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Lolx, read this from and discover this post. Well, s0hp0h dunno how to trackback and blogger dun support it either.. So, s0hp0h’s very own track back eh?


Wonder if it works. Oh well, s0hp0h oledi linked to the original post anyway, so it doesn’t matter gua.

s0hp0h actually read it ages ago, and back then, wanted to do a post like that, but nah, halfway through it, s0hp0h got lazy. So wu liao s0hp0h being extremely wu liao today, decide to finish it, er well, begin it rather.

s0hp0h search and search through the gazillion pictures rotting in the hard drive, lolx, ok, not so kua jiong la, thousands only.. Uploaded it and may s0hp0h present you, the stars beneath TAGians’ faces… (Mind you that some of the pics represented may NOT be the best matches, but rather the funniest matches)

Mei Shan the Mountain Pig and Lee Peng the 4-leg-snake:-

Mei Shan: Hmm, Britanny Murphy, quite look alike hor? Her funniest one is Paris Hilton.
Lee Peng: The highest one was Halle Berry, wt? Anyhow, whahahaha, STephen CHOW, man it’s funny!!

Stephanie the Monkey and Pik Shen the Elephant:-

Stef: WHo’s this girl leh? From Winter Sonata one? Hmm, interesting to note that Stef is also 60% like Zhang Zi Yi..
Pik Shen: Whoa, Zhang Zi Yi!!! Enough said.. Oh and She looks like Stephen Chow TOO!!! Lolx

Xian Boon the Camel:-

Xian Boon: keke, u look like a GIRL!! Wondering who she is? She’s a very young Korean Professional Golfer. Oh, another point(s) to note, he also looked like Zhang Zi Yi and Takeshi Kaneshiro… Haha

Gilbert the Giraffe and Wai Han the Waterfish:-

Gilbert: Lolx, there are better matches but dunno who are them, so this is the best one s0hp0h can find! Good day president Gil!
Wai Han: The best result was Sung Hye-Gyo the pretty Korean actress, but s0hp0h tot this is real funny, thus, Takeshi’s the result..

Darryl the Buffalo and Lai Kuan the Rhino:-
For some reason, the tool does not recognise Darryl’s pic as a face, -.-” s0hp0h tried so many times, yeeee, it just doesn’t pick up his face during the scanning process, so s0hp0h gave up and change another pic ba…but it’s not so clear.. tsk tsk tsk

Darryl: Lolx, Elthon John… Most results were pictures with specky guys AND girls. His top result was actually a WOMAN!!
Lai Kuan: Hehe, her top result was actually a very pretty Korean actress, and msot of the other results are Korean actresses, just found this very CUTE, the sixth sense kiddo! Oh, did s0hp0h mention, she TOO looked like Stephen CHOW!!

Bee Kee the Hippo and Wai Luen the Ostrich:-

Bee Kee: The top result was some actress from LOST, probably people are not very familiar with, anyhow, Sun Yat Sen, hmm, that explains her rebellious trait, er, but not so her ‘jumpin’ trait eh?
Wai Luen: Bahaha, Maggie Cheung, what can s0hp0h say.. CLASSIC!!!

Lolx, all these are for fun only, not real la, msot importantly s0hp0h dun intend to offend anyone, hmm, but knowing u guys, s0hp0h think u guys won’t kira with s0hp0h de.. Hahaha

p/s According to Kenny Sia, it’s based a lot on ur EYES..

Keen to know who U look like? Click HERE for the answer!


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  1. 1

    Wai Luen said,

    Maggie Cheung was here…hahahhaha

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lolx.. can i have ur autograph?? lolx

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