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Shit shit SHIT!!!!!!!!! WHo says Uni’s good huh? Who say Uni has the freaking longest break? I dun think so. Bloody hell. Sigh, after a depressing CNY celebration here, last few years ago, I was determined not to spend another freakking CNY here, NEVER. NO NO n NO! And damn, now the freaking course decided to start at 19th Feb. CNY’s on 18 Feb. Great, just great…T-T sob sob, why god do this to me, why whyyyyyyyy? Yerrr, really very cham wan la CNY here, i dun wan. Skip skip skip. But then:

Students are reminded that attendance at all sessions is compulsory. Students who arrive later than the commencement date for their particular year level cannot be accommodated and may miss important information which can delay their start in clinic and have implications for the rest of the year.

-.-‘ How?????? FIngers and toes and wateva shit crossed that it’s just orientation and hell, I’m not going back before CNY. Yes…… haih.. Not only that, each year this stupid course commence earlier and earlier for higher years. What forrrrrrrr? See teeth not sien is it? Thank you very much I very the beh tahan liao. Fark!!! *(^&$*^Q@^#$#*%^&*#%@^)^


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Battle with the… the… wat?

s0hMood > *empty*

Sigh, there’s only a few days left of s0hp0h’s very much cherished term break. Very much cherished? Yes, very much. Because all s0hp0h did was sleep at 12, woke up at 1, eat lunch, get daily dose of Hunter X Hunter anumation (3 hours perhaps?), then dinner, internet, pathetic attempts of starting those big load of assignments, then give up, bang head, and sleep time comes again. It’s like a daily routine, again n again. U can certainly trust s0hp0h on this. -.-” What happened to those goals of revising and doing s0hp0h’s assignment? s0hp0h seriously NEED to do it, but just don’t freaking feel WANTing to do it. Damn. It’s sad la. When uni starts again, s0hp0h’s going to learn it the hard way, yet again. It always, s0hp0h mean ALWAYS happened this way, spending nites patching up all those work, burning midnite oils while adding them frantically (no pun intended), and swear over and over again to s0hself, dun ever DO this to urself next time. DUN EVER. My ass la. Wat a load of shit can? Sigh. Sigh. s0hp0h’s owes work at the eleventh hour, study at the eleventh hour, and when the result’s bad, who else is there to blame but s0hself? -.-‘ And everytime after that struggling despo attempt, s0hp0h can just pray pray pray that it’s all going to be alright and hope that God still loves s0hp0h so he won’t let s0hp0h fail. And s0hp0h suspect his patience is wearing thin since s0hp0h nearly failed the last exam. Hmm. Being ridiculously naive, s0hp0h tot yes, then s0hp0h will be actually motivated to study, but no. NO. Why? Sigh, s0hp0h dunno. Dun even feel guilty of being such a slacker anymore. Being at such a bad state, s0hp0h seriously doubt she’s ever going to graduate. Seriously. How could s0hp0h… But still, s0hp0h MUST graduate if not, god knows what will happen. Those ice-cold stares by s0hp0h’s parents and relatives can kill. And kill. And kill again. Got three lives oso not enough. Sigh, instead of complaining, now that s0hp0h’s feeling slightly motivated, better start finishing some work. Just hope that this so called motivation will last. God, just two hours. Nono, one hour even! *tsk tsk tsk*

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One down

s0hMood > *congrats*

Hohoho!~~~ One s0hgoal is DOWN…….finally, lolx. Hope that means the stimulation of the other goals, preferably stop playing Neopets, then revise ebelithing and finish assignment goal. *fingers and toes crossed*

Behold…… 500,000 NP!!!!! (now oni s0hp0h realise, it’s actually quick easy to earn NPs. Realise too late and wasted too much time..)

