s0hMood > *reading*

Wah, probably everyone knows this, or do they? Anyway, Australia won over Japan 3-1 is yesterday’s match while s0hp0h was reading her Physics notes with the TV on and sound off. Half of the time s0hp0h was just gazing at the TV rather than the book, even though s0hp0h is pathetic with football, she doesn’t even know how many people is suppose to be in a team. Oh well, s0hp0h sort of know the rules, I mean how hard can it be? Just kick the ball around la. Keke. And while s0hp0h watched the desperately FAKE goal of Japs gone into the net, wahlao, so unfair sia. Eh, s0hp0h has ntg against Jap la, just dat it was really really unfair ma.. How can? Sigh, nvm, give them give them!! Then in the last 10 minutes, s0hp0h was like bored liao, who likes to watch a losing game plus what’s the fun in ppl chasing the ball here and there for like 90 minutes o, u not sien I oso sien liao. Damn wu liao. Anyway, s0hp0h was just like, argh, they are so going to lose, but deep inside s0hp0h’s heart, of course s0hp0h wanted them to win la right? Eh, don’t say s0hp0h not patriotic cos support OZ ok, excuse me, Malaysia din even made it, wanna support oso cannot la k? Then who knows? In the approximately 8 minutes of the game, Australia manage to score 3 goals. Wahlao, talking bout miracle. So last minute can? More serious than bludging s0hp0h. Keke, so, since like dat also can happen, s0hp0h bludging and not failing should also work right? Hmm, s0hp0h hope SO!! Aih, so many freaking things to learn. Ppl who aspires to be dentists, please don’t! Get urself CRAZY only. So ppl who wnana be doctors also, pls knock ur head three times and think again. s0hp0h thinks she might transform from s0h to sia0.. Nvm, pray pray pray. Oh yes MIRACLE! Btw, does s0hp0h’s soccer-tale bored you guys? If yes then good la, means that u guys can get good nite sleep. s0hp0h’s been losing sleep lately. @.@ panda eyes, sorry, shud say, EXTRA panda eyes..


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