One sem late

s0hMood > *speechless* Sigh, s0hp0h cannot believe it, result still not out yet.. crazy..

Should have posted this like early in the year, but always seem to forget, only recently when s0hp0h looked at the pics folder, only realise these old photos from Ying Ying:-

s0hp0h’s base for another four and half years if she passed miraculously all through these years..

The locker room, not very nice hor?

The Union Hall, actually s0hp0h don’t go there, just always pass by during lunch break

This is the Barr Smith Lib. lawn s0hp0h think..

As you can see, Union House, where Mayo cafe is located, our hot spot for lunch, near and cheap but food is ‘ma ma dei’ and so so only..

That’s basically it. Haha


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