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Korean frenzy

s0hMood > *irritated* so many things to do, dunno whr to start…

Was watching entertainment news last nite, the Taiwan wan, then saw this Korean actor dunno what his name, sumthing sang sumthing, then he was in Indo promoting sumthing, movie I suppose? Dunno, then he was talking to the crowds fully in Korean. Of course in front of TV i can un la cos got subtitles, though I was guessing what it’s saying cos chinese characters ma, but the funniest thing is hor, when he was blabbering in Korean then mention sumthing about I’m so glad etc etc, the usual BS, the crowd scream like crazy. I was like WT? Timing so ngam geh? How they understand what he’s saying? Maybe there’s subtitles on the stage screen. Then further on it shows him in Spore doing an opening ceremony for this shop, I assume is beauty products shop, he must be endorsing it or sumthing, then he started blabbering in Korean again. -.-” But this time there’s this translator aunty la, then after the actor speak, the aunty translate. Dun u think that’s just so, not nice? Dun say language is not a barrier wateva shit la, but how can u possibly go crazy bout sumthing u dunno and won’t understand? Those crowds I swear were all goo goo ga ga-ing over him. Anyhow, maybe it’s cos I dunno him, which also explains why I dun understand Rain’s popularity.

Then saw another news bout this Korean group known as ShinWa, I was like, how come the name so familiar de? Then talked about the members then mention names like JunJin HyeSung, I was like, wahlao, whr I see that name before, then I rmbr this. Chiew. It was featured in one of the FanFic I randomly picked from a site cos I was too bored at dat time and Perky was reading It started with a kiss 2 FanFic. In the story, the author wrote bout the group as very good looking males etc etc and of course when u read this kind of thing, got some sort of imagination of how perfect the scene is, ok, maybe it’s just me. Anyhow, when I saw the real faces, -.-‘ *faint*. No offence to their fans hor, maybe the screen is quite far away, no close up pic thank god. Plus it just doesn’t seem right. Period.

Then I was watching this movie channel, excatly the same as the one in Astro, the ‘Tian Ying Ping Dao’ and saw this Korean movie call ‘Cool nan2 sumthing nv’. Typical storyline with unusual script. It’s like a dodgy spin-off of Meteor Garden, except so much less ‘gan dong’ but heaps funnier. The main actor, as usual is like the popular guy in school etc etc, samseng head but he’s not rich la. Then the actress is from a diff skool, those stupid stupid kind. But the thing is hor, not stupid as in Jang Nara cute stupid, if u dunno her, then er, ok, not like Yang Chen Ling cute blur, but this woman I tell is, is blatantly stupid. Why cast her? Out of soooooo many freaking actresses, reli dun understand cos she’s reli quite er, ugly at times, at least in Meteor Garden, can understand how Big S can be bland and pretty and the same time. But this one, when the romance happen, u just dun feel happy for her, just sorry for the male character sia. LOL. It’s reli damn funny. And the script is just sooo edgy and potong steam:-

At the hospital (both of them oso hospitalised – kena beaten at diff times)

The guy doesn’t like ppl touching him cos his father died of aids and he scared that HIV is in his blood. Then the girl found out liao and say, I won’t mind etc etc then finally say, give me a hug (first time they touch) Then the girl proceeded to hug the guy la right. She was sitting up on the hospital bed, the guy’s standing beside her, Thus the girl’s head reach the lvl of approximately the guy’s chest. Then she said, XXX, U smell like a baby. Then the guy smirk la right, normal. Then the guy proceed to smell the girl oso la right, (happens to be the hair) then the guy got this grossed out expression, then smell again and give that really beh tahan face and said, OMG, you hair smells, when’s the last time u wash ur hair?

-.-“”” Damn weird rite? But so funny. Hahahaha. And I was so excited to put my new learnt Korean words into use. The male character owes say, Juguleh? (Wanna die?) I wanna watch “ou xiang jue’!!! Sigh, go back Msia oni watch la. Now need to do assignment. Almost one whole week of holiday gone liao. T-T time pass so fast for wat. Haih…..

