Review 5: Superman Returns

s0hMood > *happy*

Heh heh, s0hp0h watched Superman Returns yesterday. Well, s0hp0h haven’t watched any Superman movies before in her life, cos the last one was out ages ago, when s0hp0h is still sucking her thumb ya. This is the first dosage of blockbuster Superman s0hp0h gets and so, there’s really no return. Should be Superman Begins..

Anyhow, always when s0hp0h look at Superman aka Clark Kent or CK, hmm, why can’t people tell that they are the same person? It really baffles s0hp0h hor, just because he has got the weirdo curly fringe and suit on, oh and no glasses, then it’s a different person eh. Sigh, but movies nowadays are always like dat la. SO not-logic de. Anyhow, s0hp0h oledi got over that fact, and the movie overall was great. Got to see it for urself cos it’s GREAT. Lol.

s0hp0h like the story, the characters, the adventure, the action, the humour, not really the romance, but love the family thing going on. Keke, so cute loh. There’s a little boy who’s sooo CUTE. s0hp0h really wanted to burst out loud announcing some of the twists, but bah, s0hp0h kenot spoil the movie for u guys la. It’s just mean o.

Oh, did s0hp0h mention Lois Lane is so pretty? Haha, played by Orlando’s Bloom gf (if they haven’t BU), Kate Bosworth. Clark Kent, played by Brandon Routh, also very pretty-boy like. No wonder ppl say he’s gay. Lolx. But he’s not la, or is HE? Who noes and who cares? Kevin Spacey plays Lex Luther and haha, very convincing bad guy, cos u just want to punch him on his face when he when heee… Aih *spoilers* Suan, dun wan tell u all. And got this Lex Luther sidekick, Kitty, she’s funny. s0hp0h quite love the movie just that somtimes s0hp0h felt Superman gets too much publicity, in the movie s0hp0h mean. It’s like he’s proud of getting all those attention. It just seem so wrong hor, cos s0hp0h tot superheros are meant to be low profile ma. Maybe it’s cos of Lois’ article. Hmm, it just seems funny.

Overall, it is indeed a super interesting movie. Another s0h-see!!


(oledi said, a s0h-SEEEEE!)


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