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As u can see from the title, s0hp0h is very freaking dissapointed. Lolx, after finish reading, u’ll prolly think s0hp0h’s so wu liao, this kind of thing oso care. But but but, ok, lost for words, there’s ntg s0hp0h can say to make this entry less wu liao cos it is reli silly, but but, it’s sad ok! So pls allow s0hp0h to indulge to moment..

It started off as a nice Friday, s0hp0h’s fave day. It soon turned bad when s0hp0h watch this china competition that’s popularised last year, ‘Chau Ji Nv Shen’ and s0hp0h really like this girl hor, Gong He her name is, and she’s like so good ^^. Although s0hp0h likes Aus Idol, but this competition just isn’t the same la, in many kind of aspects. People always say they’re the same, but really, s0hp0h thinks the chinese concept is much better, although proved to be dissapointing at times. DAMN!

Anyhow, why s0hp0h was dissapointed is just that even in the auditions, s0hp0h oledi like her and watched how she slowly proceed to the next round, again and again and again despite her votes being low. In this competition, lowest vote person needs to ‘PK’ with another contestant who the judges think is worst. And because she’s so freaking good, she won every single PK round, oh ya, pk doesn’t mean pokai, it’s just player kill, where one contestant will be kick off after a group voting. She eventually became the second runner up in her respective state and she was competing to enter the nationals (oni ten places). And sigh, she was the 11th. This is like the first time s0hp0h wanna screamed out F**K out LOUD can? Actually s0hp0h was repeatingly effing, anyhow, you might think since she has low votes, no matter how good she can sing, she dun deserve it etc. But hell, during the qualifying rounds for the nationals, her votes actually boost a lot and she got the second highest votes sia, which is whyyyy it’s such a freaking waste!!!!!!

You might think, since her votes so high, how come she ended up out, no, it’s not because of the judges putting her as the worst, it’s because this other concept of the lowest votes person get to picked who she wan to PK with amongst two person and that girl picked s0hp0h’s favourite. Sigh, and datz how it ended. Deng, the top ten contestants (so-called anyway) literally suck.. Well not all la, s0hp0h still like some, but then most of them weren’t that good. Yeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Wanna bash someone la.. Calm down calm down.. Okla, s0hp0h knows she’s childish and wu liao, but but, it’s annoying ok!! Wish Gong He all the best hor, hope she can be a successful singer, which s0hp0h thinks, is very likely bah.

Anyhow, below is one of the song she sang in the competition if interested. Lolx, s0hp0h actually put it there so that s0hp0h can view it everywhr s0hp0h is, lame hor, anyhow, nice song ma.. ^^ Ohya, to avoid any copy right issue horrr, these days blogging is so risky, s0hp0h obtained this from the site engraved on the video, and er, it’s part of a competition played on a China TV station, Hunan Wei Shi or sumthing rather.. Surprisingly, it loads pretty quickly, but quality is so so oni.. Tried to adjust the size, but just couldn’t get it right, so it’s a bit blurish..


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