Happy Birthday: Lai Kuan & Pik Shen

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The aftermath

Oo yeah.. Everything is over by now.. s0hp0h’s exams, self-assessment, sem 1, Lai Kuan and Pik Shen’s birthdays.. Except the one computing assignment that s0hp0h totally forgot ya. Thank GOd s0hp0h saw Dila handing it in and only then it clicked. s0hp0h still have ONE undone assignment involving data and statistics and whats more, bloody excel. Sigh, really shud stop swearing cos s0hp0h got told off for not behaving professionally. Tsk tsk tsk. But dun they realise? s0h + professional = s0hpro. It just doesn’t work. Not only it doesn’t ryhme with s0hp0h, and how could u possibly be s0h and pro at the same time?

Oo, Superman Return is out! keke, watching it soon and then wahhaa, the long anticipated Pirates of the Carribean sequel is due to be OUT on July 7th. Wahaha, damn HAPPY. Waited for seriously, SOOO SOOO long, like mothers waiting for children-who-nvr-get-married to GET married, saliva drooling and neck elongating. So, at last… Like Vivien met gimchi, s0hp0h met the moV is just HEAVENly. Keh keh keh.

So what’s more in this post? Lolx, MORE boring words lo. Haha, let s0hp0h just BORE u to death with her s0hwords. But this time, nah, s0hp0h actually have pictures-u-probably-had-seen-in-xb’s-blog to update. So, ppl who haven’t see them, yeah, u can see it all HERE at http://www.s0hp0h.blogspot.com. Just wanna clarify soemthing to people who always type in s-o and just wonder, why doesn’t the website show up in the history thingy. Cos u r so s0h can? It’s actually s-ZERO-h-p-ZERO-h and NOT s-O as in alphabet O-h-p-O as in alphabet O-h. So, are u clear yet? Or are u just confused. Oh well, nvmla, there’s always a thing call BOOKMARK. It’s foolproof and s0hproof..

Okok, after those long ramblings, u are probably not interested in reading liao. So, let’s hit the pictures ya. OooooO wait, haha, rmbr the last-not-avaiLaible-pikture on the slides? s0hp0h can’t be bothered to edit the slides, so here u go..

*Happy happy 20th Birthday to Rhino and Elephant*
p/s Ekhem, got new ppl HOR and if u r thinking why it looks fake, aiya, ur eyes got prob is it? GO check la pls!~

And here are pictures for:

Lai Kuan’s day..

Rhino cut, cut and cut her 20th birthday birthday cake. No pun intended.
Someone’s very happy eh? Laugh till LIKE DAT.

Rhino with her body glove bag. Bring to Uni everyday O!

Pik Shen’s day..

suip0h, wishing for s0hp0h. Haha!

Cake remains, ‘da pao’ 4 s0hp0h de.. Right???

suip0h with her present, hope u like it! Then u SIK JOU la, all our makeup, is u GAO DIM liao..
p/s thanks to waterfish, it is much clearer.

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