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g0iNg pEng-kY

Many times when people ask for my name, I will say, Peng. And for some reason, people always take it as PINK. -.-" Oh well, sounds sort of the same, BUT I still take the extra effort to say, no no, it’s PENG, P-E-N-G. So nowadays, when people say, what’s your name AGAIN? I will say, PENG, P-E-N-G. Just to make things right n easy, but I think it just makes it harder for them to catch. Haha. Watever. So, few days ago, I have this thing in clinic. So what we do is, we don’t brush our teeth for like two days, which I haven’t exactly been doing, HAHA. I brushed it anyway, cos I figured out that I’ve got lots of plaque anyway, so why BOTHER? So, we are detecting plaques, which with the naked eye, we wouldn’t really be able to see it. What we did was we put this reddish solution onto out teeth, dabbing it all around, mixing with saliva, it’s ekhem, not the best thing to do, quite gross, sticky and just, dodgy. Then we get a good look of the plaque where the intensity of the pinkish colour will be most prominent. So, you would imagine, it stained all the way of our teeth, especially between the gums n teeth area. Hmm. Basically, we all look like we have some sort fo disease. The funniest thing is the red stain actually does stains the face and skin. My tutor say it’s hard to get it OFF, so we need to be careful. Now I thought of it, stupid me. I should have done an experiment instead to see if it really stainS. IF ONLY I DID. Then I’ll be able to see whether it stained or not ma, right? Even if red red for the whole day also worth it LA. This is what you call, SACRIFICE for KNOWLEDGE.

p/s oh, forget to say, we actually applied the stain on the other person.


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