another typical week

Another week had gone, and here comes week 4. It;s all happening so quickly. I think I better do some serious studying. Apparently there’s a trial on week 6. Shit. What am I gonna doOOO? I am so shit at the stuff I am doing. Last week was one of the msot interesting week ler. We had the Monday off and the Friday morning off too. Damn good. Haha. And the lessons are far more interesting. I did my very first filling, if I may called it so. It’s just a practice lesson, called wax carving. We were given plaster teeths lined up in a row of three. Then the middle one has this big hole. Like a big CUT. Then we learnt the basic stuff of how to put on the wax etc. It was tricky. But fun lo. The end result wasn’t too great ler. But overall it’s still passable ler. I overcarved a bit. Cos we have to be quite accurate in terms of the grooves and ridges of a tooth. Then  clinical as usual was fun, I get to learn more of the terms, Thank God I was the last ‘dentist’ in my lil group of three. I get to pick up some terms along the way. Or else I am so dead ler. Cos the tutor will ask each ‘dentist’ to tell her where is this, where is that. OMG. Luckily I have really smart group mates. Haha!


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