Silly test

s0hMood > *free* (sigh, cannot use this emo anymore for like two months, and maybe more.. come back my holidaysss)

Recently saw this ‘depress test’ in Friendster bulletin that s0hp0h seldom visit liao, cos lots of erm, less productive stuff. Anyhow, saw this test and thought, hmm, see if s0hp0h is depress. Was just browsing through the phrases where each phrase that applies to you, you will put a cross sign and that contribute to 2% of depression. Can’t help but notice how outrageous this test was!

“You wear mainly black”

Ok, maybe depressed people DO tend to wear black, but then black is like the MOST common colour. It’s not like you can say BLACK = depress like you can say pink = girly. There’s goes the first 2% of my depression score.

“You’re a transvestite”

Ekhem excuse me? I thought being a transvestite made them feel better about themselves, and not WORSE ok? Or else why the hell would they be a transvestite in the first place? Sigh, so insensitive… Er, don’t get s0hp0h wrong, s0hp0h’s not a transvestite k?

You’ve dyed your hair black
You’ve dyed your arm hair
Your hair is currently black

Wth? SO if your hair is black colour, means your depress? What if my hair is originally black? Omg, discriminating against all black-heads is it? Crazy.. The author should really review some of the questions.. Oh, who actually dyed their arm hair? *grins* Very interesting point. Haha

You own at least 2 shirts with sayings

s0hp0h thought that’s the ‘IN’ thing nowadays? Lolx, so people, if u have more than two, it shows u have a depressing life, ooo, means s0hp0h’s 2% more depress then.

Your friendster/myspace is black

Wat’s with the black THINGGGGG? Omg.

If s0hp0h actually took the test, hmm, gosh, didn’t even know s0hp0h was DAT depress. Kekeke


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