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Gosh, s0hp0h’s OLD

s0hMood > *speechless*

Okay, s0hp0h’s been saying this for like a thousand times, but yikes, s0hp0h’s OLD. Yeah yeah, 20 is not a big difference from 19 eh? Just like 19 and 18 hor? BULLcrap can? omgosh, seriously, it’s sooooo different, like heaven and hell apart! Just one day of being a two-decade old person, s0hp0h oledi feeeeeeel the rush. Everything’s changed. Sob sob. Can’t believe how bake big a difference it actually makes. See that just now s0hp0h spelled bake instead of big, u oledi noe la. But that’s not just it. It’s more severe than that. s0hp0h is so freaking un-coordinated lo since she step into twenties. Sigh, s0hp0h missed then tens. In this very same day, s0hp0h missed buses, notice s0hp0h said busesss, cos it’s twice. Then s0hp0h forgot whr she put her keys, spilled soup, and spilled the soup AGAIN by tripping the spoon dipped into the soup, u can imagine what happen, soup just FLIES. Yeah, FLIES. And what’s more, s0hp0h drop heaps of stuff, the saline into the bin la, aisyeh, there’s too much that s0hp0h kenot even rmbr. It sucks being OLD…


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It’s s0hp0h’s day!

s0hMood > *tired*

s0hp0h just came back from the village whr majhong is suppose to be taking place. But aisyeh, din get the chance to. Nvmla, still got many other time to do so ma. Heh heh. Oh, first of all, thank you very much to those who sms me hor, thank you thank you. s0hp0h being a *kiam siap* person, is unwilling to reply. Lolx, sorry bout that. But ur *sam yi* s0hp0h got recieve and very the *ming bai* so thanks very much.

Other than that, also thank you to my course mates who *san san fu fu* made me a party ya. Thanks! Hehe, the food was nice and very filling o, now still very stuffed. And the presents s0hp0h like a lot oso ya, lolx, special mention to the box of food by vivien aka nabbason and xin yee aka ah lian, wah lao, all snacks, so NICE hehe, and also a drawing by Ying2, wah, nvr noe u r so artistic. ANd also everyone la, like Han, Allan and SangMi? Dunno how to spell, anyway, thanks alot u guys. Keke, the feast was SO great. Hehe. Korean food, YUM and oso this special potato gravy with 2-0 candles, wow, first time in s0hp0h’s life. Sigh, s0hp0h’s officially OLD now. Lolx. Haha, damn siao. Overall is just plain siao and s0hp0h needs to get going to finish her assignment that she still haven’t DO. Yikes, ah, but will finish by tomorrow bah, cos it’s due. Lolx, so Thanks again O. Heh, tired. So, tata lo.

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Miracle II: revisited

s0hMood > *sob sob*

Remember the time when s0hp0h was going on bout miracle? s0hp0h’s now MORE convince. Lol, er, not because s0hp0h pass her exams cos haven’t noe the results, it’s cos of something else.

Talk bout which s0hp0h was damn freaked out. s0hp0h mean, if it’s gone, s0hp0h will be so so sad, sigh, like end of the WORLD liao.

It all happened this fine evening, actually the intial stage was yesterday when s0hp0h need to pass the air ticket to s0hp0h’s aunty to book the return flight. When s0hp0h tried explain over msn, some people dun understand why s0hp0h need the ticket when s0hp0h oledi had the ticket. It’s a yearly ticket right? So, u see, when s0hp0h came, s0hp0h used it. Then the same ticket, s0hp0h will NEED to keep and use to book for the return ticket, if that make sense. if doesn’t, then, NVM. So, back to the miracle hor, s0hp0h was asking the other aunty who sually keep this kind of important stuff for s0hp0h, although s0hp0h oledi damn old, but that’s so not the point. The point is, the other aunty didn’t have it. s0hp0h was like, what? She said s0hp0h din give it to her. So, s0hp0h was like shit shit shit, go look for it in s0hp0h’s room like crazy liao la. But bad luck, DUN HAVE.. So, s0hp0h told that to s0hp0h’s aunty, the other one s0hp0h meant, she said she’ll look again, but still, NO WHR to be seen. Sigh, at that moment, s0hp0h’s heart just fell like 72 storeys. Gosh. What can s0hp0h DOOOO? Omg, it’s like the worst worstt thing that can ever ever happen to someone, to s0hp0h. Sigh.

