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What made s0hp0h’s day?

s0hMood > *Cheerful*

(after s0hp0h uploaded this pic, oni she noes how s0h this tofu-s0hp0h appear.. aih, lazy to change)

s0hp0h is still sickie sickie.. Sigh T-T feel so tired.. until this came up.. lolx

Very lame hor?? But dunno why, the ‘drop rice’ bit just crack me up so badly.. HAHAHAHAHA


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Review III: X-men III

s0hMood > Sssssti-cough-cough-ilLLLL *Sick* (pls ignore my exxageration on the sylabbus, cos at the moment, I’m quite like DAT.

As mentioned yesterday, s0hp0h watched X-men III, The Last Stand. Hmm, in s0hp0h’s very s0h opinion, it was simply great!!

s0hp0h enjoyed every moment of it, the action, the comedy, the adventure, the romance and the of course, it’s not a good one without a TWIST!!

s0hp0h personally like mystical stuff, like magical powers etc. This one unlike the wizards presented in Howl’s Moving Castle, was a more scientific kind of storyline and who knows, in the not-very-far future, this might actually happen! It’s very logical u noe, this mutated gene theory. Imagine my next next next next generation (if I have one) with Jean’s psychic power. Wow, geng! But, they might look back at their ancestory roots and said, what s0h ancestors we have, especially our great great great great grandmother with that very s0h name of s0hp0h.

Enough of that crap s0hp0h *pulling s0hp0h’s ear* Ok, back to Jean. Man, she’s not just a psychic, she’s just pure legend!! I don’t want to give away more on her abilities as it will totally spoil it for you guys, but wat u guys can anticipate is, she is beyond, way beyond powerful. She’s practically SIAO ok! She can catch flies with chosticks if she wanted! Geng lehh.. Ekhem ekhem

Unlike those blockbuster movies, this wan I think is quite unpredictable, thus very enjoyable because u think u noe everything, but really, u don’t. Erm, I don’t know how much of the plot they followed from the comic (cos I happen to be addicted to Dragon Ball instead of Marvel comics), but if it is, then u guys wont have any unpredictable stuff obviously. EVEN s0hp0h NOES dat…

I noe this seem pretty irrelevant… Just found it rather bizzare when I was Googling for X-men III pics and found who else but Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. *zZzzz* Now, I wont be surprise to type in ‘ZOO’ to find s0hp0h’s very own pic…

The funny element, as u would have expected if u have seen previous X-men movies, came from the one and only Hugh Jackman as the funny thing with claws Wolverine. His jokes cracked s0hp0h up until Mr Bean seem uneventful. Nola, not to that extent. But it’s good to get that dose of laughter with the terrible amount of assignments burden I’m currently in. You might say, since I got so many work, which s0h person in the world would go see a moV and abandond all of it? Yes, it’s ME, happy?

One dissapointment though, is not all of the characters presented get an equal share of screen time, some obviously MORE than the others. But s0hp0h has no problem with that cos s0hp0h likes those characters who are constantly THERE. It’s just that it makes the movie less cohesive and quite meaningless in a sense… Bah, s0hp0h don’t know what she’s talking, THOSE strepsils are so NOT working.

This is one of the character with what’s-his-name.. He has wings and is in line for the ‘cure’. The landscape shown in this pic is so nice.. Keke, except I don’t remember seeing this scene from the movie. *hmmm – scratches head*

Anyway, it is still a very good movie and you guys should go FOR it (despite the bad reviews it recieved, but s0hp0h’s opinion is more superior don’t ya think?? wahahha)!! It’s the best possible way you can spend your money and time wisely. That being said, s0hp0h owes needs to stress the fact that, if u find it bad, dun come and kick s0hp0h, cos for one, she’s oledi sick and for second and the most important, u shud reli reflect on ur own taste laaa… *smirks*


(Full starts, a must s0h-sEEEE)

So, that’s for now cos s0hp0h has been in front on the comp since lunch time in hope to finish half of her assignments and she DID!! *Hip Hip Hurray* So, s0hp0h better go sleep, early lecture tomolo, as always.. Sigh..

