s0hp0h’s addiction

Omg, s0hp0h’s addicted.

Actually, was is more appropriate.

How many people actually look at the title and think s0hp0h is addicted to drugs? Dun like dat la, although s0hp0h got planned to do drugs initially, and even got an offer to do it, s0hp0h resisted the temptation and went into doing teeth instead. So now s0hp0h’s a happily dental student, not a pharmacy student, so there’s no associations with drugs, for now.

Actually over all these years, allow me to mention almost 20 years – trying to familiarise myself with this term, but it’s doesn’t seem to help much, anyway, I was addicted to quite a number to things. So, here comes the big reveal of s0hp0h’s dark secrets, ok fine, not SO dark looo:-

  1. GunBound: Ya, I think most people will know what it is, for those who don’t know, it’s just an on9 game where you kill other people by shooting them. Don’t remember how I got hooked, from my brother I think, anyway, s0hp0h just indulged herself in GunBound and pulled suip0h down the boat, wahhaha, victimised suip0h. Even so, suip0h loved it and together with s0hp0h, we play play and play all day and night during the holidays. We dare not to play in higher lvls, but just beginners, in fear of being coined as noobies, knowing too well that we WILL with our chicken-skills. Even so again, suip0h n s0hp0h always call each other noob anyway when we missed a shot, and funnier, those ppl with ‘chicken’ lvls, unaware that they’re actually crocodile hiding under a chicken’s feather, kicking our ass like crazy.
  2. The Sims: This is another game, but it’s not online. I don’t know why I got addicted in to playing it, I guess my name explains some of it, s0hp0h do s0hthings. It’s just manipulating those poor Sims, ‘wake up, sleep, eat, go toilet etc’ and cheating simoleans all the time by typing in ‘rosebud’ and lavish my dear sims with expensive expensive purchases. That being said, give me this game now, and thank you very much, I’ll be hooked in minutes.
  3. Meteor Garden: I can still remember those form 5 times with TAG and what we always do when our teacher ponteng class is sing sing sing. Not all F4 songs la, not big fan of them, but another ridiculous thing, we had G4. G4 is what you might ask, no, it’s not the HK special police force, it’s just a ripped off version of F4. We were s0h enough to, ekhem, do s0h things lo. Those who had seen MG will noe that F4 in it had this ‘red paper thingy’ that they give to ppl they don’t like, as a warning sign. And we imitated it, made our very own ‘hong zhi tiao’ but ours is just paper torn out from our exercise books. Then we gave it to our first victim, Alex Poi. His reaction was funny, when he saw the paper, he was like WTF and just threw it out. -.-” our masterpiece, GONE down the bin in secs. Also, we always quote ‘Dao Ming Shi’s’ ru guo dao qian you yung de hua, na yau jing cha lai gan ma? (pardon my bad pinyin) which rougly translate to if sorry is effective, then why we need policemen for?
  4. Candies: During those tuition times for SPM, I always buy a lot of candies and sweets to get me through the class, hopefully in awake state. That usually doesn’t work, which explains why I will pinch myself during classes in hoping to wake myself up (taught by Lai Kuan) – and it wasn’t a good idea, leave u with severe bruise marks. But that didn’t stop me from buying loads n loads of sweets, finishing them in just one day. I can really chew a lot, imagine the amount of sweets I ate in just one day is more than the amount I would eat for the whole last year, even two years. Sounds very kua jiong right? Actually the truth is for some reason, they don’t have proper candy shops in Adelaide. CEH~
  5. Comics: I used to love comic very very much, even up until today I believe, but not chance only. My brother bought a lot of comics and that’s how I started reading it. I even liked Dragon Ball at one point of my life! I have my very own Detective Conan collection, which is still going on, although I stopped reading ages ago. I just ask my brother to buy them for me, cos I wanna collect the whole set. Wahahhaha.
  6. Longan with concentrated milk: TAG always had lunch before tuition class in PTU, so my regular drink is this lo. I discovered it from Uncle Jimmy, the owner himself, cos he was drinking it, so I requested the same one. I think it is not actually on the menu, something he just made up. Haha, it’s basically longan drink plus concentrated milk. Sounds disgusting? It’s really YUMMY. I had it for like one year.
  7. Eating ‘keropoks’ in class: TAG influenced me into doing it cos I was such a ‘guai’ student, why will I do that right? They LO, blame them, haha, until someone actually just remember I like to eat in class, sigh… Anyway, keropok=chips/snacks and in my school canteen, they sell it in small packets, cost 30 cents only. So, we will buy it, hide it underneath the drawer, suip0h’s on her big pencil box, and eat eat eat when teacher is not facing us, i.e. marking something, writing on the blackboard, concentrating on the elite students sitting on the front rows. FYI, TAG sat at the very very BACK row. But FYI again, it doesn’t mean TAG are s0h animals OK cos intelligence don’t rate that way! (although s0hp0h is obviously s0h oledi for SURE, eh, but dun discriminate la k, one bad seed don’t make the whole population rotten)
  8. Maggi mee: Who doesn’t like Maggi mee leh, so I can be pardoned for this sin. The amount of MSG in it is great but nonetheless, nothing like dat ever stopped me from eating it, for eg chocolates (M&M’s – more than 1/2 of it is sugar I realised), chips etc. I seldom eat Maggi now, but still eat whenever I can, haha. One peculiar info, a friend of mine eats chicken flavoured maggi mee without soup. In other words, dry/’gon lou’ version. How? U cooked the noodles as usual and just sieve it, pouring out the water and spread the Chicken flavouring all over it and EAT. Should try it sometime!
  9. -Edited- Sigh, once again, I’d totally forgotten bout s0hp0h. Wat a bad s0hp0h I am really.

Sigh, as ppl get older, the brain really gets worse. I don’t remember anything else anymore. So, that’s it for now, I’ll try to update the list next time, which I most certainly doubt I ever will.


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