What should I blog about today?

Now blogging has really got into a habit for me, eventhough blogging nonsense that really don’t mean anything, doesn’t really have a value, for instance, what I am doing now. Stay tune for another yet, s0g blog. Can’t help it during these lazy Uni days u noe. Cos hor, I need something to do, occupy my time as much as possible, just so that I don’t have the time to think or even look at my notes, which I really shOULD, but nah, like I care. Yes, I DO care, cos I dun wanna fail, I think it’s not the first time I’ve been stressing bout failing, cos I seriously dun wanna fail. Man. It’s too high of a price to pay for if i fail. So, I better study after I finish this post, yeah I BETTER, but will I? Hmm… Place your bets! All accepted, from 1 cent to 10 bucks, wateva u like! Keke..

Tolking bout failing, nowadays my views in Uni totally changed. I just want a pass and that’s it, cos all i ever need is JUST a pass. I’m being serious! My frens in Uni will surely understand that I think, but frens back in M’sia will probably wonder, whether or not I am joking. Yeah, seriously, most of the time u just need a pass, but try telling me that a year ago, I will think u r crazy. No la, not crazy, just s0h. s0hp0h believes a lot in excelling exams etc wateva it takes. Erm, by whateva it takes, I mean u reli can do watevA, (like cheating ekhem, ok u din c this here, no no!).. Nola, pls take on the good road ok? Because s0h ppl never do bad things. soh ppl=good ppl but mind u that good ppl dun equal to s0h ppl..

Anyway, after this long long sidetrack back to the main thing. About the failing part. Ya, s0hp0h don’t like getting B’s, and this is probably s0hp0h trying to prove herself to prejudiced teachers that s0hp0h is indeed not stupid because s0h doesn’t equal to stupid. But that doesn’t mean s0hp0h dun like getting C’s,D’s, F’s… Haha, nola, s0hp0h has this weird obession with A’s, speaking of which, is totally gone now. Sigh, when my cousin told me a year ago when u go to uni it’s totally different, ie getting 90% is very very rare, if u get a pass oledi very happy, s0hp0h chose not to believe her. s0hp0h think it’s ridiculous, but now here I am, just content with a pass for my subjects, nothing else matters anymore, just a PASS… and everything else above that, is indeed a blessing..


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