The stalkers

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Guess what? s0hp0h notice some stalkers today.. Following me? Nono, they are following EP. People who dunno who’s EP, er, just my friend’s *cough cough* crush *cough cough*. Anyhow, who are the stalkers, most importantly? Nola, not my friend. So shocked u noe cos we’re classmates (with the stalkers and quite close summore) and what they did was soooo obvious lo, those eyes just kept following EP and the funny expressions on their faces are just so not funny. Well, actually they are my friends just not my friend who has a crush on EP, not the same friend, different friends. Make sense?

Anyway, so what happened was, s0hp0h and YY were walking back to dental school after the evening lecture ended and then we saw EP. YY stopped cos she said it’s weird walking with EP up the pathway, but no, she turned to the main door of the dental hospital oh ya, after giving us that, may s0hp0h quote, OSF charming smile and OSF mesmerising eyes (Viv, 2006). And we thought oh, EP is going back to the school to work even it’s so late d. But no, she wasn’t, she walked towards the car park, next to the main door and stood there, with the anticipating look.

Then that’s when the stalkers appeared! They locked, well, one of them, locked her eyes on EP while pretending to be chatting. EP approached a car and got into the car which sight was blocked by other cars and the stalkers were like, Ohhhhh, EP’s partner. And so, the stalkers were like waiting for the car to turned out to the traffic lights where it can be seen to get a view of the mysterious partner. Then there they were in the car and for one moment, s0hp0h think she saw EP waving thought the really dark car windows, but not entirely sure, so she didn’t wave back, cos if she isn’t, it’s like damn paiseh, waving at air meh. Plus worse still, what if EP thinks s0hp0h’s a stalker then mah die? s0hp0h’s INNOCENT!

Anyhow, and then the car turned to the main road after the lights turned green and the stalkers lost track of EP.. Then stalker1 was like, ‘gosh, we are turning into stalkers’. I noe, how irony right? Stalker saying themselves stalkers. Then the stalker1 continued, ‘nvmla, for Viv’s sake..’ Then stalker2 said, ‘eh ying ying, u dun wanna go home? It’s like so dark liao..’ to which stalker1 asnwered, ‘okla then, bye bye peng!’ Get it? Dun? Bah, forget it then…


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    diu..i am so fucking jealous ok?! AIH

    if me i sure wud hv asked “going back to work”

    then she wud say “no, my partner is picking me up”


    JESUS CHRIST A FUCKING MEN so fucking lucky u

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    -.-‘ like dat oso jealous.. -.-“””

  3. 3

    MsLiverpool said,


    nvm nvm…mayb my lucky day aint yesterday! :d

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    chiew.. but u oledi get to see ep every thursday close contact summore.. wat else can u ask FOR??

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