Highly Picsy

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Warning: Below materials are highly highlyyy picturated due to s0hp0h’s laziness of posting pictures from s0hp0h noes when. This is s0hp0h’s first ever post with SOOOO little words..

Pics during Yuiko’s (wah, my first JAP friend, eh is Satoshi counted? But s0hp0h din talk to him wor, er, first Jap GIRL fren anyway..) 3 weeks stay during her cultural exchange program few months ago:-

Fellow course mates with Prof and Yuiko (third from left in standing row)

Sara from Hong Kong, Yuiko, Sophia and Eun Jin, both Koreans in the weekly lab session.

Fellow coursemates in weekly wax carving session.

In Mayo Cafe, common Uni hangout place for lunch, from left to right:
Standing: Ying2 halved twins from S’pore, Sara, Yuiko, Eun Jin & Sophia both Koreans.

Sitting: Vivien aka nabbason, me, and Xin Yee aka Perkypie.

Prof sharing his wisdom on skull with fellow coursemates.

Me, Ying2, Emannuel with white eyes, Vivien and Xin Yee on the nite before Yuiko leaves.

Paul Ma and Han, my Korean friends and first husband and wife friend.

Xin Yee, Sara from Hong Kong and Vivian Siu from Melbourne.

Han with Yuiko, my first Jap friend!!

This is during s0hp0h’s Day!!

Han cooking up some stuff while Vivien the house owner is sleeping..

JAllan, fellow coursemate from Sydney holding some..something..

In the kicthen discussing bout how the ice-tray-bottle works..

My cake!! Gravy is so nice!! Oh ya, did s0hp0h mention, it’s instant made by Xin Yee and Ying2. Lolx. s0hp0h want more can?

When s0hp0h goes to beach with Han, Sang Mi (Han’s sis from Korea for holidays!), Ying2, Xin Yee and Ma who joined later:-

s0hp0h showing the layer she wore on that SO COLD day to Han, totalling 7. Yes, seven. Waiting from Xin Yee and the tram to arrive.

One of the MANY statues in Adelaide.

Xin Yee on the phone talking bout Mahjong with Sang Mi taking picture in the tram.

In the new tram that we reluctantly boarded..

Ying Ying in the tram on our way to Glenelg beach

Arriving in Glenelg.. Nice views ahead.

Child with flocking pigeons, mm, they smell BREAD.

s0hp0h, Ying2 and Xin Yee’s shadows. Dun ask s0hp0h bout the pose, it’s Ying2’s fault!


Nice shot hor? Ying2 can submit for phtographic award liao. Eh, what’s that? It’s a BIRD, it’s a plane, no, it’s SUPERMAN, oh no, it’s a plane.

s0hp0h, Han and Xin Yee on windy windy port.

Sang Mi, Han, Ying2 and Xin Yee on top of the waves

What’s more, beach la..

View from the long port, lots of old buildings in Adelaide.

Seagulls and yes, the port.

s0hp0h, Sang Mi, Han and Xin Yee eating lunches.

What s0hp0h discovered.. Yikes!

Pirates on display, reminds s0hp0h of Jack Sparrow. s0hp0h wanna watch!!

The old tram that we wanted to hop on!!

Trees in front the beach.

These are taken near Han’s house during s0hp0h’s visit:-

The botak tree

Me and Ying2’s lunchbox, ‘bi bim bap’ or ‘pi pim bap’, ah wateva, it’s Korean and it’s NICE!!

So, that’s it. More on the ZOO later. Pictures all courtesy of Ying Ying and Yuiko. Thank you!


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