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Happy Merdeka 2006

s0hMood > *congrats* 49th years and still counting..

Lolx, despite in the spirit, (well technically you can say there’s no ne cos s0hp0h din felt it at all? But can’t blame me though cos in country like this, even CNY became insignificant) s0hp0h’s actually not a particularly patriotic person. Y? Because s0hp0h’s not patriotic, end of line. Still, s0hp0h would like to wish all M’sians who are IN or SS-ing the merdeka spirit.

On this very veryyy Malaysian day, kenot get MORE m’sian than that, s0hp0h wanted to show you why exactly s0hp0h fail miserably as a Msian…

A few days before, was in the Bio lecture, sitting next to Perky. As usual, the lectures weren’t payed attention to and all s0hp0h did was muck around. But anyhow, this was quite an interesting one, a real reality check up for s0hp0h.

s0hp0h started by writing on Perky’s notes: ‘How u say muscle in BM?’ Perky thought for a while, wanted to say sumthing, but then went blank. Shrugged, she wrote: ‘Dunno..’ Then s0hp0h start drawing fruits on the lecture notes, which included famous delicacies like durian, manggis and rambutans which s0hp0h was deprived of. Then s0hp0h kenot think of anything tropical anymore, so just drew the humble watermelon. And tot to self, what’s watermelon in BM? Then proceeded to ask Perky. Again, she gave the same shrug and the same reply. Knowing she kenot rely on Perky, s0hp0h think hard, real HARD and Ahhhh! ‘Tembikai la’, s0hp0h murmured to Perky, to which she noded Ohhhh, yaya! upon. Then s0hp0h tot, this is fun, why not we try to name as many fruits we can in BM? And Perky started writing a few down: duku, langsat, ciku. s0hp0h asked, how do u say apple and orange ah? Perky jotted: Epal, Oren. ‘Of course of course!’ s0hp0h tot to herself while wondering what about banana? Perky continued as if on cue: pisang. Then perky wrote: ‘Grapes leh?’ Er, s0hp0h think n think n think and was going to say it out, when Perky wrote: ‘gugur’. s0hp0h looked at it and was like, ‘HUH?’ ‘Really?’ And Perky noded assuringly and s0hp0h looked at it again, yaya, it seems right. Then we continued writing other fruits: ‘cempedak, nangka, kelapa, delima, limau, gajus, limau batu’. We stopped at ‘sumthing’ that we just couldn’t figure it out so when the lecture ended, Perky shouted to Viv, ‘What’s ‘sumthing’ in BM?’ And Viv shook her head. Then we started throwing fruits at her, see how much BM she can rmbr. Coconut? -Kelapa- Watermelon? -Tembikai- Grapes? -Anggur-. s0hp0h and Perky shrieked, anggur sia, not gugurla. -.-”’

SO that was basically it.. s0hp0h sucked at BM =( Oh btw, if u r wondering what’s limau batu? Well, it never existed.. It was meant to be jambu batu. And can anyone please tell s0hp0h what’s MUSCLE in BM? Arghhhh it’s bugging s0hp0h!~

Lastly, Hari Merdeka Happy Perkypie.blogspot 1st anniversary everyone! If u’ll plox excuse me, s0hp0h needs to go remind Perky to celebrate her 1st anniversary in her almost stagnant blog… Ta!

Muscle = Otot (Pik Shen 11.36 pm)


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Clinic with EP

s0hMood > *hot* wah, spring is comming and for the first tiem of s0hp0h’s life, she’d seen REAL ‘mei hua’ and they look exactly like the fake ones.

Today is s0hp0h’s clinic session and everyone in the group arrived with Conor arriving extremly early, which is unusual cos he’s usually the last one.. Maybe cos he kena ‘sound’ by the tutor last week. Anyhow, another unusual thing is, the clock strike half past and yet, s0hp0h’s tutor was no where to be seen and this is like extremely unusual cos she owes comes about 25 past without fail. And another MORE unusual thing was, EP started walking into the clinic when she’s SUPPOSE to be in lab with Viv’s group. Then Conor started suggesting that our tutor’s away this week and thus, EP is taking us instead. Almost instantly s0hp0h said, ‘But she has a lab group though!’ It never occured to s0hp0h that she will leave her own group to take up our group. Maybe clinic is more important gua and there’s no one else available where as in lab, just almost any tutor can take over? Especially Viv’s small group. At that point s0hp0h tot, how funny will it be if Viv get s0hp0h’s lab tutor, and s0hp0h got HER lab tutor (which reli did happened). Anyhow, s0hp0h was just thinking about how Viv’s going to be sooooo dissapointed cos that’s what she look forward to for like the WHOLE week and here s0hp0h is, literally crushing her hopes? Eh, but not s0hp0h’s fault hor, u must understand Viv, it’s s0hp0h’s tutor who’s away and s0hp0h kenot control it right? s0hp0h won’t say Viv will kill s0hp0h hor, but she will be so jealous, muahahhaa. Oh ya, another thing Viv, s0hp0h won’t have a crush on EP can? s0hp0h can look at EP’s eyes like ALL the time without fail. But one weird thing, because of how Viv keep emphasising on this body CONTACT thingy hor, s0hp0h can’t help but try to notice oso la. And er, oni one word, friendly. Enough said.. Oh maybe add a bit, Viv, u think TOO much.

