Happy Merdeka 2006

s0hMood > *congrats* 49th years and still counting..

Lolx, despite in the spirit, (well technically you can say there’s no ne cos s0hp0h din felt it at all? But can’t blame me though cos in country like this, even CNY became insignificant) s0hp0h’s actually not a particularly patriotic person. Y? Because s0hp0h’s not patriotic, end of line. Still, s0hp0h would like to wish all M’sians who are IN or SS-ing the merdeka spirit.

On this very veryyy Malaysian day, kenot get MORE m’sian than that, s0hp0h wanted to show you why exactly s0hp0h fail miserably as a Msian…

A few days before, was in the Bio lecture, sitting next to Perky. As usual, the lectures weren’t payed attention to and all s0hp0h did was muck around. But anyhow, this was quite an interesting one, a real reality check up for s0hp0h.

s0hp0h started by writing on Perky’s notes: ‘How u say muscle in BM?’ Perky thought for a while, wanted to say sumthing, but then went blank. Shrugged, she wrote: ‘Dunno..’ Then s0hp0h start drawing fruits on the lecture notes, which included famous delicacies like durian, manggis and rambutans which s0hp0h was deprived of. Then s0hp0h kenot think of anything tropical anymore, so just drew the humble watermelon. And tot to self, what’s watermelon in BM? Then proceeded to ask Perky. Again, she gave the same shrug and the same reply. Knowing she kenot rely on Perky, s0hp0h think hard, real HARD and Ahhhh! ‘Tembikai la’, s0hp0h murmured to Perky, to which she noded Ohhhh, yaya! upon. Then s0hp0h tot, this is fun, why not we try to name as many fruits we can in BM? And Perky started writing a few down: duku, langsat, ciku. s0hp0h asked, how do u say apple and orange ah? Perky jotted: Epal, Oren. ‘Of course of course!’ s0hp0h tot to herself while wondering what about banana? Perky continued as if on cue: pisang. Then perky wrote: ‘Grapes leh?’ Er, s0hp0h think n think n think and was going to say it out, when Perky wrote: ‘gugur’. s0hp0h looked at it and was like, ‘HUH?’ ‘Really?’ And Perky noded assuringly and s0hp0h looked at it again, yaya, it seems right. Then we continued writing other fruits: ‘cempedak, nangka, kelapa, delima, limau, gajus, limau batu’. We stopped at ‘sumthing’ that we just couldn’t figure it out so when the lecture ended, Perky shouted to Viv, ‘What’s ‘sumthing’ in BM?’ And Viv shook her head. Then we started throwing fruits at her, see how much BM she can rmbr. Coconut? -Kelapa- Watermelon? -Tembikai- Grapes? -Anggur-. s0hp0h and Perky shrieked, anggur sia, not gugurla. -.-”’

SO that was basically it.. s0hp0h sucked at BM =( Oh btw, if u r wondering what’s limau batu? Well, it never existed.. It was meant to be jambu batu. And can anyone please tell s0hp0h what’s MUSCLE in BM? Arghhhh it’s bugging s0hp0h!~

Lastly, Hari Merdeka Happy Perkypie.blogspot 1st anniversary everyone! If u’ll plox excuse me, s0hp0h needs to go remind Perky to celebrate her 1st anniversary in her almost stagnant blog… Ta!

Muscle = Otot (Pik Shen 11.36 pm)


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    you were asking me STRABERRY LA NOOB


    actually.. when reading ur blog, i was thinking, how do u call watermelon in BM lo.. brain lapse =p

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    hahahaha.. forgot la..i rmbr asking perky.. what’s papaya.. to which she blatantly said..papaya la.. i was like HUHHHH and think think think.. BETIK la..lol

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