LAST book you bought:
so long din buy books d.. text book can?? the last one i bought is maths i think…

LAST thing you bought:
hmm.. hair clips… eh..nono.. teh tarik!!!

LAST tv show you watched:
i watched "sum fa fong" (love bond, tvb series la)

LAST movie you watched:
movie ah.. let me think a while..too long din use brain d.. got one.. err.. yaya.. the wig!!

LAST song listened:
now listening can?? the previous wan is dunno what name.. by Vic Chou..

LAST person send U sms :
Mei Shan!! hehe

LAST thing U want to do now :
errr… go sleep??? not yet sleepyyy.. hehe


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