p/s Plz plz DO NOT stay until the credits are over ok, plz DON’T cos there’s absolutely ntg to see. Trust s0hp0h la, she won’t bluff u and she herself oso din stay wut…DAMN

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oh man…

s0hMood > *sick*


s0hp0h think she’s getting sick.. Aiks, s0hp0h’s throat sore since last night. Maybe it’s the tooth mousse.. s0hp0h need to apply that bloody thing on my teeth overnight. It has a toothpaste texture, except this time it’s not fluoride (as u would think.. which makes s0hp0h go fungry n frazy).. it’s calcium and phosphate instead. It’s prescribed by the dentist and meant to make s0hp0h’s teeth better.. And yet….

Don’t know whether it is, but when s0hp0h applied it last nite, s0hp0h practically swallowed most of it cos it has a nice vanilla flavour.., and making s0hp0h’s throat go s0h, and feel s0h..

Thus this morning, s0hp0h’s throat is feeling extremely s0h!! Not a good sign.. Expecially when there are so many things to do and s0hp0h has a bad feeling it’s going to be more s0h in the few days.. Yeeerrr… Maybe it’s Sara!! She had sorethroat yesterday. maybe she transmitted it to ME!! Talking bout infection control, eh. Aiks, but it can’t be la, s0hp0h has no b0dily fluid contact with Sara.

Haihz, s0hp0h is coughing like crazy all day! The fact dat s0hp0h munched down half plate of pineapple sure doesn’t make it any better! When s0hp0h sing along songs, wah.. now oni s0hp0h noes sound can reli KILL.. Hopefully those strepsils work.. Sara will be laughing at s0hp0h liao.. Sara: Laugh me ar la, now oni u NOE!! My bad my bad…

A good news though, s0hp0h going to watch x-men.. whahaha and leave the assignments until TOMOLO.. there’s like four of them ahh..but s0hp0h oledi halfway thru..shud be fine gua.. ^^

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s0hp0h commited a SIN (Part 2)

s0hMood > *Blind*

It’s been such a long time since I last blog, dunno what to blog, until this came up.. Bah, just use it!! Lazy s0hp0h *tsk tsk tsk*

Btw, s0hp0h checked The Cheesie Testament, s0hp0h soooooooooooooooooo did not commit a sin OK?? s0hp0h is good girl, Vivien nabbasooooooonn!!

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s0hMood > *Lazy*

On the recent bet that s0hp0h made, whahahaa, s0hp0h WON!! Of course, of courseeeee…

And on the recent assignment-ranting post, sigh, they are all due pretty soon, so s0hp0h have to crack her s0h head to get it all done in time.. So longggg, until s0hp0h is free again…. which might just potentially be next next next next next week..

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Review 2: Da Da Vinci’s Code

s0hMood > *Tired*

s0hp0h watched it yesterday!! Yes, Da ‘Da Da Vinci Code’.. (pun intended) I wonder if Viv n Xin Yee watched it liao? Cos they actually planned to watch together with others, but most people ‘put aeroplane’..

Well, haven’t read the book myself, (cos since they have the moV, y spend my time reading the book right??) s0hp0h watched the moV for fun, cos s0hp0h’s cousin, an avid reader wanted to watch it since s0hp0h knows when..

Most people said that the BOOKS are always better, well, s0hp0h dunno la.. Wait till s0hp0h read the book first (u ask when? Well, s0hp0h called it da ‘coma’ period, maybe today, maybe tomolo, maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe never..)

In s0hp0h’s point of view, the moV is quite.. vague (s0hp0h holds a shield!!).. It was interesing, but s0hp0h dun reli get the point of it.. (s0hp0h gets a basket to collect all the fruits and vege.. YUM, free food!).. Maybe it’s just s0hp0h’s head not working, but s0hp0h will say it’s not worth all the money s0hp0h paid forr, bloody AUD 11.50 for that, aihs.. If it’s RM 5, s0hp0h might actually enjoy it.. But most reviews oso said dat it wasn’t dat GREAT ler, see, s0hp0h’s opinion is TRUE (bahhhh..)