Ok, then hor, s0hp0h’s aunty said, try look at ur stuff again and clear all those useless stuff. Yes, those rubbish, magazines, flyers piling in s0hp0h’s cupboard-that-she-can’t-be-bothered-to-look since s0hp0h knows when. It’s like, why would it BE there? It’s like all rubbish can? Rubbish that s0hp0h don’t want to throw away, just cos she’s damn lazy. Well, serve her RIGHT. s0hp0h, s0hp0h mean. Not s0hp0h’s aunty k. R u getting annoyed by all this s0hp0h s0hp0h thing? Cos s0hp0h is. Ok, continue anywayz, s0hp0h just desperately sorting out all the stuff, looking for useful ones and recyclable ones, s0hp0h good simaritan leh, haha. Then s0hp0h’s heart continue to sink, sink and sink. Cos it’s too HARD to imagine why would s0hp0h ever put the ticket together with all those rubbish. Come on, even s0hp0h noes when to be realistic.

But s0hp0h continued, guess it’s time to get rid of the stuff, Maybe God is punishing s0hp0h for being so dirty. But also not this way la, it’s so horrible. Then s0hp0h was thinking to herself, all this time, s0hp0h’s been so lucky, in her worse moments, for some reason, things will usually be better and God, y NOT this time!!!! s0hp0h almost wanted to scream, so frustrating la. Think about it, kenot go back, ah, the food, the shopping, oh, and s0hp0h’s family and frens ya. Haha. Then just straight after s0hp0h said that, there it was, on s0hp0h’s hand, the AIRTICKET!!! Wohooo!! s0hp0h’s heart JUMPED 1000 storeys this time. It’s so hard to believe, really really. Maybe the person above those exist. Whoever he or she is, thank you very very much. s0hp0h is very blessed and grateful! *grins* Ah, seriously, Thank God God’s here. So gan dong *sniff sniff* What’s so smelly? Yee, u la, pls, close this browser immediately, u SMELL.

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Happy Birthday: Lai Kuan & Pik Shen

s0hMood > *free*

The aftermath

Oo yeah.. Everything is over by now.. s0hp0h’s exams, self-assessment, sem 1, Lai Kuan and Pik Shen’s birthdays.. Except the one computing assignment that s0hp0h totally forgot ya. Thank GOd s0hp0h saw Dila handing it in and only then it clicked. s0hp0h still have ONE undone assignment involving data and statistics and whats more, bloody excel. Sigh, really shud stop swearing cos s0hp0h got told off for not behaving professionally. Tsk tsk tsk. But dun they realise? s0h + professional = s0hpro. It just doesn’t work. Not only it doesn’t ryhme with s0hp0h, and how could u possibly be s0h and pro at the same time?

Oo, Superman Return is out! keke, watching it soon and then wahhaa, the long anticipated Pirates of the Carribean sequel is due to be OUT on July 7th. Wahaha, damn HAPPY. Waited for seriously, SOOO SOOO long, like mothers waiting for children-who-nvr-get-married to GET married, saliva drooling and neck elongating. So, at last… Like Vivien met gimchi, s0hp0h met the moV is just HEAVENly. Keh keh keh.

So what’s more in this post? Lolx, MORE boring words lo. Haha, let s0hp0h just BORE u to death with her s0hwords. But this time, nah, s0hp0h actually have pictures-u-probably-had-seen-in-xb’s-blog to update. So, ppl who haven’t see them, yeah, u can see it all HERE at Just wanna clarify soemthing to people who always type in s-o and just wonder, why doesn’t the website show up in the history thingy. Cos u r so s0h can? It’s actually s-ZERO-h-p-ZERO-h and NOT s-O as in alphabet O-h-p-O as in alphabet O-h. So, are u clear yet? Or are u just confused. Oh well, nvmla, there’s always a thing call BOOKMARK. It’s foolproof and s0hproof..

Okok, after those long ramblings, u are probably not interested in reading liao. So, let’s hit the pictures ya. OooooO wait, haha, rmbr the last-not-avaiLaible-pikture on the slides? s0hp0h can’t be bothered to edit the slides, so here u go..

*Happy happy 20th Birthday to Rhino and Elephant*
p/s Ekhem, got new ppl HOR and if u r thinking why it looks fake, aiya, ur eyes got prob is it? GO check la pls!~

And here are pictures for:

Lai Kuan’s day..

Rhino cut, cut and cut her 20th birthday birthday cake. No pun intended.
Someone’s very happy eh? Laugh till LIKE DAT.

Rhino with her body glove bag. Bring to Uni everyday O!

Pik Shen’s day..

suip0h, wishing for s0hp0h. Haha!

Cake remains, ‘da pao’ 4 s0hp0h de.. Right???

suip0h with her present, hope u like it! Then u SIK JOU la, all our makeup, is u GAO DIM liao..
p/s thanks to waterfish, it is much clearer.

