Not something U hear everyday

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Too bored, so wanted to blog something… So, this is a list of things s0hp0h came across when encountered such situation (based on real life story):-

  1. When you don’t understand what someone’s saying,
    “What talking you?” (this is no grammar mistake, it was said like dat) -Ying2-
    “OMGWTFKNNCCBBBQ” -Perkypie-
    “Oh ic…” rmbr to smile, then turned to the person next to u and ask, “what he/she say ah?” -s0hp0h-

  2. When you just feel like swearing politely,
    “Wafak” -Perkypie- (at this pt u might think perky is very vulgar, yes SHE is actually Vivien’s suppose to be the vulgar one)
    “Tim Tam u la” -s0hp0h-
    “Pok lei geh zhi ma luk dao ding ding tong” (canto) -heard from friend that some1 think this is profanity-
    “Siba segi” -Korean, first heard from Viv- (ppl won’t noe ur swearing at them, of course, only swear at those who dun understand la)
  3. When some1’s reli noisy/lame,
    “STFU la” -Perkypie- (as you would have guessed, it’s also a swear sentence)
    “eh lu siao ka?” -s0hp0h-
    “S.S” or “S.S.S” (namely syok sendiri & super syok sendiri) -forgot-who-use-first-liao-
    “super noob/gay” -Viv-
    Use ur hand to make a mouth opening and closing motion (like PacMan) and say,”Arkk arrkk arkkkkkk~~~!” to get a crow-flying-across-the-room-effect -[T][A][G]-
    “Mm hou hai dou ki ki kat kat” -Some HK radio show, first heard Pik Shen saying it-
  4. When some1’s looking at u weirdly,
    Charge up to him/her, wrap ur arm around his/her neck and say, “Lei ah ma mou gau ga?” (warning: s0hp0h will not accept responsibility for any injuries associated with trials) -heard while yumcha-ing in mamak stall during a supposingly initiation of a gang fight-
  5. When u wanna annoy your blog readers or better still, your lecturer,
    P.l.e.a.s.e.k.e.e.p.t.y.p.i.n.g.l.i.k.e.t.h.i.s. -Vivien-
    Use a font colour that’s the same as the background -s0hp0h- (warning: s0hp0h will not accept responsibility for any zero marks obtained for assignments)
  6. When u are bored,
    “Can you entertain me?” -some-guy-who-studied-2-much-
    Press the nudge button on ur msn as many n as fast as you can 2 ur desired target. (best result achieved when the person’s X on busy mode and when they are actually there) -s0hp0h-
  7. When ur shocked/surprised,
    “Wahlaoness” -Cheesie-
    “Apaberlakuness” -Viv/Perky-
    Question the other party, “Really? REALLY? R-E-A-L-L-Y?” with the most bizzare expression you can. -some-guy-who-studied-2-much-
    “Sweat ppl do sweat thing” -[T][A][G]-
    “Oimehhhhhhh” -forgot-who-use-first-liao-
    “Yao mouuuuuuuu” (canto) -[T][A][G]-
  8. When u don’t believe someone,
    “Lei mm hou dong ngo Lulu wor” -Some HK radio show, first heard Pik Shen saying-
    “Hou chi hei gam!!” (canto) -[T][A][G]-
  9. When someone don’t believe u,
    “F u la” -Viv-
    “Hou chi mmmmmm hei gam!!” (canto) -[T][A][G]-

Kenot think anymore.. Update next time.. Some might not make sense cos it’s extracted from long winded conversations, u’ll oni understand if u noe the whole story.


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,


    Classic entry! you go girl!!

    BUT WTF LA i.t.y.p.e.l.i.k.e.t.h.i.s is not coz i wanna irritate my readers and ep la!

    is coz shy la to let u read at one go


  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    hahaha..but i find it hard to read la.. hahhaa so is quite annoying.. AHHAAHHAA

    it’s liek:


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