Happy Birthday: Mavis Ngan

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It’s at time like this I wished blogspot have this category thingy, like how I did when I wrote about Chian Ur back in my old blog. Anyhow, exactly 20 years ago, my humble friend, Mavis was born, and here, I would like to wish her a very very very super hyper happy birthday, well, that is if she can see this, I doubt it, but oh well…

Mavis and me during my farewell last last year.

I first knew Mavis back in 1999, when I was still a very guai Form 1 student. We were classmates and er, I don’t think we were friends during that time. Actually, I barely remember when we bonded, er Form 2 perhaps. No that doesn’t seem right, er, Form 3 maybe. Yeah, so what happen was we were both trainee librarians and we both were on duty on the same day, lucky Friday. And after our one or two hour duty period, gosh, it’s been so long I can’t even rmbr the duty period, anyhow, Mavis, Bee Kee and me will go lepaking at the nearby Jaya Jusco. I dunno why we were so enthu in lepaking but we did that almost every week. And hence, being such good lepaking kaki(s), we became very good lepaking friends.

MAVIS and Alvin, my primary school friend.

I don’t recall my first impression of her but trust me when you look at her face, she just doesn’t seem the kind who will be friendly and 38 and talkative and s0h and funny. She looks like those typical guai girl, like meeee wahaha, anyhow, turned out she wasn’t, and I wasn’t too :(. Nvm, it’s my 38-ness that actually helped in getting closer to friends, back then with Mavis, TAG and also the dentified friends now, where Viv even said that we are too *fu qian*. I was like WTH? Nvm, back to Mavis, so she’s one of my best best best friend and she’s just so lovable. Anyhow, here’s some facts about her that I hope she won’t mind me publishing it. Lol.

Mavis and Gary, also my primary school friend, her boyfriend.


  1. Mavis Ngan P*** G**n (name censored to protect the innocent, not because it’s a swear word la) It was from her name I finally concluded most people who use English names don’t have nice chinese names. Note that I say most oh, not all oh, so if u r the ones with English name and think ur Chinese name is nice to, well, congratulations then, lucky u..)
  2. Nicknames: ‘Pak gu’, ‘pei gu’ and Maaavis (pronounce Ma like how u pronounce mother in canto).
  3. Attributes: Tall, skinny like hell, fair and pretty!
  4. Likes: Lepaking at JJ with me! Lolx current one I seriously dunno la.
  5. Dislike: The cold and the hot (when it’s cold her lower jaw shivers and a ‘gegegege’ sound followed, made by me.. when it’s hot she sweats profusely to the extent that the Premier tissue company’s profits can well doubled)
  6. A girl who’s first time date lasted for less than one day after she regreted her choice, and then decided to erase that from her memory, waiting for her next ‘first’ date.
  7. The girl who got splashed on the skirt with me by a stupid blind car, driver sorry turning the corner, screehing the tyre into the freaking puddle, while walking to JJ on one rainy day.
  8. The girl who joined me to curseeeee the driver after he/she splash our already wet uniforms.
  9. The girl who ate ice cream at the wrong time..

    Look at the greedy mouth!!!

  10. And the girl who turns 20 years old today! Happy Birthday Mavis!!!

Thank you very much for your frenship all these years and may I quote a weird poem courtesy of Viv Kenny Sia,

King wants gold ships,
Queen wants silver ships,
Jack wants ware ships,
I want friendships! (and I sooo found it!!!)

Please allow me to end with this very lame, corny phrase, but my ultimate wish, Friendship Forever!~~


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    the flying monkeys said,

    nice blog. I’ll be back to visit. Hope to see you on mine.
    With best wishes

  2. 2

    MsLiverpool said,

    lol advertising his own blog or?

    by the way, u hv another fren nameed viv? i did not come up wit tht poem.

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    U laaaaa… isn’t it u?? oh shit.. i forgot whr i got it??? u serious it’s not u?? lolx… ok..i dun rmbr whr I saw that poem..maybe is from chen’s blogggg

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    i noe liao.. i saw in kenny sia.com… dunno why i kept thinking is u.. LOLXXXXXX cos u owes do weird things like dat?? prolly.. ^^

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