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It’s ComInG!

For all of form six school leavers, the dreadful day is coming. Yes, the day your stpm results is coming out, 16 of March. Hmm.. How reliable is this date? Well, not too sure myself, but it’s published in the Star newspaper, so i suppose, it is rather accurate. SPM results is also coming out, on the 13th of March. Would like to wish my pet sis, Lav, well wishes for her results!! Of course, not to forget my mates who are mostly stpm leavers, well after dat, u’ll be a truly stpm ‘leaveR’.. and all da best in ur results, may u have scored the best you could have ever done!! and better still, aced the exam with flying colours!! My best wishes with all of you, and also to my fellow ex-colleagues at wisma genting. Rather weirdly, I actually feel kind of excited. Wanted to just share the nerve-racking feeling, also the excitement of getting results. Don’t know bout u guys, but i am always, ALWAYs excited for results, eventhough i might be scared to my bones. But this isn’t my results. It’s urs. Haha. So if u’ll allow me to enjoy the process together. Hehe. Today was another typical day of Uni. The last session of orientation ended today, Thank god! It was so BORING, i swear. But this week was a great week though, I got to know lots n lots of new friends, spreading all across the world. But the weird thing is, I haven’t met any Malaysians, well, ONE. And when I asked around, i just have people telling me how many of Malaysians they are. But i just don’t seem to MEET them. Haha. Weird. And the course is pretty hectic. I have like 30 hours each week, Monday to friday, mainly 9 to 5. SOmetimes lectures even start from 8.30. Sighed…. hope i will get thru this. *fingers crossed*


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*The brand new [T][A][G]-ians*

Yesterday, Xian Boon msg me asking, have I updated my blog? I said yes and then another msg popped up on my msn, Xian Boon asking, why Camel is not in The Animal Group, or in short, [T][A][G]?? I was actually  dumbfounded at one moment, then I realised what he is tolking about. Lolz. My fault. I didn’t rmbr at all to update my TAG list. Should have done it. So now, let me introduce you to the brand new TAG-ians. But I think it is also fun to re-cap our Zoo trip and since XB again criticised the lack of pictures in my blog, I will now list out each and every member of this TAG community!~

The new ones first,
+ Giraffe
+ Camel
+ Buffalo
+ Zebra

And maybe u guys should guess, for those who don’t know which animal is who. The candidates are,
a) Darryl

b) Davis

c) Gilbert

d) Xian Boon

So.. what’s your pick??

Giraffe shud be easy.. cos those who knew him would noe FOR sure.. it’s gotta be HIM.. both are impossibly tall.. but they ONLY have ONE similarity.. cos Ah Chu (Gilbert) is not as thin as a giraffe.. HAHAHAH…

Zebra also not hard to guess.. Take a look at the pics again.. the one with weirdo expression.. i tot zebra is expressionless?? yet this one loooks like a cartoon character (quote bkee).. haha.. And oso long long face!Dat is Steph’s Bf lo.. Davis.. not MAVIS ok… haha.. ok.. not funny.. -.-"

Buffalo might be slighly harder.. But i’ll give u a clue.. there’s only two to choose from wat.. One is Darryl Kok.. the other is Lim Xian Boon.. so who ya think>?? ah ngau.. ngau ngau ngauuu ^^…
Ppl might wonder y he is the buffalo… easy la.. SAME FACE WAT.. hahahahahaha.. both oso got tanduk maaaa

Camel leh.. i oso dunno y..y ah lim xian boon?? hahahahahahaha.. actually we just saw it and just pick it when we are in da zoo.. at first is reindeer.. then we changed to camel cos deer and giraffes are form the same family.. hahhahaa…camel is a very random decision.. out of nowhere wan.. but cin cai la.. still animal wat.. kekeke..

P/s let’s have a TAG remembrance day!!! hehehehe… but when?? hmmmm*

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hehe.. went to uni today for yet another dose of workshops.. teaching bout how u r suppose to structure ur writing in uni and etc.. one word.. boring.. haha.. as they always are anyway.. hmm.. it’s only been a week since i left m’sia.. but it felt like months n months, it’s simply ridiculous.. i wonder y time is passing on SOOOO slowly.. and oh ya.. happy belated valentine’s day to my frens.. han n gil and darryl and kuan.. hope u guys had a wonderful valentine’s.. and for others.. hope u guys find ur ideal partner in the very near coming future.. i knew han n gil were going Genting on the 14th.. so ‘song’.. i am so jealous!! aisyeh.. din have a chance to go with frens on my last trip back to m’sia.. reli AISYEHHHHH… oh well.. we’ll go next time! hehe.. and oso not forgetting my ex-colleagues at wisma genting.. wont forget u all geh!! cos i never had such a huge group of working mates before.. i mean as in the same batch in terms of training lo.. and also havent have such TALKATIVE n NOISY n PLAYFUL n anything-u-can-imagine colleagues in my life.. u guys are the very first.. HAHAHHA..  just joking la.. i think i was more of the clown and they are much more serious and hardworking.. so mature wan leh they all.. like uncles n aunties oni.. SO OLD.. hahahaha just joking laaaa… hahaha.. they’re very funny and it’s enjoyable having them around during my brief time at work.. so hope u guys are doing well and all da best in future undertakings loooo!!! not to forget.. happy belated valentine’s to u all oso! cheers!~

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da 50th~

the fiftieth post in my blog..took quite long to accomplish dat.. when i first started the blog, i tot it would be an easy task.. mistake.. i overestimate my ability.. or shud i say.. my diligence.. I get bored and sick of one thing quite easily.. just pure laziness.. a genuine procrastinator!! haha.. but nonetheless, i still get back to things once in a while.. but that’s of course not to say i’m like that with frens.. no no.. hahaha.. u can never get sick of frens.. well.. good ones i mean.. i’ve been back in aus for few days d.. did practically nothing.. just waiting for Uni to start.. a bit bored but oso excited at the same time.. something in me just can’t wait to noe what sort of stuff i am studying.. well.. i am going to have to put up with it for years ahead..of course there’s some anticipation ler.. my future wat.. if it’s reli boring..then i am doom lo.. hopefully it’s interesting..but i noe it.. the word education and interesting never quite mix well.. been to a few orientation sessions.. well..only for one day.. bout how to do this how to do dat.. about living in adelaide and bla bla bla.. when i sat down for the ‘how to enrol’ session.. i felt cheated.. the advisor was pointing out how the lastest tech enable us students to enrol online.. and i was told earlier we, freshmen, have to enrol in person.. and there i was.. sitting in the lecture hall on early february..when i could have stayed in m’sia a lil least until mid feb.. damn!! but i tried to comfort myself my early arrival wasn’t for ntg… at least i get my bloody student card earlier.. *oo.. like i needed that!!* sighhhh….

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