s0hMood > *annoyed*

s0hp0h had decided to wake up early this morning, but clearly, it was a vain attempt cos s0hp0h slept through till noon.. *yes, u can kindly close your mouth now* It’s not dat bad wat, NOON oni MA.. ^^

But on top of dat, s0hp0h also failed to concentrate in her studies which she is suppose to be doing, in order to not fail the exam.. Hope the failed concentration doesn’t actually ryhmed with fail exams.. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!~

Pls slap s0hp0h a few times and make her realise hor, she shud really be studying and not blogging… >.<” Sigh, how can s0hp0h just STUDY.. Seems so HARD and impossible leh. Okay, ntg is impossible right? But datz ridiculous ok cos living forever is IMPOSSIBLE.. Haihz, s0hp0h can’t wait till exams are OVER.. Can anyone turn time forwards? Doraemon, whr r u ah!! Better come before s0hp0h bite off ur ears. U ask, Doraemon don’t even have ears, yes, cos s0p0h bit them off before he became popular.. See??


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