The true meaning of BANANA

I am one of the few Chinese, who may well be considered as failures cos I don’t know how to read n write in chinese. But eh, at least I can speak both cantonese n mandarin ok, so, I only consider myself a half banana. Yes, Banana – damn those ppl who came up with this ugly term. It sounds bad. Banana banana banana, y can’t it be orange or strawberries or u noe, something nicer?
For those who aren’t aware of this term cos u r one of those pure Chinese (ceh cehhhh), or for some reason u just dun happen to noe.. Banana is a fruit. Now u noe leh… There’s no need to thank me for enlightening u ok, u r very welcome!

*s0hp0h gets punched on her face*

okok, calm down.. Banana is a convenient term ppl called those Chinese like me, actually even worse ones, those who besides looking like one, they have no association or wat so ever with C-H-I-N-E-S-E. Yes, they are english educated and speak perfect english (sigh, damn envy ok! not because of getting called a banana la, cos of the english fluency nia). But dun getme wrong la, chinese is great ok. It’s just because I’m only ‘half bucket water’ in Chinese and I decided that I won’t be able to learn all those freaking characters at this old age, so I just give up. Y not just polish my english skills right… Yeah yeah, u might just stress that it’s never too old to learn but man, I’m lazy, end of line.

As I mentioned above, I have absolutely no idea on why they call us banana.. I mean why?? Y!!!! *s0hp0h scratching her head, banging it against the wall*

Ok, it’s quite clear that at this point, u shud call the ambulance oledi laaaaaaa…

So, thank you very much u cold hearted ppl, here I am, with a lot of bumps on my head, still trying to blog.
Then the mystery is revealed cos one find day, my friend told me the real meaning behind BANANA. It is becos banana has a yellowish skin and a white fruit (the inside i mean, the part that u eat la aisyeh). So, ‘banana’ like me are said to be having yellow skin (asian) but white inside (westernised). Once I found out, I’m like wahhhhh, so *cheem* (taught by ying ying, used widely in s’pore, meaning complicated). Then I am totally over the fact why-banana-but-not-other fruit…

Well, I’m almost convinced, almost… until I told xian boon bout it then I realised, ‘bananas’ in M’sia are Malay-educated and most are not even westernised inside la ok, like me like meeeeeee (s0hp0h desperately jumping for attention). So we concluded that we should be kown as DURIANs instead. Y?

Cos we have green skin.. haha, nola, to be more specific, durian fruit. Cos durians fruits are yellowish outside (the juicy flesh many ppl will dieee for except Sara of course) and brown inside (seed). Cos we are chinese outside but malay inside. Wakaka..

So from now onwards, stop calling us banana la, call us DURIAN instead… ^^


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  1. 1

    Jimmy said,

    u came out with this durian idea? wow not bad!!!

    so i can call u durian? :p

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    haahhaa.. ya durian.. YUMMMM.. (so weirdd..)

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