One thing to note, I’ve never seen so many churches in my LIFE!! Man, they are like in SO many freaking different churches. Wow! Ekhem, not dat I find churches interesting, just dat, its unusual…

Another thing, (spoilers for some is ahead) there’s this weirdo guy called Silas who chastised his body, putting himself through weirdo things that only weirdo people will do.. This weirdo guy dressed like a messiah (not dat i noe how they dressed..) and he has this weirdo looking face with weirdo looking eyes.. Freakishhhh.. So, u would imagine, the weirdo guy of course, of course will do weirdo stuff.. And has weirdo belief of weirdo Chirstianity (sesat namanya..) Not sure if its even Christianity anymore… Cos his belief is so WEIRDo ooo….

Another thing I found appealing is the theories they put forward, (well, I actually believe ittt.. they sound so logicallll..keke).. Also the historical element dat U can just watch without needing to flip through 30 cm thick History Books covered with one inch of dust… And those puzzling puzzles.. One worth mentioning was a device call cryptex.. (dunno if it actually exists) Anyway, it’s COOL!! But it looks like an expensive toy dat seems impossible to be bought by poor poorrr s0hp0h..

But one baddd baddd thing is aih, the leading actress is so pretty but yet, the leading actor is.. Ekhem, less appealing.. I mean no offence, I DOOO like TOm Hanks, but seems a bit weird.. Keke, but his acting wat great though… *3 Snaps for Tom*

Overall, it’s quite Good I guess…


( 3.5 stars lerr >.<)

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Betting with s0hp0h

s0hMood > *Cocky*

s0hp0h’s involve with all sorts of gambling activities lately that she might turn into a chronic gambler! Mahjong is of course one of them and here’s another one of s0hp0h’s recent bet.

In msn one fine night…

emmanuel: yoo.. i’m goin 2 grow my beard agn.. hahaha
emmanuel: dis time… i’m not goin 2 shave for a week
emmanuel:wahhh.. dat’d b crazii

s0hp0h : hahhaa..challenge u

emmanuel: watch me lah.. i’m goin 2 be lik azn santa claus

s0hp0h : Good.. i challenge u.. I bet u won’t.
s0hp0h : wat shud we bet on.. if u lose u owe me a favour.. if i lose i owe u a favour
s0hp0h : Deal?? Hahaha

emmanuel: HAHAHA.. bring it.. how long tho?

s0hp0h : one week u said? then one week

emmanuel: wat about to next monday haha .. eeaakk.. i dun wan 2 losee =(

s0hp0h : no one weekk

emmanuel: so next thursday yeh?

s0hp0h : next friday morning.. cos u sure shave tomolo morning wan right??
s0hp0h :count from there..lolXXx

emmanuel: nono..we start from today.. cos i didn’t shave today
emmanuel: n i’m not goin 2 shave tmr morning..
emmanuel:so thursday morning
emmanuel: i mean.. =]~

s0hp0h : r U SURE?? dun CHEAT

emmanuel: yeh.. i’m being totally srs.. i shaved yesterday morning.. but i didn’t sahve today
emmanuel: i’m not lying!
emmanuel:just get ready to do me a favour. mwahhaah >=)

s0hp0h : hHAHAA
s0hp0h : we’ll see bout dat
s0hp0h : okay so thursday morning
s0hp0h : show me tomorrow and i’ll see how it is.. make sure u DUN shave them!!

emmanuel: of course i wun lah.. daymeee.. it feels so uncomfortable already
emmanuel: haha..but i’m goin 2 hav self control… so you can owe me a favourr..

s0hp0h : HAHAHA we’ll seeeeeee
s0hp0h : ur so GOING downn

emmanuel: haha.. shoottt.. i fink i am goin 2 lose

s0hp0h : hahahhaa
s0hp0h : i think SO toooo

emmanuel: NO WAYYYY.. i’m goin 2 soldier on.. n fight!

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