It’s s0hp0h’s day!

s0hMood > *tired*

s0hp0h just came back from the village whr majhong is suppose to be taking place. But aisyeh, din get the chance to. Nvmla, still got many other time to do so ma. Heh heh. Oh, first of all, thank you very much to those who sms me hor, thank you thank you. s0hp0h being a *kiam siap* person, is unwilling to reply. Lolx, sorry bout that. But ur *sam yi* s0hp0h got recieve and very the *ming bai* so thanks very much.

Other than that, also thank you to my course mates who *san san fu fu* made me a party ya. Thanks! Hehe, the food was nice and very filling o, now still very stuffed. And the presents s0hp0h like a lot oso ya, lolx, special mention to the box of food by vivien aka nabbason and xin yee aka ah lian, wah lao, all snacks, so NICE hehe, and also a drawing by Ying2, wah, nvr noe u r so artistic. ANd also everyone la, like Han, Allan and SangMi? Dunno how to spell, anyway, thanks alot u guys. Keke, the feast was SO great. Hehe. Korean food, YUM and oso this special potato gravy with 2-0 candles, wow, first time in s0hp0h’s life. Sigh, s0hp0h’s officially OLD now. Lolx. Haha, damn siao. Overall is just plain siao and s0hp0h needs to get going to finish her assignment that she still haven’t DO. Yikes, ah, but will finish by tomorrow bah, cos it’s due. Lolx, so Thanks again O. Heh, tired. So, tata lo.


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