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s0hMood > *cocky*

Wao, s0hp0h woke up at 1 today. LOL. Initially planned to go to the beach, but then weather was so so oni, so defer it ba. Then tot of going to Uni to return some book dat s0hp0h borrowed like thousand years ago, haven’t even touch it, why did s0hp0h borrow it in the first place? Sigh, it’s due tomolo, so need to return by tomolo la. If not kena demerit points, and if accumulate to dunno how much, then kena banned from borrowing books for dunno two weeks or sumthing? Having been a librarian once, who cares about demerit points ah? Especially when this one has no effect or watsoeva in ur grades etc. Back then, even charging late fees didn’t work. Maybe because of the pathetic 10 cent daily charge for overdue books. But when s0hp0h in high school diff liao, the admin damn smart lo. They will give you a slip, then s0hp0h has to go to library, canteen and bookroom to get it signed off and they will only sign it if you have repaid all your debts accumulated from s0hp0h noes when. One of my friend had a debt dated years n years back on a text she loaned and don’t even freaking remember. But they expect you to pay it anyhow. And you need to hand in the slip or else, you don’t get to graduate. No references, no certificate. Ntg. Smart hor? Next time maybe can implement in clinics, like er, give them a slip to sign by their doctor, grocery shop and bank.

Was looking for new templates but then look here look there, sien liao. And then think bout the amount of work dat s0hp0h need to filled up the gaps and what if the template screw up? Then s0hp0h’s screwed too lo. Nah, one thing s0hp0h learnt, never take chances, especially when there’s no one else taking it with u, 1st not syok, 2nd being, when u reliiii screwed up, boh lang for u to blame. s0hp0h quote, ‘I love making my failure other people’s fault’ (BroomHilda, 2006).

Sien la. ^^ What do you suggest? Taggies? *hands cover laughing mouth emo* (y sound so UNcute? nvmla, no better description) Dun wan la, s0hp0h oso sien find nice Tags liao. Better go back to the basics, s0hGoals. Neopets, here s0hp0h comes!!~

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The moment u see this title, u r TAGGED.

s0hMood > *songggg ah* Tagging is so FUN. Especially if get to see the ‘beh tahan’ look on u guys’ faces. Wasted wasted.

Whoever you are, as long as you have a blog, u r freaking TAGGED. “Oh, I din see it,” yada yada yada, s0hp0h DUN care. U R TAGGED. Period. Muahaha, blame it on the sien-ness u caused s0hp0h. U didn’t? Bah, who cares, the thing is u r tagged.

Can you name 13 of ur classmates that you can think of right off the top of your head? Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 13 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating!
(Actually hor, dilemma, Old classmates can? Nvmla, old n new ya. But schoolmates can? coursemates can? Nvm, my taggie, I decide.. lol)

1 – Pik Shen
2 – Vivien
3 – Lai Kuan
4 – Xian Boon
5 – Xin Yee
6 – Wendy
7 – Wai Han
8 – Bee Kee
9 – Ying Ying
10 – Sue Anne
11 – Alex Poi (the name just pop up lol)
12 – Mavis
13 – Han

How did you meet 10?
Sue Anne ah, actually, I oso sort of forgot liao. I noe it’s just the starting of the year, but reli dun rmbr leh. My guess is during the Freshers BBQ, (after Anne say, I din go ark, *faint*), if not then during one of those lectures la. Shud be gua..

What would you do if you had never met 1?
Din meet Pik Shen jau cham lo, s0hp0h will never exist, nola, she’s not my mum, just dat, she’s the one who come up with, I’ll be suip0h, then Peng ah, u be s0hp0h la!~

What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
Lolx, datz funny, Vivien + Wendy = OMFG. What will I do? Hmm, *throws confetti into the air*

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Got got, during one New Year celebration, prolly the first time I celebrated with friends, er, 2003 I believe, then some arguement happened, and he cried. Yes, HE cried.

Do you think 10 is cute?
Sue Anne sure cute la *drools*

How did you get to know 8?
Wahlao, it’s like sooo long ago. I know B Kee back in 1999, Form 1. Dat time s0hp0h’s still very guai guai student, lol, diff class from B Kee, and deep in s0hp0h’s heart, I tot that Bee Kee is kuai kuai student, and we will never connect. But turns out that yuen lai s0hp0h’s oso kuai kuai student, thus explain our now nearly 8 years frenship.

Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
Mavis wo, my lepak kaki, date? Of course of course, s0hp0h’s pleasure. ^^

What’s 7’s Favorite color?
Wai Han’s favourite colour, hard leh, Pink perhaps? Since she’s a girly girly girl. Er, anything nice she will like la I think.

What would you do if 6 confessed he/she loves you?
Wahlaoness, Wendy confessing to me? s0hp0h will faint to the ‘max times 10 plus 304’ (Holden, 2006). Why Wendy keep get inflicted into les relationship, is this thing trying to hint me sumthing? Wendy!!!~~~

Fact about 9:
Ying Ying oh, she’s a twin and I believe, assume both of them must be dentified freaks. LOL. By freaks I mean genuis la, dun take it wrong ya.

Who is 4 going out with?
Xian Boon ah, he’s going out with with with, himself lo. Help u advertise a bit la XB, he’s single, anyone wanna register? ^^

who is number 5 to you?
Perkypie, Perkypie and Perkypie. Oh, and she’s the young pie that keeps s0hp0h young too. But actually, maybe it’s the other way round…

Would you ever live with 13?
Wah, live is Han will be so damn nice la, s0hp0h will never ever have to cook or eat out. At home oledi got 5 stars hotel style Korean cuisine liao.

Is 2 single?
No no no, Vivien’s wanted liao. Summore she’s in the verge of cheating, or so I tot. Muahaha

What do you think about 3?
My best best best friend who has the same s0hness lvl. We think, act, react the same most of the time that it freaks me out. Maybe Lai Kuan’s my long lost twin. LOL.

What’s the best thing about number 8?
She’s such a lame person it’s not funny. But it makes us all roll our eyes and move our hands, doing the opening and closing motion and cried, ark arkkk arkkkkkk~~

What do you like about number 11?
Alex ah, classmate for n years but never talk to him until the last year of school. What a record. What s0hp0h like abt him, er, er, er, wah, hard question, er, er, he’s random? Will sing Jay or Energy song out of the blue.

Favorite Memory with 6?
Why so many 6’s geh. Wendy again, er, we watched the fireworks together. Neh, the one that blows up in front of our faces. It was so cold, but the 15 minute fireworks display was brilliantly accompanied with nice nice songs. So romantic. Wahahhaaa, ekhem, let me clarify again, I’m straight k, STRAIGHT. Wendy? I dunno lo….

p/s those ppl’s name who I din include, sorry, I just write as it comes along. Real random, that explain how even Alex’s name pop up. Especially Mei Shan if u reading this, dun wolly la, u are always my beloved seip0h, i din forget u K! Stef oso la, how will I dare forget this super m0ngp0h leh? ^^ Cheers~

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A sien beginning

s0hMood > *bored*

The first day of holiday begun, Sat and Sun not counted la cos it’s part of the ACADEMIC week, so how’s s0hgoals going? s0hp0h’s proud to say, while the assignment goal in progressing by a teeny weeny step, the studying goal remained at point zero, the goal of achieving 500,000 NPs in s0hp0h’s Neopet acc is moving rapidly, thanks to the hours spent on buying scratch cards, stocking s0hp0h’s shop, playing games, cheating with a double acc and following the steps of ‘how to make 10,000 NP in a day’ guide.

Anyway, at least s0hp0h’s goals going well regardless of which particular ones s0hp0h’s achieving, no? Yes la, wat no. YES.

That’s actually not the main point s0hp0h blogged. It’s just such a sien day, oledi finish making money in Neopet, went through all the blogs there are to be read, checking multiple times for blog updates, spamming taggies until s0hp0h sendiri oso beh tahan, surf the net, sigh, the conclusion is just what a sien life. Yor, damn sien LO. Plus msn oso boh lang to chat. T-T. That’s why, blog blog n blog. Perhaps, perhapssss s0hp0h should go Frenster-ing to look for taggies *smirk* interesting stuff. Haih, really miss the Zues game. Sigh SIGH multiple SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHS. Nvmla, Jay can cheer s0hp0h up, lol. Really Still Fantasy keke. K, off to ekhem cough*cough*cough* t.a.g.s.e.a.r.c.h.i.n.g *cough*cough*cough Bye!~

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