How much s0hp0h’d change?

s0hMood > *blind* (jk nia.. s0hp0h dun wan be blind la…oledi almost liao, more then die liao)

s0hp0h saw this on Friendster buletin.. (yes, how many ppl actually read it now? Hehe, s0hp0h DOES!!) Found it interesting, so s0hp0h just SCAB it and turn it into another post.. Wahaha, no need think too much.. Cos s0hp0h need the brain to study.. Wish s0hp0h luck… Back to the change part.. Here goes,

3 YEARS AGO: (s0hp0h assume at June of 2003)

How old were you?:
♥ 16

What grade year were you in?:
♥ Form 5

Where did you go to school?:
♥ SMK Bandar Tun Razak

Where did you work?:
♥ Didn’t work dat year leh.. Tried in The Chicken Rice Shop.. But dat was a disaster..

Where did you live?:
♥ Cheras, KL

How was your hair style?:
♥ Er, don’t quite rmbr, pretty much the same lo, long hair.. Er, maybe short.. Ah, who cares..

Did you have braces?:
♥ Nope!

Did you wear glasses?:
♥ Yes, hehehe..

Who was your best friend?:

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend:
♥ … Dun have la…

Who was your celebrity crush?:
♥ Er.. *scratches head*

How many tattoos did you have?:
♥ Wah.. Guess???

How many piercings did you have?
♥ s0hp0h thinks 4

What car did you drive?:
♥ 11 numbered bus

What was your favorite band/group?:
♥ Probably S.H.E

What was your worst fear?
♥ Fail SPM?

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:
♥ Nope..

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?:
♥ Wah, not into alcohol or estacy pills..

Had you driven yet?
♥ Nope..

Had you been to a real party yet?:
♥ Duh.. Of course la, s0hp0h’s not dat NERDY..

Had your heart broken?
♥ wahhaha, nope..


How old are you?:
♥ Ekhem.. ONLY 19… NOT yet 20 k, s0hp0h STRESSED, NOT YET 20

Where do you go to school?:
♥ Dental School..

Where do you live?:
♥ Ozzie Land

Where do you hang out?:
♥ Er, coffe shop around uni..

How is your hair style?:
♥ Mah like dat lo, long hair..

Do you have braces?:
♥ Hehe, NO

Do you wear glasses?:
♥ Dun have liao, but need contacts.. if not, s0hp0h is PRACTICALLY blind..

Who is your best friend?:
♥ Also TAG and many others new ones along the years..

Still talk to any of your old friends?:
♥ Old frens? s0hp0h got no OLD frens, all oso very young de.. just like s0hp0h ^^

Who is your celebrity crush?:
♥ Nope wo..

Who is your regular-person crush?:
♥ Oso TARAK..

How many piercings do you have?:
♥ 5 lo..

How many tattoos?:
♥ Wah, u guess again??

What kind of car do you drive?:
♥ Still 11 numbered bus..

What is your favorite singer/group?:
♥ S.H.E n Jay

have you smoked a cigarette?
♥ Nope..

Have you gotten drunk or high?:
♥ Nah… See ppl drunk got…

Have you been to a real party?
♥ .. YES..

Hehe, so, had s0hp0h changed? Er, those questions weren’t concise enough ler.. Can’t really tell.. Wateva….. One thing though, s0hp0h had indeed GROW UP liao.. and of course the biggest change of all, become s0h..

p/s if u r wondering what is the love sign doing in front of every question, it’s like dat de, it’s oledi THERE.. not like s0hp0h *love* everytime she answers cos dat is just SO damn s0h..

How TAG has changed??

2006…er.. mostly got fringe liao??? kekekkee..
edited: this pic is WRONG.. cos xb again n again reminded s0hp0h, TAG change to this liao..

p/s: This is the most accurate one s0hp0h can find.. Apparently there’s one additional member, but bah.. dun have group pic.. so, nvm la.. LOL


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  1. 1

    Jimmy said,

    ahah..feel so proud on the last pic!

    know why??

    cz i was the camera man! =p

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lolx.. ceh ceh..aha thank you for being the cameraman..lolx

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