study = fat

s0hMood > *sleepy* yawnnnNnnnn

s0hp0h’s two tests WERE over!! Nyek nyek nyek~~ Only three exams and 1 test to go! Oh, plus one presentation tomolo, sigh… Hate presenting. Nvm, nvm… s0hp0h’s fate is better than perkypie’s anyway.. At least it’s not last minute notice, although it makes no difference cause s0hp0h left it UNTIL the last minute.. Poor perky…

That being said, s0hp0h has ntg else to say unfortunately.. Just that mayb tis coming weeks, s0hp0h might be blogging a bit LESS or MORE. If it’s less, means s0hp0h is busy studying and prepareing well for exams, if more means s0hp0h is so damn lazy, doing her usual potato-couch routine, slummping in front of the computer, also, munching away all the chips and chocs, hoping and wishing desperately for miracles to fall upon her on exams day. Hopefully it’s not the latter.. *fingers cross*

s0hp0h was talking to ying2 today about studying at home and yes, it’s the season of F-A-T. Winter is arriving and yet, s0hp0h is double-hit with study week, meaning hor, s0hp0h will eat more n even MORE.. Cos u see, s0hp0h needs snacks because s0hp0h simply loves them need them to keep warm and it’s the ultimate motivation for s0hp0h to pick up the 5 kg book and STUDY. Oh, s0hp0h din realise, maybe the fact that s0hp0h keep studying, carrying the 5 kg book around s0hp0h might lose some weight!! Never look at it dat way, wah.. so, s0hp0h dun have to care afterall, just eat eat n eat! Thak you very much for that, what u call it, *argh* can’t find the word.. Err…. hmmm *sctrachs head* wat liao?? *bang head with fists* ya noe?? it’s one fo those ‘oOooooooH’ moments.. Yes, revelationsssss… so, s0hp0h had a revelation, ekhem, in case u did not notice..

s0hp0h din realise that ‘ntg to say’ became ‘lots of rambling’.. Er.. so, better end this beforeu all bite s0hp0h’s head off.. Mmmm…Bye!!


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    Anonymous said,

    Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

  2. 2

    Anonymous said,

    Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

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