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So grosss!!!

s0hMood > *dissapointed*

Didn’t know what to blog, and I was signing in into this page hor, while unwrapping one seemingly interesting chocolate. I heard how people love it and since I haven’t tried it before, I chose it rather than the usual Picnic bar.

As I put it near my mouth, hmm, I’ve got a really bad feeling about it, it smells like strawberry flavoured chemicals, reminding me of the pink gooey medication when I was chicken pox-ed like ten years or so ago (more than that actually). Sceptical, I bit the chocolate into half, and there was this pink reddish thingy starring back at me, and at that very moment, I knew I was in deep shit…

God it tasted soooooooooooo bad sia, whoever who told me that it was nice, TT u la! It’s like sooo gross that even the nice chocolate coating tasted dodgy. Note to self – stock up for pranks ^^

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The stalkers

s0hMood > *cocky*

Guess what? s0hp0h notice some stalkers today.. Following me? Nono, they are following EP. People who dunno who’s EP, er, just my friend’s *cough cough* crush *cough cough*. Anyhow, who are the stalkers, most importantly? Nola, not my friend. So shocked u noe cos we’re classmates (with the stalkers and quite close summore) and what they did was soooo obvious lo, those eyes just kept following EP and the funny expressions on their faces are just so not funny. Well, actually they are my friends just not my friend who has a crush on EP, not the same friend, different friends. Make sense?

Anyway, so what happened was, s0hp0h and YY were walking back to dental school after the evening lecture ended and then we saw EP. YY stopped cos she said it’s weird walking with EP up the pathway, but no, she turned to the main door of the dental hospital oh ya, after giving us that, may s0hp0h quote, OSF charming smile and OSF mesmerising eyes (Viv, 2006). And we thought oh, EP is going back to the school to work even it’s so late d. But no, she wasn’t, she walked towards the car park, next to the main door and stood there, with the anticipating look.

Then that’s when the stalkers appeared! They locked, well, one of them, locked her eyes on EP while pretending to be chatting. EP approached a car and got into the car which sight was blocked by other cars and the stalkers were like, Ohhhhh, EP’s partner. And so, the stalkers were like waiting for the car to turned out to the traffic lights where it can be seen to get a view of the mysterious partner. Then there they were in the car and for one moment, s0hp0h think she saw EP waving thought the really dark car windows, but not entirely sure, so she didn’t wave back, cos if she isn’t, it’s like damn paiseh, waving at air meh. Plus worse still, what if EP thinks s0hp0h’s a stalker then mah die? s0hp0h’s INNOCENT!

Anyhow, and then the car turned to the main road after the lights turned green and the stalkers lost track of EP.. Then stalker1 was like, ‘gosh, we are turning into stalkers’. I noe, how irony right? Stalker saying themselves stalkers. Then the stalker1 continued, ‘nvmla, for Viv’s sake..’ Then stalker2 said, ‘eh ying ying, u dun wanna go home? It’s like so dark liao..’ to which stalker1 asnwered, ‘okla then, bye bye peng!’ Get it? Dun? Bah, forget it then…

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A different kind of preservation

s0hMood > *hungry* upload liao oni realise, it’s so ugly, nvmla, s0hp0h’s hungryyy..

Do you guys ever believe in live after death? s0hp0h does. It represents a hope and maked death less scary. s0hp0h did blog about her beliefs in reincarnation before but in modern days where things aren’t that spiritual, there is another kind of life after death. Ever heard of cryonics preservation? Well, before today, s0hp0h hasn’t heard of it either. ^^ Saw a report about this in Nine’s 60 minutes and wah, it’s quite interesting but s0hp0h must say, she prefer the reincarnation concept much better, although it’s er, more ghostly.

Cryonics preservation is like the more logical and scientific reincarnation, well, not really reincarnate, er, ressurection maybe? What actually happen is the doctors will freeze your dead body hor, then hoping that in a hundred years time, there is adequate technology to bring you back to life. Maybe it’s because of the bizzareness of the idea, s0hp0h just can’t seem to put some sense into it. Anyhow, apparently it started in the US, as usual, and now Australians are adopting it too. The interesting thing hor, here you can either choose to freeze up your entire body, or your head only. Well, dunno whether s0hp0h heard it wrongly or not, cos it cost AUD 160,000 for a whole, and 50% discount for the head only. And this will entitle you to be preserved for er, 100 years. Which means, 1600 a year, er not bad bah the price, you consider the electricity and the price of chemicals hor, plus the inflation rate summore, quite a bargain sia. Lolx. And why some ppl choose to freeze only the head, apparently is some believe that in the future, there might be possible to connect them to new bodies. Er, not a very good idea cos hor, you see, say if you get a new body that’s old, or diff race even diff sex, wah, big problem. Plus, if in the future, bringing dead people back to life is possible, then why would there be any extra bodies anyway?