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Stuck between 25th n 26th

s0hMood > Missing two s0hp0hs.. actually, another s0hp0h and one suip0h (haha, perkypie, u DUn have this pic LEH.. *neh ne ne neh neh*)

Between this very auspicious days, dat is, 11.59 pm the 59th second of 25th June 2006 and 12.00 am 1st second of 26th June 2006, are the birthdays of two girls, my very own fellow TAG-ians. So, hang on, grab ur ‘pau’ and tea cup and stay tune while the slides load. Enjoy…

p/s Oh, idea stole er borrowed from Perkypie, thanks very much!

oh yeah, this thing just repeat n repeat n REPEAT. So, datz what ur paus are reli for. Thanks for being such DIE-HARD supporters.. haha s0hs0h..

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Three quarters through

s0hMood > *scared* scared of exams, scared of results, scared of ghost, wateva..

Wahaha, one of the hardest paper DOWN liao, left another HARDEST one. ^^ Happy happy. ALthough the exam itself didn’t went so well, but oh well, it’s over. Hope that the next and last one will be better. Hmm, it all depends on s0hp0h. Must try to prepare MORE this time. But what’s exactly more when s0hp0h’s past preparation was SHIT. Oh well, s0hp0h knows? Wateva lah, do as much as s0hp0h can. That of course exclude time when s0hp0h is eating, drinking, bathing, sleeping, watching tv, onlining, blogging, shitting, playing, monopoly-ing. Er, wat else, oh lazying..

s0hp0h recently got an email about this longggg longggg story, seriously saliva more than ten cups of tea, get to the point la. Sigh, then finally only say, this dead girl married with this poor reluctant guy and there it was the picture. The last sentence was like, the usual crap, notice how her feet are not touching the floor, and all the weird stuff in the background, s0hp0h mean, they haven’t heard of phtoshop meh? But then it came, it says look at the picture and if the girl smile back at u.. That’s it, smile back at s0hp0h? Holy crap! s0hp0h dare not to look anymore. What if she really did? Sigh, s0hp0h know, it’s really childish and not scary at all, but for s0hp0h, it’s very scary. s0hp0h was going to insert the picture here hor, but nah, s0hp0h don’t want to look away everytime s0hp0h open this blog. Plus, putting such creepy thing in s0hp0h’s blog made this whole blog haunted liao. Nah. Not good de cos s0hp0h’s very superstitious, in case u haven’t notice, well, now u noe. s0hp0h sort of looked at the picture, but didn’t stare at the girl’s face, in fear of her smiling. SIgh, and ever since, s0hp0h has been see-ing ‘them’ around everywhr. It’s just s0hp0h’s imagination but damn, s0hp0h can’t get them out of s0hp0h’s mind. Yikes. Till the extent s0hp0h has to think hard bout other stuff, so that s0hp0h can keep ‘them’ out of s0hp0h’s dream. Yer, s0hp0h hate these creepy shits. U people who sent s0hp0h those, yes U s0hp0h’s talking bout here, s0hp0h dun wan fren u oledi la. So bad like dat ‘hoi’ s0hp0h. Aih. Then again, it’s very interesting. Hope s0hp0h forget bout them soon or else s0hp0h might go crazy man… Now, go AWAY ‘them’!! s0hp0h don’t like u, so, leaveeeee!

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Mid-exam season hits

s0hMood > *scared* (are you??, by the picture s0hp0h mean…)

Keke, two exams down, wow, never felt better. Sigh, but with another two more important and more related ones coming, it’s not looking good. Aih, but s0hp0h thought Physics is going to be bad, but it wasn’t all that bad, so yeah, s0hp0h thinks it should be possible de. Go s0hp0h!~ Hmm, s0hp0h need to study hard later, well doubt it, and tomolo also. NEED to. MUST… s0hp0h sincerely hope dat will happen..

Ok, enough bout my exams eh, mind you it’s going to be over soon..
Countdown: 7 days.

Talk bout the Uni acceptance lo. Hmm, s0hp0h feel quite dissapointed eh, it came as a surprise bah.. but aih, just hope there are other options. Dun really noe what else to say. Just wish u guys the best. When there’s a will, there’s always a WAY right?Well, s0hp0h believed so..

On lighter note, for those who got in, s0hp0h is very very happy for u eh! Hehe, all the best in coming challenges o.. Shud be fun.. ^^Heh heh..

So, overall, wat a nite.. s0hp0h was busybodying ‘collecting info’ from ppl between struggling reading thru her notes.. Yikes, oh dun forget, Australia LOST.. As expected eh.. Oh well.. NVM… I’ve got another team to support, Korea.. Y? Not cos of good looking guys, actually s0hp0h din spot any.. Din reli pay attention to face cos s0hp0h’s eyes as u noe, a bit not talking bout s0hp0h’s eyesssss here…. It’s cos s0hp0h’s fren, a Korean, is a super die hard fan (woke up at 4 a.m to watch on the day of bio exam) and as her fren, s0hp0h should also support her country la.. so GO KOREA!! Datz y s0hp0h is not a fan of JAPAN Chian Ur.. Cos Korea n Jap well.. U noeeeee..

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