My high-profile patient

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So, I had my clinic session today and guess who’s my patient? (it’s so pointless hor when ppl say “u know wat? guess wat?” cos if u noe, would you even bother listening to them liao?) Anyhow, my patient hor, guess la ^^Y. Yala, my group oni has two people, me and Vivien Vivian, so my patient of course is Vivian la right, 3 years old kid oso noe la, blind de oso can guess la, but guess what? (yes, guessss wat!!!), u r all WRONG, WRONG n WRONG. Ok, u prolly dun care if u’re wrong and going like ‘WTF?’ But this u all will care, I hope, Princess D was my patient!! Ok, at this point u might be thinking, WTF again and are u tolking bout the Princess D i’m thinking about or worse still, WTH is Princess D? Neh, Diana lo, siapa lagi. Yala, she’s dead and her ninth anniversary is approaching, mind you, which fatefully conincide with M’sia’s merdeka Perky’s blog 1st anniversary. If at this point u r still thinking WTF? Diana wat?, er, all I can say is… behold?

What actually happened is pretty obvious la, yala, she wasn’t my patient cos she’s dead and there’s no way cos she’s reli dead or else dat means I’m seeing things and shud be send to tanjung rambutan, or better still tanjung durian. The truth is actually my clinic tutor said that taking each other’s med history each week is pointless cos obviously we are dental students and will be pretty healthy (err.. and so she ASSUMED *shrugs*), so she will assign us characters so that we have somethingggg in the med history and so we can learn how it can affect certain procedures. So why Princess D u might ask, cos she was bulimic and so shud have lots of erosion bah. But her teeth in pictures owes seem so nice though, hmm… She had a good dentist.

Btw, did I mention my favourite question in asking patient’s med history is ‘Are you pregnant?’ I heard from a senior who checked my teeth earlier this year sais dat they asked that even to males cos it’s a standard procedure. LOL, males!

Anyhow, so ya, my patient WAS Princess D and Vivian who’s playing Princess D was soooo into her character she said to me after I told her I’m going to lower the chair, “Shouldn’t u be addressing me ‘Your Royal Highness’ or something?” Er.. OK, your royal hiGHness.. ^^

Then when it was MY turn to be the patient, guess what? (guess WHAT!!) I was to play Kate Moss. Lolx, KATE MOSS, kenot even freaking imagine… Oh, something new I learnt, apparently ppl who use coccaine have screwed up nose. But Kate Moss’ nose oso ok wat.. Didn’t seem cacat-ed oso… Anyhow, even cacat-ed she has the money to fix/enhance it oso. So yeah, rmbr dun take coccaine if u dun have the money to FIX ur screwed up nose..


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    diu that is bull crap ok?


    ur tutor is gay sia =p

    i tot u were going to complain bout ur patient lol

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lol.. my ‘dentist’ u mean.. nola.. although my gums feel wobbly.. 😦

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