Anyhow, the problem is hor, how many years did it take to invent the light bulb? Er, s0hp0h dunno, but it doesn’t happen overnight and 100 years seemed a bit too short and imagine hor, we still haven’t found the cure for cancer yet nor is there any substantial breakthrough in stem cells, then it is rather impossible to think in such a near future that ressurection is possible. Even Doraemon can’t do that! But then s0hp0h guess, it represent s hope for some people bah, but if the dead can indeed be bring back to life, s0hp0h rather being brought back as a baby, rather than a oledi old human. Whats the fun when you cannot adapt to the surroundings and all your friends and family are oledi prolly dead wor right? So, reincarnation is a muchhhh better idea lo although there’s always a risk s0hp0h will come back as a pig….

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s0hMood > *annoyed*

As u can see from the title, s0hp0h is very freaking dissapointed. Lolx, after finish reading, u’ll prolly think s0hp0h’s so wu liao, this kind of thing oso care. But but but, ok, lost for words, there’s ntg s0hp0h can say to make this entry less wu liao cos it is reli silly, but but, it’s sad ok! So pls allow s0hp0h to indulge to moment..

It started off as a nice Friday, s0hp0h’s fave day. It soon turned bad when s0hp0h watch this china competition that’s popularised last year, ‘Chau Ji Nv Shen’ and s0hp0h really like this girl hor, Gong He her name is, and she’s like so good ^^. Although s0hp0h likes Aus Idol, but this competition just isn’t the same la, in many kind of aspects. People always say they’re the same, but really, s0hp0h thinks the chinese concept is much better, although proved to be dissapointing at times. DAMN!

Anyhow, why s0hp0h was dissapointed is just that even in the auditions, s0hp0h oledi like her and watched how she slowly proceed to the next round, again and again and again despite her votes being low. In this competition, lowest vote person needs to ‘PK’ with another contestant who the judges think is worst. And because she’s so freaking good, she won every single PK round, oh ya, pk doesn’t mean pokai, it’s just player kill, where one contestant will be kick off after a group voting. She eventually became the second runner up in her respective state and she was competing to enter the nationals (oni ten places). And sigh, she was the 11th. This is like the first time s0hp0h wanna screamed out F**K out LOUD can? Actually s0hp0h was repeatingly effing, anyhow, you might think since she has low votes, no matter how good she can sing, she dun deserve it etc. But hell, during the qualifying rounds for the nationals, her votes actually boost a lot and she got the second highest votes sia, which is whyyyy it’s such a freaking waste!!!!!!

You might think, since her votes so high, how come she ended up out, no, it’s not because of the judges putting her as the worst, it’s because this other concept of the lowest votes person get to picked who she wan to PK with amongst two person and that girl picked s0hp0h’s favourite. Sigh, and datz how it ended. Deng, the top ten contestants (so-called anyway) literally suck.. Well not all la, s0hp0h still like some, but then most of them weren’t that good. Yeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Wanna bash someone la.. Calm down calm down.. Okla, s0hp0h knows she’s childish and wu liao, but but, it’s annoying ok!! Wish Gong He all the best hor, hope she can be a successful singer, which s0hp0h thinks, is very likely bah.

Anyhow, below is one of the song she sang in the competition if interested. Lolx, s0hp0h actually put it there so that s0hp0h can view it everywhr s0hp0h is, lame hor, anyhow, nice song ma.. ^^ Ohya, to avoid any copy right issue horrr, these days blogging is so risky, s0hp0h obtained this from the site engraved on the video, and er, it’s part of a competition played on a China TV station, Hunan Wei Shi or sumthing rather.. Surprisingly, it loads pretty quickly, but quality is so so oni.. Tried to adjust the size, but just couldn’t get it right, so it’s a bit blurish..

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Test U!

s0hMood > *cold*

Was browsing through daily site visits and saw a quiz, ‘How un-malaysian are u?’ at

My result:

Congratulations s0hp0h, you are 62% not Malaysian.

That means you’re as Malaysian as…

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Interesting cos I was actually answering HONESTly.. So, how UNmalaysian are u?

p/s Do u know dat Pluto is NO longer a planet? OMFGBBQ~ Rmbr how they once thought the earth is in the middle of the solar system and we laugh our arse off thinking, that’s like sooo wrong cos textbooks say SUN is the central? Imagine many years later your kids saying back to you, Ba/Ma, your generation sooo stupid la, Pluto how can be a planet, din learn science meh? Even my standard three textbook oso got solar system and there’s like NOOO pluto k! -.-“

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