So grosss!!!

s0hMood > *dissapointed*

Didn’t know what to blog, and I was signing in into this page hor, while unwrapping one seemingly interesting chocolate. I heard how people love it and since I haven’t tried it before, I chose it rather than the usual Picnic bar.

As I put it near my mouth, hmm, I’ve got a really bad feeling about it, it smells like strawberry flavoured chemicals, reminding me of the pink gooey medication when I was chicken pox-ed like ten years or so ago (more than that actually). Sceptical, I bit the chocolate into half, and there was this pink reddish thingy starring back at me, and at that very moment, I knew I was in deep shit…

God it tasted soooooooooooo bad sia, whoever who told me that it was nice, TT u la! It’s like sooo gross that even the nice chocolate coating tasted dodgy. Note to self – stock up for pranks ^^


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