Review 6: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

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heh heh, for some reason, it came out earlier than the world preview.. hmm.. unusual..

Watched this few days ago in a very unsuccessful movie plan, -.- almost everyone ffk, omg, anyhow, still ended up watching the movie, and felt very happy s0hp0h dID!! It was one of the best movies s0hp0h ever seen, well, not as good as the first one, u’ll noe y in a sec, it was simply fulfilling for a die-hard-plus-high-hopes-cum-anticipation audience like s0hp0h. Hmm, like Titanic, Pirates is just one of the few that has lots n lots of parts buckled into a package so full that it’s going to bursT! Anything u wanted, u name it, and u got it. Comedy (Cap. Sparrow alone solely fulfill this), adventure (mostly from Bloom), romance (not so much emphasis, which is an extra point as it doesn’t get too lovey dovey), thriller (waves, creatures, ship sink..) and horror (cannibal should be counted?). U see what s0hp0h mean now? The scriptwriter is just so generous it’s crazy.

Jack Sparrow starred by Johnny Depp as the Chief!! Sim sim male luku luku, erm yea..

The plot was actually brilliantly done because s0hp0hwas actually thinking u noe, they probably come up with soem weird storyline, hoping it will work, but no, it is actually a genuine story with real purpose and best of all, clicked so perfectly with the previous one, and most important of all, highly comparable to the first one, which most sequels fail to do… Most people would have probably watched it by now, so, dun reli have to hide the good bits from u guys eh, which is so good, cos then s0hp0h can just blab wateva she wants. Lolx. So generally, the plot goes like this.. Will and Elizabeth getting married, but rmbr they let Jack Sparrow go? So hor, new guy comes in, arrest Will and Elizabeth, make an offer by asking them to get Jack’s compass, yes the one that doesn’t point North (datz why s0hp0h said the plot is excellent cos they never thought of making the second one and see how well the put it together, ahhh..) Then, the voyage to see starts all over again, this time around, there’s no Barbosa, but new villian Davy Jones (yes, u heard of his locker right? rmbr how in the first one the pirates strapped BootStrap Bill Turner down Davy Jones locker? He DID end up there.. see seeeeee the connection?? s0hp0h just can’t get over it..) who rules the sea..

Pik Shen’s self proclaimed lou gong, Orlando Bloom playing William Turner

Well, as u can imagine, yeah u can be the best pirate ever wateva but if u are fighting againt the SEA itself, er.. it seems pretty impossible.. Which explains how Jack ended up in the Crackle? (is it crackle or sumthing? pardon s0hp0h, there’s no SUBTITLES in cinemas here, poor s0hp0h), anyhow, it’s a giant octopus, well, malformed octopus’s tummy.. Then when u tot the movie just truly STARTED, well it ENDED right there. ()$&*%^&#_#(*&$_*% s0hp0h was like WATTTT WATTTTTTTT!!!! Sigh, dat’z the only dissapointment. Yala, they’re making a third one namely the World’s End or sumthing, anyhow, this is WAY TOO SERIES like liao lo, at least give us proper ending bah, just cut us off like dat.. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. So irresponsible loooooooo.. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, in her haunted wedding gown..

s0hp0h wanted to actually post this earlier, just to warn u guys to stay until the credits ended, FULLY ended is what s0hp0h meant, cos there’s an extra scene. Well, it’s not much, it’s just funny la.. Those who missed it, well, rmbr the dog with the key? Yeah… The one who got chased by cannibals, guess what? He/she’s the new CHEIF… hmmm, s0hp0h smelled paprika…

The new ‘gan chan’ who reminded s0hp0h of the crispy ‘sotong-goreng’ in Friday pasar malam.. YUMMMY

And another thing good bout the movie is the number of original casts in the second one, even the guy with the artificial eye, which is another extra point. There’s just so many stuff and s0hp0h’s just too lazy to say it.. Haha, plus this is not meant to be a proper review anyway, it’s done for fun nia, so cincai la.. And s0hp0h oledi wrote quite a bit so, dat’s for now.. ^^


(A super s0h-see!!!)


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