No, not ZOO just yet..

s0hMood > *bored*

Those who are anticipating for the Zoo pics, well, should s0hp0h say, the ONE WHO IS, cos there’s only u, xb, lolx, well, u’ll be dissapointed cos s0hp0h haven’t got it yet. Actually s0hp0h didn’t plan to post another posts cos s0hp0h was going to reserve it for the zoo pics and follow on the highly picsy roll. But since s0hp0h is damn wu liao here, so, she posted for fun. Yeah. FOR FUN. So, xb asked in msn, what r u doing? s0hp0h’s watching TV. Pirates of the Carribean: the curse of the black pearl. Yah, it’s showing on TV cos the sequel is out so as usual, the TV join in the piratewagon, hoping to get high ratings s0hp0h guess. Anyhow, met like a stranger in the bus stop the other day after s0hp0h went to village. The this stranger, a girl, started talking to s0hp0h bout Pirates of the Carribean cos the poster of the sequel was blasted so big on the advertising panel along the bus stop. It was a huGE poster of suip0h’s self-proclaimed husband, Orlando Bloom. People in Adelaide are so funny. They just start talking to you like you’re friends. Very friendly indeed but sometimes s0hp0h finds it just a lil bit TOO friendly cos in Malaysia, you noe, when people start talking to u, i.e. in the bus, how u wish u just didn’t hear it, pretend u’r deaf or sumthing, yes it’s rude, but it’s even RUDER to rob away s0hp0h’s privacy lerrr, just wanted a quiet journey. Like once when s0hp0h met one old man in another bus stop. Yes, he was being nice, oh and s0hp0h can’t help but notice the amount of erosion on his teeth, gosh, like all the dentine exposed liao, must be painful, *shrug* back to the story, then he started chatting animatedly until even when the bus come, s0hp0h quickly hop on the bus first cos s0hp0h always had this dilemma. U see, if you talked to someone, when u got on the bus, should u sit with them? If yes it seems a bit bold, if not it seems rude. So, how? Datz y s0hp0h often leave the choice to the others instead. Sigh, s0hp0h really had lots of these encounters. Oh well, guess it’s for the better cos it’s courtesy and at those times when u just feel helpless, at least someone will actually help you. Or will they? Anyhow, s0hp0h did. The other day when s0hp0h’s in the city, this guy came up to s0hp0h while s0hp0h was waiting at the pedestrain light, and s0hp0h was shocked. These days s0hp0h very easily scared cos too many people just suddenly come up to s0hp0h’s back and tap when least expected. Sigh. Make some noise first can? Anyway, back to the story, he came up and said, I lost my wallet and need AUD 2.60 to buy a bus ticket to get home. s0hp0h agreed almost immediately cos sigh, feels wrong to reject him. Then only s0hp0h thought, damn, s0hp0h just got off the bus, could have given him my ticket cos it’s valid for two hours. Wasted AUD 2.60. Haih, if only s0hp0h thought of dat earlier then she can spend that money somewhr much more useful, like buying mineral water or something, which s0hp0h did also, waste YET more money. Okla, sounded like s0hp0h’s a stingy old woman, but hey, u do the maths, AUD 2.60 is almost 7 ringgit lo, can buy two plates of ‘kon lou mee’ liao. s0hp0h just gave two plates of ‘kon lou mee’ to some weird stranger that she’s not even sure if he’s telling the truth. What if it’s for booze? Yeah, it’s actually enough to buy a bottle of beer. That means s0hp0h’s like ‘hoi’ him hor? Anyhow, s0hp0h thinks too much la… s0hp0h’s exam results are yet to be released. Till then, still super wuliao. Watching Pirates of the Carribean: Dead man’s chest on tuesday. Wo Hoooo!!!!!!


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