Chian Chain is annoying

s0hMood > *hot* such a warm day!!

Lolx, my ex-roomie Chian Ur owes say I spell her name wrongly as chain ur instead of C-H-I-A-N, considering the fact dat at few occasions I wrongly typed her name as china, chain in comparison is reli not so bad la right? Lol

SO, back to chain, god, I soooooo hate chain letters can? Cos it’s like oo, pls repost this in bla bla seconds to bla bla number of ppl or bla bla will happen to u, ur family, wateva la k. It’s like, WTF pls stop cursing me can? Ntg better to do is it?

ALthough I do understand y ppl do that, cos at one point I was doing it too, and I suppose I annoyed lots of others in my mail list? Maybe that explain why my fren dun use emails anymore. Anyhow, not my fault wat, u see, these chain letters dun just freaking pop up in my inbox for no reason la (or will it..). It’s those *$&*$^#_)(%(#*^@ people who sent me those freaky letters and then claim dat ‘Anna will come out during midnight in my bedroom and stab me to death’ if I dun repost it. Being like such a naive person horr, young and dense me just think, well, in this world, lots of things are possible and since I oledi believe in ghosts, of course any ghost believer in their right mind will believe in chain letters, no? Luckily it’s thru email hor, if not s0hp0h will so be eating curry rice pasta behind bars because sending it through post in Aus is illegal.

Even so, now s0hp0h don’t send chian chain around anymore, so as I am doing u a favour, pls do me a favour and dun send them to me la. If not horrrr, I will send u every single chain letter hanging around in my inbox, yes, every single freaking one.


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    why do u bother opening ’em at the first place?

    when i see FWD mails in my mail box, i just delete ’em. lol.

    noob la chain letter. it’s the reason i stopped using friendster too.

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lolx, i oso dunno they areeee ma..

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