post-assignment state

s0hMood > *Happy*

Wah.. remember all the assignments s0hp0h has been going on and on about forever? Well, congrats urself *clap clap clap* cos u will no longer be bore by this subject.. for now at least, and the next month or so.. So that’s the good news.. Wahaha, s0hp0h won the assignment WAR.. muahaha, cannot believe it >.< they seem all so crazy..

Although u guys have been spare by s0hp0h’s endless complains of assignments, here comes another one, tests and exams.. Sigh, life is such a vicious cycle, it never ever end, does it?

On the lighter note, s0hp0h has this whole Friday nite to RELAX.. But s0hp0h needs to spend the whole weekend on two tests, hopefully s0hp0h will do well, yeah, hopefully, so Doraemon, u noe wat to do la k..

Today is the last day of my first semester in uni, which literally mean, s0hp0h is oledi a one sem dental student.. provided that s0hp0h pass the exams la, which is also, HOPEFULLY. This semester did pass by so quickly and it feels like s0hp0h has so much to elarn and had already learned a lot and yet, she still feels like she noes ntg.. *memory card not functioning* should buy new wan la s0hp0h…

Keke, s0hp0h did prophylaxis in clinic the other day, wah, it’s the first time s0hp0h get to handle motor handpiece.. It can make the *zzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzz* voice. Eh, not sleeping la, but the *zzzzzzzzZzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* sound.. Wah, sounds like drilling although we are just cleaning… During this sem, s0hp0h learn a lot of rather bizzare things, heh heh heh… My tutor once told s0hp0h that one patient drink listerine. Yes, he drink it instead of gargle. Dunno how to read instructions.. Sighh.. s0hp0h asked a quite s0h question, won’t it kill u? My tutor just replied simply, well, he’s still here isn’t he? lolx.. -.-” So pplz.. rmbr to read the recommendations at the back of the label sia… dun be so s0h.. and u alcoholics out there, no money to buy booze, try Listerine instead.. it’s almost sameor even better than vodka.. 27% alcohol…. dun woli, datz wat the patient did.. so see, he’s still here isn’t he??

p/s The method recommended above is to be trial at OWN reponsibility.. s0hp0h won’t be responsible for addiction signs.. *yumm.. refreshing and &^*$(&amp;^(^%$&*)#@+&%, ErKkkkkk*


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    Jimmy said,

    *clap clap clap* =)

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    s0hp0h said,


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