Happy Birthday: Stephanie & Darryl

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When it comes to news about Tag, s0hp0h always need to get it from other fellow Tagians. Pictures of course, usually also come from Xian Boon, thank you very much. Other news also usually come from Xboon’s blog, if not, from other fellow Tagians themselves…


(z):[ΦDaRrYlΦ(co)(6) – 神是公平的

oh ya… btw,, thanks for the present u gave

thank you so much

(li) ·$58..:: s0hp0h ::.. ·$36(◕‿◕) (st) ·0 waiting for s0hresults…


can i noe what i gave u??


(z):[ΦDaRrYlΦ(co)(6) – 神是公平的

haha… good Q

haha. it’s a bag

i like it very very much…tq tq


Yea… So, it’s bout 12.45 12 am now, so, again, it’s the time of Steph’s and Darryl’s birthdays, respectively on 10th and 11th of July. Happy 20th Birthday to both of you and hope that you guys will be very very successful in life! Also, yes, you’ve hit the twneties but don’t do anything stupid yet cos you’re not yet 21 so technically speaking, your parents still have the power over your lives. Lolx.. well, not that u guys will do anything stupid, er, just in case. Yeah.. Just IN CASE. Cos life’s full of surprises right.. Who noes what these two are capable of?? Okay, enough of words cos by this point, I can imagine Xb’s eyes spinning liao…

So here’s pics for Steph’s birthday..

People who attended, it was this pic dat s0hp0h concluded, she’s indeed a perfectionist. I edited it like thousand times just to get it right.. Blame on poor paint skills…

Blowing the old 19 away.. Welcome the wishes of 20..

Cutting the cake…

Doing weirdo moves… 20 has get into her indeed..

And here’s Darryl…

Lighting the pathway to 20th..

The same old trick, but no one pushed his face into the cake, greedy pigs, wanna eat it instead..

The present..

Sorry for the lack of photos because procrastination is on MODE and s0hp0h needs sleep..


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