soo freaking BORED

s0hMood > *bored*

Aisyeh, s0hp0h has ntg to do. Wanted to play Neopets but it’s loading veryyy slowly for some reason. Sien man. Anyhow, so this should be a very wordy entry lo cos s0hp0h has soo much time ya.

Facts of the day(s) :-

  1. Told to use a kid’s toothbrush because of s0hp0h’s small mouth and hence, small arches. How insulting, actually, means s0hp0h’s still very very young…
  2. Arranged extracted teeth in a base, it’s like a denture and kept in a ‘chicken-rice plastic takeaway container’ with a germicide solution, gross. Told to keep it in the locker for the coming four and the half years…
  3. Hopped on a bus, as usual, preparing to smile to the bus driver, one of the normal courtesy thingy here, and instead, s0hp0h’s jaw almost fell. He, yes a he, no la, not cos he too leng zhai or anything, yeee how can u all think dat, gross la cos usually bus driver = old uncle, okla, friendly old uncle. But this one is one of the youngest driver s0hp0h ever SEEN. He’s barely as old as s0hp0h is. Probably only 18 or 19 y.o. Wah lao, and as the journey progresses, can’t help but feel insecure. U count la, at most, he only got his normal driving liscence for 2 years like dat oni. But then heard last time a fren told s0hp0h, his/her (forgot who liao) fren who happens to be in flying academy has NO driving liscence. -.-” can fly plane but cannot drive car. How weird hor? It’s like you noe how to RUn but dunno how to walk. And yes, if you’re reading, s0hp0h IS indeed talking bout u, Banana!
  4. Read this joke about English names that chinese with the surname ‘Cheng’ shouldn’t use, classic ones were Monica Cheng and Carl Cheng (pls repeat in your best Hokkien slang). If you don’t understand, then bah, skip to the next fact…
  5. s0hp0h oledi knew this world is small cos s0hp0h’s fren cum ex-roomie, Chian Ur’s fren also knows s0hp0h’s fren. Getting confused? Probably s0hp0h words not making sense. K, try again. The connection is s0hp0h => Chian Ur => her fren, Pei Shan => Wendy, s0hp0h’s coursemate => s0hp0h. Ok, maybe s0hp0h’s the only one who think it’s interesting. Anyhow, found out another one, but through a very bad news. s0hp0h => Wai Luen, connected through Bee Kee => his fren => another fren (may he R.I.P) => Xin Yee aka Perky => s0hp0h. Amazing isn’t it, what?? Amazing MA!!! This worls is just so small.
  6. Was doing this orientation thing in class when s0hp0h’s suppose to introduce the person paired up wif s0hp0h to the group, who happened to be s0hp0h’s fren, Han. We both were so confident about each other facts that when we were suppose to exchange our information, s0hp0h pretend she’s Han and Han vice versa. Then the real thing came, s0hp0h excitedly exclaimed, “This is Han, she’s from Korea, married and 23 y.o.” It was then Han said out loud, “No, I’m 26!”. So paiseh…

Ended… Now back to disturbing Perky and waiting for nabasson Vivien to freaking TAG s0hp0h…


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