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Stupid frenster blog.. Not only it does not support html which means I couldn’t reli do much with it (shoutbox, unique skins etc), now it is introducing ADs in blogs. DAMN ANNOYING.. Eventhough it doesn’t have this this dat dat n DAT, I tot oh well, I can’t be bothered going thru all the freaking trouble of setting up a new one anyway, so I tot, I will just stick with this one, hoping it will get better in time. WHo NOes, it just get WORSE. come on, what the heck. Putting these ads dat nobody wanna see in a blog. Yeah yeah yeah, I noe it belongs TO u ANYWAY, but there’s no other blog-providers do dat though. Frenster is reli damn KEDEKUT man. Maybe I should just change for good this time. If only I can be bothered. SIGHHH!~~ Btw, been using D-A-M-N a lot. Reli shouldn’t have cos I am sort of using it all the time a lot bit, even in verbal language. In the dental school, the hospital reli, we aren’t suppose to do anything that break the professional codes. And swearing is just SOOOO one of them. I guess it’s inappropriate. Bloody hell…. There we go again…


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