Miracle II: revisited

s0hMood > *sob sob*

Remember the time when s0hp0h was going on bout miracle? s0hp0h’s now MORE convince. Lol, er, not because s0hp0h pass her exams cos haven’t noe the results, it’s cos of something else.

Talk bout which s0hp0h was damn freaked out. s0hp0h mean, if it’s gone, s0hp0h will be so so sad, sigh, like end of the WORLD liao.

It all happened this fine evening, actually the intial stage was yesterday when s0hp0h need to pass the air ticket to s0hp0h’s aunty to book the return flight. When s0hp0h tried explain over msn, some people dun understand why s0hp0h need the ticket when s0hp0h oledi had the ticket. It’s a yearly ticket right? So, u see, when s0hp0h came, s0hp0h used it. Then the same ticket, s0hp0h will NEED to keep and use to book for the return ticket, if that make sense. if doesn’t, then, NVM. So, back to the miracle hor, s0hp0h was asking the other aunty who sually keep this kind of important stuff for s0hp0h, although s0hp0h oledi damn old, but that’s so not the point. The point is, the other aunty didn’t have it. s0hp0h was like, what? She said s0hp0h din give it to her. So, s0hp0h was like shit shit shit, go look for it in s0hp0h’s room like crazy liao la. But bad luck, DUN HAVE.. So, s0hp0h told that to s0hp0h’s aunty, the other one s0hp0h meant, she said she’ll look again, but still, NO WHR to be seen. Sigh, at that moment, s0hp0h’s heart just fell like 72 storeys. Gosh. What can s0hp0h DOOOO? Omg, it’s like the worst worstt thing that can ever ever happen to someone, to s0hp0h. Sigh.

Ok, then hor, s0hp0h’s aunty said, try look at ur stuff again and clear all those useless stuff. Yes, those rubbish, magazines, flyers piling in s0hp0h’s cupboard-that-she-can’t-be-bothered-to-look since s0hp0h knows when. It’s like, why would it BE there? It’s like all rubbish can? Rubbish that s0hp0h don’t want to throw away, just cos she’s damn lazy. Well, serve her RIGHT. s0hp0h, s0hp0h mean. Not s0hp0h’s aunty k. R u getting annoyed by all this s0hp0h s0hp0h thing? Cos s0hp0h is. Ok, continue anywayz, s0hp0h just desperately sorting out all the stuff, looking for useful ones and recyclable ones, s0hp0h good simaritan leh, haha. Then s0hp0h’s heart continue to sink, sink and sink. Cos it’s too HARD to imagine why would s0hp0h ever put the ticket together with all those rubbish. Come on, even s0hp0h noes when to be realistic.

But s0hp0h continued, guess it’s time to get rid of the stuff, Maybe God is punishing s0hp0h for being so dirty. But also not this way la, it’s so horrible. Then s0hp0h was thinking to herself, all this time, s0hp0h’s been so lucky, in her worse moments, for some reason, things will usually be better and God, y NOT this time!!!! s0hp0h almost wanted to scream, so frustrating la. Think about it, kenot go back, ah, the food, the shopping, oh, and s0hp0h’s family and frens ya. Haha. Then just straight after s0hp0h said that, there it was, on s0hp0h’s hand, the AIRTICKET!!! Wohooo!! s0hp0h’s heart JUMPED 1000 storeys this time. It’s so hard to believe, really really. Maybe the person above those exist. Whoever he or she is, thank you very very much. s0hp0h is very blessed and grateful! *grins* Ah, seriously, Thank God God’s here. So gan dong *sniff sniff* What’s so smelly? Yee, u la, pls, close this browser immediately, u SMELL.


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